Matrix 5.1 Features & Changes

22 Aug 2014   By Unknown LDAP User

We are now just over a week away from the next big release of Matrix. Version 5.1 is still scheduled to be released on Monday 1st September and is shaping up to be the heaviest release to date.

This is mainly due to the new release model started in 5.0. To give you an idea of the difference in feature count between the two versions, look at this amazing graph illustrating comparing 5.0 and 5.1:

Matrix 5.0 was released with a total of 23 new features. Matrix 5.1 has 70!

Furthermore, 5.1 also has the biggest amount of client funded features in it. Just take a look at this other astounding graph:

11 out of the 70 new features in 5.1 have been funded by Squiz clients. This includes the new dynamic workflow and user inbox features.

Squizmap has also been an important and effective tool of this release with 6 of the top 10 ideas in the Matrix project included. So make sure you use those votes!

Testing of the new features has been going well and we've been able to pick up and fix nasty little surprises and hard to find bugs here and there in order to make this release as stable as possible. This is mainly thanks to Anthony Ponomarenko, the newest team member of Squiz Labs in the Brisbane office. He's also discovered bugs that have been in Matrix for a very long time, not just in the 5.1 release.

Changes to Edit+ release versions

Part of the long term goal of Matrix 5, has always been to bring Edit+ closer and more integrated part of the Matrix product. So in 5.1, one significant change we are making is aligning and merging the release versions for both products.

This means that when of Matrix is released, there will be a matching version of Edit+ to go with it. From then on, we'll just be focusing on Matrix release versions as the important version number to keep in mind for things like new installs and upgrades. So if a new release of Edit+ is required in order to get some bugs fixes out there, a Matrix version will be released that is compatible with that new Edit+ version.

Asset and feature deprecation process

In 5.1, we are also starting a new deprecation process for old, unused, and hard to support assets and features. This process consists of 2 stages. A notification stage and a removal stage. This means that systems that upgrade to version 5.1, will have some asset types disabled from the create asset menu. These will still work in 5.1 for systems that already had those assets created, however they will have large notification messages on their screens indicating that they will be deprecated in a future MINOR release of Matrix.

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