Asset Attributes

Last Updated: 17 Dec 2015

This chapter outlines the asset attributes for the assets in the News package, including the Comment, News Item and RSS Feed assets.

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  1. Comment
  2. News Item
  3. RSS Feed


Attribute (Type)         Description        
comment (text)     Comment field input (Details screen)    
name (text)     Name field input (Details screen)    
rating (float)     Rating field setting (Details screen)    
short_name (text)     Name field input (Details screen)     

News Item

Attribute (Type)          Description        
body (wysiwyg)     Body field input (Details screen)    
contact_name (text)     Contact Name field input (Details screen)    
contact_phone (text)     Contact Phone field input (Details screen)    
link_url (text)     URL field input (Details screen)    
name (text)     Headline field input (Details screen)    
short_name (text)     Headline field input (Details screen)     
show_body (boolean)     Show body? field setting (Details screen)     
show_contact_name (boolean)     Show contact name? field setting (Details screen)     
show_contact_phone (boolean)     Show contact phone? field setting (Details screen)    
show_headline (boolean)     Show headline? field setting (Details screen)    
show_summary (boolean)     Show summary? field setting (Details screen)     
summary (wysiwyg)     Summary field input (Details screen)    
url_suffic (text)     URL Suffix field input (Details screen)    

RSS Feed

Attribute (Type)          Description        
channel (serialise)     Channel Info field settings (Build RSS screen)    
http_auth (boolean)     Use HTTP Authentication? field setting (Details screen)    
image (serialise)     Image Info field settings (Build RSS screen)    
items (serialise)     Keyword As Items settings (Build RSS screen)    
name (text)     Page Name field input (Details screen)    
num_assets_as_items (integer)     Number Of Assets To Be Added In The RSS field input (Details screen)    
rss_types (selection)     RSS Formats field selection (Details screen)    
short_name (text)     Page Short Name field input (Details screen)    

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