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23 Nov 2016   By Unknown LDAP User

We're super excited to announce that the 5.4 version of Squiz Matrix has finally been released and is now available.

Matrix 5.4 adds over 36 new features and enhancements that will take your content authoring, web development, and Matrix administration to a whole new level.

In addition to the 5.4 release, we've also got new versions for the 5.2 and 5.3 branches as well.

Read on to discover some of the big new things to expect from Matrix 5.4 and check out the release notes for the full list features, enhancements and changes.

What's New in 5.4

UI Improvements

We've made a big effort to improve several UI elements as well as making screens more consistent across the system.

In Admin Mode, the quick search has had a face lift, all the Trigger Actions have been made consistent in layout, and most asset icons have received a modern update.

The content editing screen of WYSIWYG areas have also been made consistent with Edit+ so that the experience is more closely aligned no matter what interface you use.

Content Variations

Personalised content authoring has been taken even further in Matrix with the new Content Variations feature.

Create Personas in the backend that evaluate against unique and dynamic rules in order to segment your users. Create multiple versions of Standard Pages with each version assigned to a specific Persona to easily target the right content to the right audience.

In addition to that, you can use Content Variations to test your pages by integrating your templates with Google Analytics and the Content Experiments feature.

Image Editing

Image handling and editing has received a massive new boost with the new Quick Edit tool in Edit+. Quickly edit an inline image within your WYSIWYG content including the creation and management of its Image Varieties.

Do custom edits to the image inline using the new Image Editor tool that lets you effortlessly crop, flip, and rotate your existing image or a newly uploaded one.

Improved Context System

Several significant enhancements have been made to the Context system in Matrix to make your multi-lingual content authoring truly a breeze.

The improved UI will make it easy for you to switch to a Context and customise content on an asset for it. You can even revert the content of a Context back to the default value.

You can now also customise the content separately for individual Content Containers to give you more flexibility of what content you want to edit for a specific Context.

Finally, a new Context Report is now available that will tell you what parts of your system has customised assets for any of your Contexts.

Improved Bulk File Uploading

Bulk uploads of files in both Admin and Edit Mode has been improved significantly. Select multiple files of various types all at once and add them to your upload queue.

Tweak the attributes of each file before uploading them as assets and pause the upload process if you need to make changes to the rest of the files in the queue.

This is just a glimpse of what's available in 5.4. Make sure to read the full release notes to discover everything that this big new release has to offer.

We've also started working on new documentation and tutorials on how you can use some of these new features to their full potential which will be published here on the Community site.

Release Notes

You can view the full release notes for each new version below:

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