Matrix 5.3 Update

11 Sep 2015   By Bartek Banda

A lot of people have been asking about Matrix 5.3, as it seems to be a very exciting upcoming release not just for our clients but for Squiz people as well, so I thought I'd give a bit of a status update.

Squiz Summit

The Tech Corner at the Squiz Summit was very successful and we had a lot of good feedback from clients. People were very excited to see some of the new features that are coming in 5.3 but also asked a lot about features released in previous versions of Matrix 5.

The most asked about feature was the Git Bridge and the Content Template feature, which are both shaping up to become extremely powerful and useful for Matrix users.


The main feature list is pretty much finalised now as we are getting closer to an RC release. The final list of features to get excited about includes:

Release Date

A lot of you, including a lot of clients at the Summit, have been asking me when 5.3 is getting release. Unfortunately we can't give a definite date just yet, mainly because we haven't finalised all development yet.

Most of the features have been done and we are getting close. However we are also fine tuning a lot of these features as we want to make sure they get the development time they deserve so that they are the best they can be when we finally release. 5.3 will be our most powerful version of Matrix yet so its important that we don't rush anything and take our time to put the effort and quality into it.

What I can tell you is that at this stage, the earliest we'll be able to release is the first Monday of October. Please note however that it may be later than this depending on how the next few weeks go.

Cheers and have a great weekend,

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