Matrix Newsletter - June 2018

30 Jun 2018   By Bartek Banda


Latest Releases

This month we released version for the 5.4 branch which contains 6 new enhancements and 13 bug fixes.

This version features a new enhancement for customising Content Container IDs, IP address logging control on Form Submissions, and the ability to delete Content Containers in Safe Edit mode.

Check out the release notes to see a full report on what's new.

New Tutorial on How to Create an Upcoming Events Listing

We've published a brand new tutorial on how to create an upcoming events listing using the Calendar Events Search Page.

With the current deprecation and upcoming removal of the old Upcoming Events Listing asset, this tutorial shows you how you can achieve the same functionality using a search asset.

The Calendar Events Search Page has a lot of other features that the old Upcoming Events Listing didn't have, so it's definitely recommended to start using this asset type instead.

Note that the Upcoming Events Listing has been deprecated as of version and will eventually be removed completely from the code base in version

Click here to check out the tutorial, which also includes a download of a sample upcoming events listing that you can import to your own Matrix system and start using today.

No More Stripping of Line Breaks and Empty Paragraphs

Ever since we introduced the powerful Edit+ WYSIWYG Editor in Matrix, we've had a setting in it that automatically strips extra <br> tags and empty <p></p> tags. This was simply the editor's default setting and has been designed to make your HTML output as clean as possible.

The WYSIWYG editor also provides options for you to add CSS classes to your content so that you can add spacing using pre-defined classes instead. However, this doesn't come out of the box and takes some time to set up for each of your website designs.

Many of our users have provided feedback that this is unintuitive and that they often use the technique of hitting "enter" a few times within their content to manually add spacing around content elements, for example, to add some extra space under an image before you continue with writing more text.

Well, in a soon to be released upcoming version, we will change the default setting in the Edit+ WYSIWYG to not strip these elements so that you can have more control over your spacing and content authoring. We'll also have a configuration option for toggling this setting as a global or user group preference.

5.5 RC1 & the Deprecation Script

Unfortunately we didn't manage to get our first RC release of version 5.5 out last month due to unforeseen circumstances.

Currently we're putting a lot of work into the final touches and bug fixes of the new UI changes, but more importantly, we're finalising the work on the deprecation script that will play an integral part of you upgrading to 5.5.

The script will be available as a standalone tool that you can use even before upgrading, as it will be able to produce a report of all deprecated assets and features you've currently got in your system.

The script can also take care of converting all of your deprecated asset types to other types so that you won't lose any content or functionality. For example, it can take care of morphing Thumbnail assets to Image assets, and Related Asset Listings to just normal Asset Listings with the related asset functionality automatically enabled.

More information about this deprecation script will be released in the coming days, so if you are planning an upgrade to version 5.5 soon, please get in touch with your Squiz account manager to make sure the deprecation process can be planned early and be as smooth as possible.

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