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13 Jul 2016   By Unknown LDAP User

Two new versions were released yesterday for the 5.2 and 5.3 branches totalling 37 bug fixes and 7 new enhancements. Checkout the release notes for both versions and read on below to discover some of the new featured that have been added.

Release Notes

New Features

The following is a list of some notable new features and enhancements released in

Option to Disable Trigger Conditions and Actions


Trigger Conditions and Actions now have a new setting on them that lets you disable them. This is useful if you want to quickly test the trigger or debug it with some conditions or actions turned off, without having to delete them and re-create them again.

Delete Old URL Remap Option in Remap Manager

Squizmap | Idea and code contribution by Anh Ta

When using the Remap Manager to create new remaps from old URLs to new ones, Matrix will by default always ignore the newly added remap if the Old URL is already remapped somewhere.

A new option has now been added that lets you force delete the Old URL Remap if it already exists in the system so that you can easily overwrite existing ones. Works with either single remap changes or CSV bulk uploads.

Keywords to Print File Asset's Last Updated File Change

Squizmap | Idea by Harinder Singh from Hawkesbury City Council

The %asset_updated% keyword always returns the date of the last update to the asset itself, which could be updates such as status or metadata changes. Sometimes you might want to just get the last updated date of the file itself.

Two new keywords have been added that lets you print this date for file based assets such as Images, PDFs, CSS files, etc. The keywords print the same date but in different formats:

  • %asset_file_updated% - Returns the date and time in the format of "yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss"
  • %asset_file_updated_readable% - Returns the date and time in the format of "dd m yyyy h:mm[am pm]"

If you want to use the ^date_format keyword modifier on this value, you need to use the %asset_file_updated% keyword version.

Keyword To Print the Asset Type Code

Squizmap | Idea by David Cook

To get the value about a certain asset's type you can use the %asset_type% keyword which would print values such as "Standard Page" and "Custom Form".

A new keyword has been added that also lets you print the type code of an asset, %asset_type_code%.

So for a Standard Page asset this keyword will print "page_standard" and for a Custom Form asset it will print "page_custom_form" etc.

This is useful for when you want to add CSS classes or presentation rules in paint layouts and asset listings based on the asset type code.

For a complete list of changes for these releases, please view the release notes.

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