Matrix Newsletter - March 2017

31 Mar 2017   By Bartek Banda


March Online Poll Results

This month we asked you what you would like to see a tutorial on.

There were some interesting and close results with no answer really being a clear winner or loser.

However, Server Side JS and Variations & Personas seem to be the most sought after features users want tutorials on, which are both features introduced in Matrix 5.4.

We'll make an effort to produce new guides and tutorials on these 2 concepts as a priority, but considering the even popularity of the other topics, we'll also eventually have new tutorials for those as well.

Keep an eye out for next month's poll which will be up on the site tomorrow.

Latest Releases

This month we had two releases:

Both of these releases are hot-patch releases that fix a couple of issues with the MICRO release.

If you are currently on version and are using LDAP Users in your system or if you are heavily using Server Side JavaScript in your design and template implementations, it is recommended that you upgrade to version

Upcoming New Features & Enhancements

The next release for the 5.4 branch is shaping up to be another big one. We've already got over 20 enhancements in testing and a few more on the way.

In last month's newsletter, we gave you a sneak peak of some of these new enhancements, and this month we're giving you some more.

Root Users Group


A new dedicated type of user group asset is getting added to the System Administrators asset called, Root Users.

This special user group will be used to control Root level permission access within the system. This will replace the current method of giving all System Administrators users, Root privileges as soon as the Root User is disabled.

When you upgrade, the Root User will automatically be linked under this new group and will be link-locked into it as well.

Only users with Root privileges will be able to move users in and out of this group.

New Marketo Form Submission Action


A new dedicated Marketo Form Submission has been added to Custom Form assets.

This new action allows you to submit a form post request to Marketo, the same way the embeddable Marketo based forms allow you to.

This means that you can achieve the same form submission functionality from Marketo forms, useful when you want to trigger campaigns from forms, in Matrix Custom Forms.

Ability to Clone Triggers


In the previous 5.4 branch release, we added some improvements for managing Triggers in the Asset Map for things like linking and moving.

We've now taken it a step further and added support for cloning.

Triggers are shadow assets, which means they previously couldn't be cloned like normal assets such as Standard Pages and Folders.

However, now we've added some custom handling for cloning of shadow assets which has made it possible for Triggers to be cloned using the same Asset Map cloning tools available to normal asset types.

Improved Log Manager UI and Log Filtering


We've made some well overdue UI improvements to the Log Manager to make it easier to use.

The layout of the log summary section has been cleaned up and information spread across dedicated columns.

In addition to that, we've also added some log filters so that you can simplify the Log Monitor and only show the information you are interested in. You can filter on the type of log entry and which user triggered it.

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