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19 May 2016   By Unknown LDAP User

Two brand new releases are now out for the 5.2 and 5.3 branches totalling 24 bug fixes and 8 new enhancements. Checkout the release notes for both versions and read on below to discover some of the new featured that have been added.

Release Notes

New Features

The following is a list of some notable new features and enhancements released in

Handling of duplicate file names on Asset Builders

Squizmap | Idea by James Morgan

A new setting has been added to the Asset Builder that allows you to control how to handle files with duplicate file names. This is a similar feature that is already available for the File Upload field on Custom Form assets.

The new setting is called "Overwrite Rule" and lets you choose what to do if a file gets uploaded whose web path is already taken.The previous default behaviour of this was to always print a submission error, but you can now also choose to either rename the uploaded file or overwrite the existing file  (and  asset) if the web path is the same.

If you choose to rename the uploaded file, the new file's file name (and web path) will simply get a number appended to it if the web path already exists in that directory. 

User preference for paint layout setting on nested content containers

Squizmap | Idea by Graham from Cardiff University

A new user preference has been added that lets you control what the default setting for Paint Layouts on nested content containers should be.

Previously, this was always set to "Raw", meaning that no Paint Layout at all would be applied. The new preference now lets you select whether to use "Raw" (default option) or the Paint Layout applied to the current front end asset. 

This can  be applied as a Global Preference and as a preference for a particular User Group.

Support for multiple file attachments for SharePoint form submissions

Squizmap | Idea by Joseph So (Funded Feature)

The Create SharePoint List Item form submission action on Custom Forms has been enhanced to support multiple file attachments. 

Previously only 1 file per submission was possible. This new enhancement allows you to configure multiple file attachments to be sent to your SharePoint system if you have multiple file upload fields on your Custom Form.

Performance improvement for Edit+

Squizmap | Idea by David Cook

Edit+ has had a performance improvement added to it for when it loads and saves assets. Previously it would use a JS API call that returned information on every user that had access to edit the current asset. On systems with large user groups this could severely slow down loading times due to large amount of data that would need to get requested. 

This function call has now been changed to a different one that checks write permissions on the current screen instead which is not affected by the amount of users.

For a complete list of changes for these new versions, please view the release notes.

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