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16 Aug 2016   By Unknown LDAP User

Two new versions were released today for the 5.2 and 5.3 branches totalling 21 bug fixes and 9 new enhancements (3 of which are security enhancements).

Checkout the release notes for both versions and read on below to discover some of the new featured that have been added.

Release Notes

New Features

The following is a list of some notable new features and enhancements released in

Keyword Support for all Set Cookie Trigger Action Fields

Squizmap | Idea by Artur Ciesciow

Previously, the Set Cookie Trigger Action only allowed for keywords to be used in the Cookie Value field. This enhancement now allows you to use keywords in all of it's configuration fields including:

  • Cookie Name
  • Cookie Value
  • Expiry Time
  • Path
  • Domain

These fields can also be passed as dynamic parameters.

Default Format Updated for Upcoming Events List


Previously, when creating a new Upcoming Events List asset the default bodycopy formats for the Page Contents and the Type Formats were empty. These default formats have now changed so that you can test the output of the asset straight away without having to edit these bodycopies.

The default format for Page Contents is now:


The default format for both Type Formats is now:


Performance Enhancements

  • Calculate last modified time from memory
    Squizmap | Idea and Contribution by David Schoen
  • Widen permission cache in Asset_Manager
    Squizmap | Idea and Contribution by David Schoen

For a complete list of changes for these releases, please view the release notes.

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