New Matrix Community Site Coming Soon

05 Feb 2016   By Unknown LDAP User

Squiz Matrix is getting a new site!

In an aim to improve our product communication, supporting materials, and resources for the beast that is Squiz Matrix, we have decided that it is due time and a great opportunity to do something new and improved in this space.

Currently we've got pieces of information relating to Matrix scattered in various places such as the Manuals, Forums, and Squiz Labs Blog. This is all great, but it can sometimes be hard for users and our clients to find this information.

One of our goals for 2016 is to improve this and add more stuff to it. So to do so we are building a new Community and Knowledge Base website that will be the portal and one-stop-shop for all your Matrix needs. The sections of this site we have identified so far include:

  • Matrix Manuals
  • Release Information
  • News
  • Guides & Tutorials
  • Squiz Forums
  • Tools & Resources

As you can imagine, this is an ambitious project. To tackle it, we are splitting it into several stages with Phase 1 including a new design and a "" landing page. This phase will also include applying the new design to the Matrix Manuals.

Once we have done this in place it will pave the way for us to gradually add all the new stuff including improvements to the Manuals site and a much more powerful search tool.

One of the big new things we are planning is a Guides & Tutorials section. This will be a place for Squiz and community members to post articles on anything relating to Matrix such as tips & tricks, videos, troubleshooting guides, etc. We'll also have a brand new Matrix email subscription service people can sign up for.

We hope to have Phase 1 finished by the end of Aoril but will keep everyone updated as we progress.

We have a lot of ideas and plans for this, but we are off course also keen to hear your thoughts and ideas on what else we might be able to do so please share them with us.


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