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18 Dec 2015   By Bartek Banda

The last 2 versions of Squiz Matrix for 2015 were released yesterday with 5.3 seeing another boost of great new enhancements added to it.

Matrix has come a long way in 2015. Lets have a look at some stats that highlight the big year that was:

  • 2 Big releases (5.2 & 5.3)
  • 3 New developers (Tarman, Nikhil, & Peter)
  • 48 Releases
  • 237 New features (11 externally funded)
  • 991 Votes cast in Squizmap by 271 people
  • 1017 Contributions in Squizmap by 121 people
  • 2000 Code commits by 14 authors (Matrix & Edit+)
  • 5390 Comments posted in Squizmap by 148 people
  • 33,698 Keyword searches done using the Matrix Keyword Helper
  • 87,001 Unique visitors on the Matrix Manuals
  • 444,469 Page views on the Matrix Manuals

We look forward to an even bigger year for Matrix in 2016 with some amazing new things already planned and in progress.

With this being the last update for the year from the Matrix team, we wish everyone at Squiz worldwide a great Christmas and an amazing New Year.

See ya in 2016!

Check out the release notes for this week's releases and read on to discover some of the new things added in 5.3. features some notable new and useful minor enhancements including:

Re-sizeable Columns in the Edit+ Asset Finder

Much like the asset map feature added to admin mode in 5.2, the columns in the Asset Finder in Edit+ are now re-sizeable as well. Users can now drag & drop to re-size each column of the finder to make it easier to read long asset names. The width of each column is remembered so that each time the Asset Finder loads, the user's preferred widths are applied.

Ability to Clear Specific Squid Cache URLs

Idea by Hugh Williams
UA new tool for clearing Squid Cache URLs has been added to the Clear Cache screen of the Cache Manager and the Clear Squid Cache Trigger Action. This feature will allow you to specify specific URLs to clear Squid Cache for. This is particularly useful if you want to clear cache on Matrix redirect URLs on which you can't use the /_recache method on.

Root Node Restriction on Related Metadata Field

The Related Metadata Field has had another enhancement added to it. You can now set root node restrictions on this field which will limit the areas where users can pick assets from. This is useful for when you want to improve the usability and speed for users when quickly picking assets from a specific area. When used in Edit+, the Asset Finder will list each root node in the left column to restrict the user from quickly viewing the correct area to pick assets from.

Edit+ Asset Finder Performance & Usability Improvement

Previously in Edit+ the Asset Finder would by default always refresh every time it was opened. This proved to be an usability and performance issue as it would constantly reload each column of assets even when you didn't have updated assets in the system. This is now disabled so that users can quickly launch the Finder and return to where they last were. There is also a "Refresh" button available if the user needs to manually force an update to the Finder.

New Workflow Keywords for Notify On Live Message

Idea by Barb Kempnich (client)
Additional keywords have been added to the Notify on Live custom message configuration for Workflow Schemas. You can now use keywords that print valuable information about the asset when it was approved to go live, such as the name and workflow message of the user who last approved the changes.

New Keyword for Printing Raw Contents of Containers

With the new Container Template feature introduced in 5.3, you are able to apply Paint Layouts to each content container of a Standard Page. Sometimes however, you might want to print the contents of those containers without the Paint Layout presentation layer, just like you can with %globals_asset_contents_raw%.

A new keyword, %globals_asset_contents_raw_containers%,  has now been added which will print the contents of a page without any Paint Layout applied on the page or its content containers.

For more information on our release schedule, refer to the Release Information page on the Squiz Matrix User Manual Library.

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