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02 Nov 2015   By Bartek Banda

Three new versions of Matrix were released today including the long awaited 5.3 release. Click the links below to view the release notes for each version:

5.1 marks the final release of the 5.1 branch. There will be no more active releases for this branch however its support and warranty will be covered until until September 2017.

5.2 marks the final minor enhancement release for the 5.2 branch. From this point on, this branch will only include bug fix releases and will continue to have releases made for it until the release of 5.4.

5.3 marks the first official production release of the 5.3 branch. This branch will continue to receive minor enhancements until the release of 5.4.

The Matrix team has worked incredibly hard once again to bring you an amazing new Minor version of Squiz Matrix. This version contains some extremely powerful implementation features as well as new authoring and content editing enhancements to make user's lives easier than ever before.

I am extremely proud of the following Squiz Labs people who we all have to thank for this awesome new milestone in Matrix:

  • Edison Wang, Chiranjivi Upreti & Luke Wright - Senior Software Engineers
  • Nikil Singh, Tarman Malla & Peter Nolland - Junior Software Engineers
  • Anthony Ponomarenko - Quality Assurance Officer & Documentation Support
  • Steve Beagley & Danny Peters - UX and Product Design
  • Deborah Sherwood, Ryan Fensom & Sertan Danis - Viper Testing & Development
  • Joshua Sherwood - Documentation Support

Special thanks also goes to Joseph So and Nic Hubbard for contributing features for this release.

That's it for now, gotta get back to working on 5.4...


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