Matrix Newsletter - August 2017

31 Aug 2017   By Bartek Banda


Latest Releases

This month we had multiple releases for both branches:

  • (Patch Release) - 43 bug fixes & 36 enhancements
  • (Patch Release) - 17 bug fixes
  • (Patch Release) - 4 bug fixes
  • (Patch Release) - 2 bug fixes

The release had lots of good new stuff in it including improvements to the Remap Manager, a new %asset_children% keyword, JS API improvements, and much more.

Make sure to check out the release notes to see out a full list of what's new.

Bart Visiting Europe

Next month I'll be traveling to Europe for 3 weeks to visit our Squiz offices in London, Szczecin, and Edinburgh.

I'll be meeting some of our overseas clients and users, catching up with our various production and consulting teams, and I'll be hosting a special half day tech seminar together with Dave Letorey for some of our Squiz UK clients covering a range of technical topics relating to Matrix and Squiz Edge.

I'm hoping this trip will give our development team a better insight into how Squiz Matrix is used in other countries and how we can better support our developers and users on a more global level.

I'm also super excited to be attending both MTPCON 17 and State of The Browser while in London. So if you are attending either of those events, get in touch so we can catch up over a coffee or beer and talk all things web and Squiz Matrix.

Upcoming New Features & Enhancements

The next feature version we're working on is and will be a Micro Release with a release date scheduled for sometime in early October. Let's have a look at some of the things you can look forward to.

Cache Busting URLs For Git Files


We're developing a new keyword for referencing CSS and JS files from a Git File Bridge to better handle cache clearing of updated files.

The new URL keyword will produce references to your Git files with the file's latest commit hash appended as a query string. This means that every time you update the file from Git, the query string will change and force browsers to download fresh copies from Matrix. For example:

Log In As User Via Asset Map


We're adding a Log In As shortcut to the Asset Map context menu for User assets.

System Admin users will be able to right-click on other User assets in the Asset Map and select Log In As to quickly switch to another user for troubleshooting or debugging purposes.

Performance Improvements

Various performance improvements are being implemented for various processes and activities including:

  • #6927 - Faster Update Lookups processing for creating, linking, and moving assets around the Asset Map.
  • #11252 - Earlier session lock releases for files served directly from Matrix.
  • #9754 - Faster indexing of metadata when creating new assets.
  • #9752 - Optimised search indexing when using weighting settings in the Search Manager.

Performance, in general, is something we're starting to take a more serious look at across the board, so expect more speed improvements and optimisations to be added to Squiz Matrix for other future releases.

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