What is Google Maps?

Last Updated: 02 Feb 2018


Google Maps is a mapping application provided by Google that can be embedded into your Site by using the Google Map asset and Google Map Application Programming Interface (API). A Google Map can be used, for example, as a navigational tool for displaying your business location(s) or for allowing  users to identify where they are visiting your site from.

An example of a Google Map and Google Map Locations
An example Google Map and Google Map Locations

The Google Maps package consists of two major components:

  • Google Map: the map itself, which can be configured to display any location on Earth in a variety
    of map types.
  • Google Map Location: locations can be created on the map and visitors to the website can be
    given the option to create their own locations through the use of an Asset Builder.

Google Maps can provide a variety of features such as:

  • Multiple map types and map type control
  • Scale Control
  • Street View
  • Google Earth
  • Geocoding service
  • Location markers
  • Configurable location icons

These functionalities are outlined in this manual.

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