Matrix Newsletter - September 2016

30 Sep 2016   By Unknown LDAP User


The Matrix Newsletter Reborn

Welcome to the first edition of the Matrix Newsletter published from the new Matrix Community Website.

Our previous newsletter editions are still available from the Squiz Labs website, however all further news and updates surrounding Squiz Matrix will now be published here.

In these newsletters we'll look back at the past month or two and summarise what has happened in the world of Matrix, preview features & enhancements in upcoming releases, share case studies and recent Matrix go-lives, and much more.

We will aim to have a newsletter published at least once a month.

Matrix Community Website

As you've probably noticed (considering you are reading this newsletter), we launched a brand new website this month. This one!

The Squiz Matrix Community website has been created with an initiative to strengthen the global community surrounding the best CMS on the market, Squiz Matrix. 

The new site has brought the content from the old Matrix User Manual Library with it and placed it under a convenient sub-section called Manuals.

Not only that, we've also put a lot of effort into making existing information easier to find by creating dedicated sections for it under sections such as Releases and Resources.

We've created a Tutorials section which currently holds guides and how-to articles from the old Manuals website as well as some newly written ones. This will be an areas we focus a lot on going forwards with tutorials and step-by-step instructions on how to use Matrix to its full potential, all while following Squiz best practices.

The old User Manual Library site will still kick around for a little while, but all pages will eventually redirect to their new versions on this site. 

We'd love to hear what you think about the new site and make sure to let us know if you find any bugs lying around. Click on the "Envelope" icon in the top of the header to get in touch. You can also contact us via Twitter or on the Forums.

There's lots more planned for the Community site in the future so keen an eye out on the News and Twitter feeds as we continue to add more functionality and features.

New Squiz Forums

Part of the new community initiative has been the migration to and adoption of a new Discussion Forum platform.

Discourse was the chosen tool to do the job as we had more ambitions and plans to grow than what the old IPB system could provide.

The migration went smoothly and all discussions, comments and users were all brought over.

Thanks to Discourse's open API and flexible platform, we've also added a plugin that lets users pick a reply as the right answer to their question so that other users can quickly find the solution.

Read the original news post about the migration announcement or simply visit and join in on the conversation.

Squiz Summit 2016

Also this month, Squiz hosted its annual Summit at The Ivy in the Sydney CBD.

It was a huge success with almost 200 attendees and lots of great talks and presentations.

Matrix's own product manager Bart Banda was of course on deck and delivered a sneak peak of the features in the upcoming 5.4 release and a talk on Matrix implementation tips, tricks and best practices.

The Matrix stream also had help from Chris Grist (Squiz Web Solutions Engineer) who went into depth on what a Squiz Suite integration actually looks like using Matrix at the core of the Squiz CXP.

James Sinclair (Squiz Web Solutions Architect) also showed us why Content Templates are awesome and was joined by Tom Stringer from University of Melbourne who explained how they have helped their 400 editors manage their 600 websites in Matrix.

Matrix 5.4 Update

It's getting close.

We are currently finalising all big features and will soon enter official UAT to make sure everything works as expected.

There is no fixed release date yet, but we are aiming for the end of October (next month) if everything goes to plan. 

Keep an eye out for a feature overview to be published next month as well that will highlight all big new features that are a part of this release including screenshots and videos.

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