Matrix Newsletter - April 2017

03 May 2017   By Bartek Banda


New Media Section

We've added a new section to the site called "Media".  This is where we'll start adding any videos or other media related content relating to Squiz Matrix.

To start with, we've added some videos from last year's Squiz Summit. There are four videos available and are all from the Squiz Matrix stream of the Summit talks.

Check out the videos here.

Asset Builder Tutorial

A new tutorial has been added that shows you how to use some of the recent features added to the Asset Builder.

The guide shows you how to create an Asset Builder with customised layouts as well as using Metadata Fields for adding custom fields to the assets for editing.

Find the the tutorial here and let us know what you think.

Latest Releases

This month we had two releases:

  • (Patch Release) - 19 bug fixes
  • (Patch Release) - 8 bug fixes

Both of these are bug-fix releases and both also officially deprecate the old spell checker for the classic WYSIWYG editor.

Check out the release notes for further information about what bugs have been fixed in each version.

Upcoming New Features & Enhancements

The team has been working hard on the upcoming version (due in late May) which now includes over 30 new enhancements.

Take a look at a further sneak peak of some more exciting new things to look forward to in this release.



A new inline text formatting function has been added to the Edit+ WYSIWYG editor for wrapping inline text in <code> tags.

This is useful for when you are writing technical documentation and you need to highlight certain words or snippets in a tag that represents computer code.

Click here to read up on more information about the use of the <code> tag.

Improved UI on Admin Mode Elements

#7539, #10683, #10636, #7083, #10682

We've spent some time improving the UI design and layout of several elements in Admin Mode.

For example, the lock details area has been cleaned up and cluttered wording removed.

We've also improved the way that asset type selection fields work so that you can now more easily find the right asset type to select and instantly know what the inheritance of the types are.

In addition to that, we've also made improvements to the top screen bar, asset tags, details screen of file assets, and other areas.

Custom Metadata Formatting


Metadata Fields now have a new configuration option on their Details screen for customising the default output of the field.

You will now be able to completely customise the output of each field to meet any custom metadata tag formatting requirements without the need to use complex keyword modifiers.

This format will be reflected when using the Metadata design tag or the %asset_frontend_metadata% keyword.

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