• Squiz Matrix released

    14 Feb 2020

    Squiz Matrix version is now available and introduces several performance improvements for content editing and adds support for the brand new Asset Version History extension.

  • Squiz Matrix Released

    08 Oct 2019

    Squiz Matrix version is now available and adds support for 2 new extensions, adds 3 new improvements, and fixes 8 bugs.

  • A new Matrix API is coming...

    19 Aug 2019

    A brand new Content Delivery API feature for Squiz Matrix is coming and we are looking for early user feedback.

  • Squiz Matrix Released

    14 Jun 2019

    Squiz Matrix is now available and features support for PHP 7.3, improved admin mode content screen UI, more flexible status changes, and safe trash support for content containers.

  • Squiz Matrix Released

    17 Apr 2019

    Squiz Matrix is now available and features improved personalisation, improved form field creation in the Admin UI, a new purge asset shortcut, and much more.

  • Squiz Matrix Released

    12 Mar 2019

    Version of Squiz Matrix is now available and features improved dynamic content support for Simple Edit, a new user preference for toggling frontend error reporting, some minor Custom Form UI improvements, and much more.

  • Bulkmail Package Deprecation

    13 Feb 2019

    The Bulkmail package in Squiz Matrix is set to be deprecated as of the upcoming version and will eventually be removed from core in a future version of the 5.5 branch.Why are we deprecating…

  • Squiz Matrix Released

    07 Feb 2019

    Squiz Matrix was released today. This is a small patch release that includes all vendor packages as part of the core release so that installation and upgrading becomes easier. It also includes an additional small Admin UI improvement.

  • Squiz Matrix Released

    06 Feb 2019

    Squiz Matrix was released today.This new version enables the Link Report asset to check links in Link assets, adds the multi-file upload toggle for Custom Forms to the Edit+ interface, adds a minor improvement to the Admin UI, and fixes 9 bugs.

  • Squiz Matrix Released

    21 Jan 2019

    Squiz Matrix has been released and features a new asset map shortcut for performance mode, a change to the steal locks email notification, as well as 9 bug fixes.

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