Pre-Uploading Files

Last Updated: 20 Oct 2017

Please note that as of version of Matrix, the functionality described on this page has been deprecated.

When adding a file asset to Squiz Matrix, browsing to the file from your Squiz Matrix client will upload it to Squiz Matrix via HTTP, which can be a slow and error prone process. Squiz Matrix therefore allows you to pre-upload large files by copying them into the following Matrix directory:


If you have a pre-uploaded file on your server, when you add a file asset within Squiz Matrix, the Choose a Pre-Uploaded File button will become available.

Access to this Directory

There are three ways to allow users access to the /data/temp directory:

  1. Create a specific SFTP account for it, chrooted to the above directory.
  2. Create /data/temp as a symbolic link to the users upload directory.
  3. Write a script on the server to copy files into the directory, from another directory to which you have granted permissions.

It is not recommended to allow anyone to access the Squiz Matrix file structure itself.

Monitoring this Directory

Squiz Matrix will only remove files once an asset has been created for them within the system. This directory can therefore fill up with unused files and should be monitored, and the files deleted periodically.

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