Matrix Newsletter - October 2016

28 Oct 2016   By Bartek Banda


New Templates Area

You might have noticed a new area popup under the "Resources" menu item in the site's main menu navigation called "Templates".

This is a brand new area where we'll be adding importable templates for your Squiz Matrix system so that you can kick-start your implementation projects.

Currently there are only a few templates available and they are all listed under easy to find categories such as site and content templates, but we'll be adding more over time.

Read more about the announcement here.

Keyword Menu Shortcuts

Another thing you might have noticed is 3 new menu links on the "Manuals" mega menu drop down. These have been added to let you quickly access these useful pages in order to get to the keyword you need. 

The pages include:

These are the 3 most popular Manuals pages we have and that are searched for the most so we thought we'd make it even easier for you to find and access these resources.

Unit Test Updates

As part of our initiative to improve our unit test suite by moving it to Docker, we have been able to spin up new test runs using more stack combinations. Not only can we run more tests than before, but we can also run them faster.

The first thing we did was to add some PHP 5.6 unit tests which required very minimal software code changes within Matrix itself.

We also branched out the test repository in Git so that we can have dedicated tests running for all 3 active branches which at this stage include 5.4, 5.3 and 5.2 of Matrix.

As of this week, we finally have all unit tests for all 3 branches passing for PHP 5.6 which means we'll officially be able to support it for all 3 releases.

New RSS Feed Tutorial

A new tutorial has been added that takes you through the basic steps of how to create a listing of RSS feed items.

The guide uses a simple example of using an inbound RSS Data Source as well as how to configure your Asset Listing to control the layout.

5.4 Update

We are currently finalising testing for all big features and committing the last and final bugs we want to make it in to the next release.

It's taken us a bit longer than expected, but we rather spend more time polishing it and making sure it can be the best possible version of Matrix ever.

As a result, the feature overview has also been postponed and will be published sometime next month.

An RC release of 5.4 is just around the corner with the hope of having one tagged within the next couple of weeks. 

Happy Halloween

From everyone in the Matrix team here are Squiz, we wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween.

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