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08 Feb 2016   By Unknown LDAP User

The first 2 new versions of Squiz Matrix for 2016 were released today.

Check out the release notes for this week's releases and read on to discover some of the new things added in 5.3. features some notable new and useful minor enhancements including:

Improved File Storage on Server - Idea by David Schoen

Whenever a file asset went live and had public read access, it used to get stored in 3 locations in the server /data directory. This caused unnecessary storage space on the server being taken up as a 1mb file would effectively take up 3mb on the server.

The method of storing the file in these 3 locations has now been improved. The file is physically only placed in 1 location and linked into the other 2 (think asset linking in Matrix). This new method significantly reduces the storage space taken up by physical files uploaded via Matrix.

A new script called "shrink_matrix_file_assets.php" has also been developed that can be run on existing systems that upgrade to or later to fix existing files so that they use this new method.

Set File Contents Trigger Action

With a similar feature released for the JS API in version, we've now added a Trigger Action for updating the contents of a file asset.

This new Trigger Action allows you to update the contents of a File asset by passing the new content as a base64 encoded string or plain text if updating text based assets.

Option to Disable Default JavaScript on Simple Edit Layouts - Idea by Chris Grist

A new option has been added to Simple Edit Layouts that lets you disable any default JavaScript that Matrix outputs as part of the layout. This lets you customise and control what JavaScript to be included on the layout form and where. Note that some Matrix JavaScript will still be added for certain fields that require it, such as WYSIWYG fields.

New Relative and DOW Keyword Modifiers - Idea by Dave Letorey

2 new date based keyword modifiers have been added to print relative date formats. These are similar to the already existing relative date formats for the global date and standard asset date keywords. These new modifiers can be used on any keyword that returns a date in an ISO8601 format such as calendar event or metadata dates.

  • %<date keyword>^date_relative% - This will print the date in a relative format to the servers current date and time.
  • %<date keyword>^date_relative-dow% - This will print the time and date relative to the day of the current week.

Example, if the current date and time is 2016-02-08 13:25:00 the keywords will print:

%asset_metadata_date-published%                      =>   2016-02-08 13:24:00
%asset_metadata_date-published^date_relative%        =>   1 minute ago
%asset_metadata_date-published^date_relative-dow%    =>   1:24pm today

Script to Fix Rollback Time Gaps

There are instances where time gaps can get introduced in Rollback entries of the Rollback Database tables. This could be a result of failures when enabling/disabling Rollback on a Matrix system. A new script called "system_integrity_fix_rollback_gaps.php" has been developed to identify and fix these time gaps if required.

Multiple Asset Selection in Asset Finder

With the ability to have multiple assets selected for a Metadata Related Asset Field, you often want to pick multiple assets at once when opening the Asset Finder. A new enhancement to the Asset Finder has now been added to allow just that. When invoking the Asset Finder from a field that accepts multiple Asset selections, you can select multiple assets at once by holding down the CTRL key and clicking on the assets you want to pick.

Single Password Field on User Creation Form - Idea by Justin Avery

A new option has been added to the Details screen of Account Manager page called "Confirm Password on Create". By default this setting is set to Yes, meaning that when user's create a new account they will have to enter their password in twice to confirm they enter the intended password in.

If this setting is set to No, the Account Manager will only output a single password field so that the user can create a new account easier and quicker.

For more information on our release schedule, refer to the Release Information page on the Squiz Matrix User Manual Library.

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