Matrix 5.3 Update and RC1 Released

22 Oct 2015   By Unknown LDAP User

The road to 5.3 has been long and tough as its the most powerful version of Matrix to come out yet.

We packed a lot into 5.3, a lot of great stuff that will benefit our users and clients in brand new ways with features that open up new possibilities and many solutions to past struggles. We packed it with so much stuff, that we had to slow down and actually take some out just so that we could see a release date before the end of the year.

Matrix 5.3 RC1 Released

The first RC release of the upcoming 5.3 version of Matrix has finally been completed. We are now able to test upgrades from any version of Matrix to version RC1.

Please note, as usual, this is not a version fit for production go lives as it still has more testing to be performed on it. All features for this release have been completed though and are fully usable and testable.


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