Easy Edit Suite

Last Updated: 04 Jan 2016

Please note that the Easy Edit Suite is no longer supported and is only compatible up to Squiz Matrix v4.18.5.

Edit+ for Squiz Matrix is our current premium editing interface and is available to customers with an appropriate service level agreement. Please contact Squiz for additional information.

The Easy Edit Suite (or EES) is a generic Simple Edit interface for Squiz Matrix, resembling the style and look of Squiz CMS.

The Easy Edit Suite must be installed separately to your Squiz Matrix system and added to an existing Squiz Matrix installation (version 3.28.0 or later).

The Easy Edit Suite manual explains how to navigate and use the Easy Edit Suite interface within Squiz Matrix. This includes a detailed description of Edit Mode, the editing screens that are available and the options and fields used to modify assets.

You cannot use both the Easy Edit Suite and a Simple Edit Interface on a single Design file. For more information, refer to the Installation Guide chapter in this manual.

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