Matrix 5.1 Beta Released (RC)

06 Aug 2014   By Unknown LDAP User

Monday of this week saw the release of the latest releases for Matrix & Edit+ 5.0 and Matrix 4.18.

This also meant that the 4.18.9 release, was the last official release for Matrix 4.

More importantly and excitingly, Matrix 5.1 has entered beta testing. Meaning we are now in full UAT mode for all the amazing new features of 5.1. The latest available beta release for Matrix 5.1 has been tagged as 5-1-0-0-RC2 and there is also an Edit+ 5-1-0-RC1 release available.

We are also still looking for more testers, so if you would like to be involved and have a play with the new features, just let me know.

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