Matrix Newsletter - November 2017

03 Dec 2017   By Bartek Banda


Latest Releases

This month we released version which is a relatively small feature and bug fix release, but still has some new cool things in it. adds wider Notice Link support for Global Keywords, last log in info to the User Details Screen, a new naming convention for Content Containers, and several other small enhancements.

Make sure to check out the release notes to see a full list of everything that's new.

Did You Know?

In last month's release we added some new enhancements and features that inadvertently had some awesome side effects that we didn't report on initially in the release notes.

Import From XML Speed Improvements

The first notable thing are the performance improvements that were done do things like Search Indexing and Lookups processing. Not only did these changes improve the speed of things like moving and linking assets, but it also significantly sped up the Import From XML Tool.

Below is a video that demonstrates how quick it is to now import the project system template into a install of Matrix:

For those of you who are familiar with these templates and the import tool, you'll know that this process took a lot longer before. We've also got plans in place to make this even faster in future releases.

Include Content From Git File Using Global Keywords

Another cool thing that was added was the new %globals_asset_url_with_hash% keyword for using cache busting URLs of Git Bridge Files.

The work done on this feature actually also added support for being able to include content from a Git Bridge File into pages and templates using a Global Keyword.

For example, if you've got some code inside a .html file under your Git Bridge, you can include that content inside a Content Container using the following keyword format.


This functionality, which was previously only possible using a Nested Content Container, allows you to manage your template code in Git and include it in Matrix with much more flexibility and maintainability.

5.5 Sneak Peek

In last month's newsletter we announced the upcoming release of version 5.5 of Squiz Matrix.

This month we bring you some more updates on what you can expect from this big release.

Continuing on the AJAX theme, we've now got a proof-of-concept in place for the AJAX saving and lock acquiring change that version 5.5 will introduce.

These changes aim to make editing and saving content in the Admin interface a lot smoother and user friendly, as you won't have to keep scrolling down each time you make a save on long editing screens.

We've also added AJAX functionality to HIPO Jobs, and with the introduction of things like the SweetAlert2 library, we've started making much more intuitive interactions with some common UI areas such as the Purge Trash tool.

Of course, most of what you see here is still very much work in progress, as some functionality and styles will still be changed and tweaked in order to make it work and look as good as possible before the official release early next year.

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