Matrix Newsletter - July 2018

31 Jul 2018   By Bartek Banda


Latest Releases

This month we had a new patch release in version for the 5.4 branch which contains 3 minor enhancements and 15 bug fixes.

The only notable change with this version is that the Squiz Server Configuration screen has been removed and the fields on that screen moved into the HIPO Configuration screen. One less screen to have to worry about and it makes sense to configure both the Squiz Server and HIPO settings in one place.

Check out the release notes to see a full report on what's new.

New Tutorials

Two new tutorials were published this week.

The first one takes you through the steps on how to set up a Trigger to automatically sort assets using the new Sort Asset Children Trigger Action.

This is can be used to automatically sort assets in a particular order in certain locations of your system. For example, you might want to have all new media releases published at the top of the tree order rather than the bottom.

The second tutorial is an updated guide of how to set up a Trigger to create automatic Image Varieties.

This tutorial replaces the old guide which required you to setup a separate Trigger for Edit+ to what you would use in Admin. Since version this is actually no longer needed, so this newly created tutorial explains the simplified way of creating these types of Triggers.

Make sure to also check out the full Tutorial library here.

University of the Arts London Live on Squiz Matrix

UAL is a world top 6 university for art and design according to the QS World University Rankings® and Europe's largest specialist university for art and design.

They have been working together with Squiz UK this year on re-building their site in Squiz Matrix, which also included a website design refresh.

After months of hard work by both teams, the new site has finally gone live and is looking (and performing) better than ever.

The site also uses Funnelback for its search and Squiz Cloud for the hosting infrastructure together with a super fast Squiz Edge CDN.

Congrats to both UAL and Squiz UK for a successful project delivery and website launch.

5.5 RC1 Tagged

We've finally tagged the first RC version of the upcoming 5.5 release!

This means we're now in beta and are upgrading several internal systems to do some heavy UAT on.

The first site that will be upgraded will be this one, But the software won't the only thing we'll be upgrading.

Over the next few weeks we'll also look at upgrading the stack on these systems to use PHP 7, as well as put the new Matrix Accelerator Cache extension on to improve performance on internally facing sites.

What is Matrix Accellerator Cache you say? Well, it's a brand new type of HTTP cache that is specifically designed to work with Squiz Matrix that significantly improves the frontend performance of your site. But more on that in a future update... :)

We're also prepping the release notes and other related media around everything that's new and what you can look forward to for this big release.

Stay tuned for the official release announcement in the coming days...

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