System Move Update Script

Last Updated: 17 Dec 2015

Please note that as of Squiz Matrix v5.0.0, the installation folder of your system can be freely moved to another file system location by configuring your web server to point to a new location. As a result, the system_move_update.php script described in this chapter is no longer required and has been removed.

The system_move_update.php script is a simple script to be run after the system root path name has been changed, for example when restoring from a backup or migrating your Squiz Matrix installation to a new server. 

This script is located in the /scripts directory of your Squiz Matrix system and takes the following parameters:

  • The current system root directory.
  • The path of the old system root (e.g. /var/www/matrix_old_path). Please note that if this is not provided on the command line, you will be prompted for this path when the script is first run.

Tip: You should delete all existing HIPO Jobs to stop errors after the move.


To determine whether or not this script needs to be run, verify that the directories of the FFV files on your system correspond with the current installation path.

$ find data/private/assets -path '*/.FFV/*' -exec grep ^dir= {} \; | sort | uniq -c

    7754 dir="/var/www/matrix_old_path/data/file_repository"

In the above example, the returned dir line indicates the old installation path is still being used for these files; the system_move_update.php script must be run to correct this error. 

$ sudo -u apache php system_move_update.php [system_root]

Enter the old System Root : /var/www/matrix_old_path
Confirm "/var/www/matrix_old_path" (Y/N) : Y

OLD : /var/www/matrix_old_path/data/file_repository
NEW : /var/www/matrix/data/file_repository

File : /var/www/matrix/data/private/assets/content_type_nest_content/0004/3793/.sq_system/.object_data
File : /var/www/matrix/data/private/assets/content_type_nest_content/0014/4046/.sq_system/.object_data
File : /var/www/matrix/data/private/assets/content_type_nest_content/0016/4066/.sq_system/.object_data
File : /var/www/matrix/data/private/assets/content_type_nest_content/0016/4048/.sq_system/.object_data
File : /var/www/matrix/data/private/assets/content_type_nest_content/0012/4134/.sq_system/.object_data
File : /var/www/matrix/data/private/assets/content_type_nest_content/0012/4044/.sq_system/.object_data
File : /var/www/matrix/data/private/assets/content_type_nest_content/0012/4080/.sq_system/.object_data
File : /var/www/matrix/data/private/assets/paint_layout_bodycopy/0008/3788/.sq_system/.object_data
File : /var/www/matrix/data/private/assets/bodycopy/0004/3784/.sq_system/.object_data
File : /var/www/matrix/data/private/assets/bodycopy/0003/5790/.sq_system/.object_data
File : /var/www/matrix/data/private/assets/bodycopy/0003/314085/.sq_system/.object_data
File : /var/www/matrix/data/private/assets/bodycopy/0014/3119/.sq_system/.object_data


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