Asset Attributes

Last Updated: 17 Dec 2015

This chapter outlines the asset attributes for the Online Quiz assets, including the Online Quiz Multiple-Choice Question and Online Quiz Question Group assets.

Online Quiz

Attribute (Type)    Description    
a_z_letter_format (text)    -    
a_z_style (selection)    -  
after_submit_action (selection)     Post-Quiz Action field selection (Details screen)  
all_root_nodes (boolean)    Root Node Logic field selection (Details screen)    
asset_grouping (serialise)   Asset Grouping settings (Asset Grouping screen)    
asset_positions (serialise)   List Position Settings settings (Details screen)   
asset_selections (serialise)   Asset Selections settings (Asset Selections screen)    
asset_targets (serialise)    Asset Targets settings (Asset Selections screen)  
can_retake (boolean)     Quiz repeatable? field setting (Details screen)  
check_boxes (integer)   -  
clientside_validation (boolean)     Use Client-side Validation? field setting (Details screen)  
column_layout (serialise)   Column Settings settings (Column Layout screen)    
column_layout_type (selection)   Column Type field selection (Column Layout screen)    
current_page_format (text)   Current Page Format field input (Details screen)  
default_sort_by (integer)   Default Sort-by Option field selection (Asset Sorting screen)   
direction (selection)   Lookup Direction field selection (Details screen)  
div_row_class (text)   Row Class field input (Column Layout screen)  
exclude_assets (serialise)   -  
exclude_current_asset (boolean)   -  
exclude_root_nodes (serialise)   -  
form_submit_method (selection)   -      
group_by (selection)   List Format field selection (Details screen)  
lineage_seperator (text)   -      
link_types (integer)   Link Types field selection(s) (Details screen)  
link_value_filter (text)   -    
link_value_filter_enabled (boolean)   -    
link_value_filter_logic (boolean)    -    
list_effective (boolean)   -  
list_permission (integer)   -  
log_submissions (boolean)     Log Submissions field setting (Details screen)  
max_depth (integer)   Maximum Depth/Height field input (Details screen)  
metadata_sort_type (text)   Default Metadata Sort Type field selection (Asset Sorting screen)  
min_depth (integer)   Minimum Depth/Height field input (Details screen)  
name (text)   Page Name field input (Details screen)  
next_page_text (text)   Next Link field input (Details screen)    
num_per_page (text)   Assets Per Page field input (Details screen)  
num_questions (integer)     Number of questions field input (Details screen)  
other_page_text (text)   -  
page_link_format (text)   Page Link Format field input (Details screen)  
paramater_map (paramater_map)   Dynamic Parameters settings (Details screen)  
prev_page_text (text)   Previous Link field input (Details screen)  
proxy_types (serialise)   -  
reset_button_text (text)   Reset Button Text field input (Details screen)  
results_email_format (email_format)     Results Email Format field settings (Details screen)  
reverse_sort (boolean)    Default Sort Direction field selection (Asset Sorting screen)  
root_in_lineage (boolean)   -    
self_in_lineage (boolean)   -      
short_name (text)   Page Short Name field input (Details screen)  
sort_by (serialise)   Sort-by Options settings (Asset Sorting screen)  
sort_direction_asc_text (text)   Ascending Sort Text field input (Asset Sorting screen)  
sort_direction_desc_text (text)   Descending Sort Text field input (Asset Sorting screen)  
start_position (text)   -  
statuses (serialise)   Asset Statuses to List field selection(s) (Details screen)  
structured_dropdown_options (serialise)   -  
submit_buttom_text (text)   Submit Button Text field input (Details screen)  
submit_to_page_url (boolean)   -      
subs_only (boolean)   Direct Links Only field selection (Details screen)  
types (serialise)   -  
user_details_source (selection)     User Details Source field selection (Details screen)  

Online Quiz Question Group

Attribute (Type)           Description          
name (text)     Name field input (Details screen)  
score_categories (serialise)   Score Categories settings (Details screen)  

Online Quiz Multiple-Choice Question

Attribute (Type)           Description          
forfeit_penalty (integer)     Forfeit Penalty field input (Details screen)  
max_option_selections (integer)     Maximum number of option selections field input (Details screen)  
name (text)     Name field input (Details screen)  
option_style (selection)     Option Style field selection (Details screen)  
question_note (wysiwyg)    Question Note field input (Details screen)  
question_text (text)     Question Text field input (Details screen)  
response_form (serialise)     Response Form settings (Details screen)  
use_html_options (selection)     Use HTML for Question Option Text field selection (Details screen)  

Online Quiz Submission

Attribute (Type)           Description          
attributes (serialise)     Submission Information information (IP Address) (Details screen)  
complete (boolean)    Whether Online Quiz was completed or not    
id (text)    -    
quiz_answers (serialise)   Online Quiz: Responses information (assetid, value, summary, correct_value, correct_summary, points, available_points) (Details screen)  
quiz_questions (serialise)     Online Quiz: Responses information (Details screen)  
user_details_answers (serialise)   User Details: Responses information (Details screen)   
user_details_questions (serialise)     User Details: Responses information (Details screen)   

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