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08 Oct 2015   By Bartek Banda

Two new versions of Matrix were released on 29 Sep 2015. Click the links below to view the release notes for each version: features some notable new and useful minor enhancements including:

  • Support for workflow commenting on the SOAP API
    The SOAP API Workflow Service asset within Matrix manages the workflow functions a SOAP Server, including starting and canceling the workflow approval process of an asset. Previously, the StartWorkflow and CancelWorkflow functions did not support commenting, a feature which is usually available to users during the workflow process. This feature introduces the new optional WorkflowMessage parameter on these functions, allowing you to leave a message when initiating or canceling the workflow process.
  • Improved performance on log rotation
    Some performance improvements have been done to the log rotation mechanism in Matrix. This should specifically improve performance when running multiple VMs on the same server and even more so if they use the same network storage as well.
  • Enabling & Disabling the Rollback manager is now logged - idea by Nahid Jawad
    Matrix now logs the event if a user enables or disables rollback via the Rollback management tool available in Matrix backend. This event is logged in the sq_internal_msg table as well as in the log files.
  • Performance Fix for Rendering Menu Design Areas When Roles System is Used - idea by Nathan Callahan
    A significant performance improvement has been added to the Menu Design Area in Parse Files for when Roles are used on a system. Some tests have shown that the performance when rendering the menus in Matrix designs has been improved by around 400%.

For more information on our release schedule, refer to the Release Information page on the Squiz Matrix User Manual Library.

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