Matrix 5.1 Released

02 Sep 2014   By Unknown LDAP User

After months of hard work by the Labs team, Matrix 5.1 is now finally released and available for official use. As mentioned in my last update, this is the heaviest Matrix release yet with 70 exciting features and enhancements packed into it.

The highlights of this release include:

  • Google Analytics Connector & Edit+ Analytics Screen
  • Custom Form Editing in Edit+
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Dynamic Workflow Streams & Steps
  • Ability for Triggers to action on other assets
  • REST enhancements to Triggers and Form Submission Actions

Massive kudos and thanks goes out to the whole Labs team but especially:

  • Edison Wang, Chiranjivi Upreti & Ashish Karelia (Matrix development)
  • Luke Wright (Edit+ development)
  • Steve Beagley (User Interface Designs)
  • Josh Sherwood (Documentation & Squiz Labs blog reports)
  • Anthony Ponomarenko (UAT & QA)
  • Scott Hall (Extra UAT)

Special thanks also goes out to Anthony Barnes for helping out by stepping into his old shoes of Edit+ development and doing a smashing job of developing the Custom Form editing feature.

So when you come across the new features in 5.1 and think to yourself, "wow, this is awesome!", don't forget to thank the person who built it.

And thanks to you guys, Squiz, for submitting and discussing your ideas on Squizmap to help shape the future of Matrix.

Next Steps

The work around 5.1 doesn't stop here, next we'll focus on:

  • Adding & updating documentation on the Manuals website
  • Getting the evaluation VM updated
  • Updating the sales demo VM
  • Updating the Edit+ Client Review system
  • Upgrading our internal sites including Central, Scaffold and the website
  • and off course, starting work on 5.2

I will also be presenting and demonstrating the new features at this week's user conference in Sydney.


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