Last Updated: 12 Jan 2017

Please note that as of version of Matrix, the functionality described on this page has been deprecated.

The Code Content Type allows you to display code as content on a page, as shown in the figure below.

Example code appearing a content within a Site
Example code appearing as content within a Site

When the Content Type for a Division is set to Code, the text box and accompanying fields shown in the figure below will appear.

The Code Content Type
The Code Content Type

Enter code to be displayed into the text box. You can also configure the way the display settings of the code on your Site through the following fields:

  • Show Line Numbers: check this box to display line numbers for the code.
  • Line Numbers Orientation: select whether to display line numbers on the left hand side or the right hand side of the code.
  • Line Number Style: select whether to use the HTML span tag or the HTML list tag to display the line numbers.
  • Line Number Class: enter the name of the class from the style sheet to be used for the line numbers.

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