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Last Updated: 23 Jul 2018

As of version, this screen has been removed and the fields moved to the HIPO Configuration screen.

At times, Squiz Matrix must perform highly intensive processes to perform functions such as cascading permissions or setting workflow. In these cases, Highly Intensive Processing Object (HIPO) jobs are used to perform these actions, allowing the user to view the progress of a task as it is being performed. For large systems, these jobs can take some time to complete. The Squiz Server allows you to speed up the processing of the system by running these HIPO Jobs directly on its server while still showing the progress of the task to the user.

To access the Squiz Server screen, click on the System Configuration System config icon icon in the top right hand corner of the screen – a drop down list will appear under this icon. From this list, select Squiz Server – the screen will appear. The Squiz Server Configuration section of the screen is shown in the figure below.

The fields that are available on this screen are outlined below.

  • System Root: enter the location where the Squiz Server was installed.
  • System ID: enter the unique identifier for the Squiz Matrix system. This ID identifies the specific Squiz Matrix system on the Squiz Server, which can manage several Squiz Matrix systems. This ID can be found in the server.conf file in the Squiz Server directory.
  • Domain: enter the domain used to connect to the Squiz Server. If the Squiz Server is running on the same server as Squiz Matrix, this field should be set to 'localhost'.
  • Port: enter the port that the Squiz Server is listening on.

Once the Squiz Server Configuration has been set up, the Squiz Server must be enabled in the Use Squiz Server field on the HIPO Configuration screen. For more information, refer to the HIPO Configuration chapter in this manual.

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