Matrix Newsletter - February 2018

28 Feb 2018   By Bartek Banda


Latest Release

This month we released a small patch version update of Squiz Matrix, which includes 5 small enhancements and 20 bug fixes.

Version features proxy support for the Git File Bridge, better UX for password inputs on connectors and integration screens, and some other minor UI improvements.

Check out the release notes to see a full list of changes.

New ESI Tutorial

A new guide has been added to the Tutorial library, which takes you through how to convert your menus in your site design to be included using ESI tags.

Using this method can significantly increase the performance of your web pages and make sure that your site-wide main menu is instantly updated on every page of your site with a single cache-clearing request.

Check it out here.

Squiz Matrix VM Updated to Version

The Virtual Machine release of Squiz Matrix has been upgraded to version

This VM can be downloaded and spun up using VirtualBox and gives you an out-of-the-box installation of Squiz Matrix for you to try.

We've also added a link to download the core code of version that you can unpack and manually install on your own server.

Squiz Matrix 5.5 Update

Version 5.5 is currently in it's final stages of development and we're getting more and more excited about bringing this big new release to you.

We've spent a lot of time on improving several UI components that will make your daily interaction with the Admin interface a lot easier and more enjoyable.

The latest change we've worked on is an update to the asset picker. Below you can see a before and after shot of the asset picker between version 5.4 and 5.5.

Version 5.5 will also deprecate and remove a lot of old and unused assets and features, so make sure you refer to the new deprecation page to see what has been removed and what assets have been merged into others.

Currently we're on track for a release sometime in late April, but we'll keep you posted on how we go with another update in next month's newsletter.

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