Matrix Newsletter - November 2018

30 Nov 2018   By Bart Banda

Latest Releases

This month we had one new patch release for the 5.5 branch.

Version was released earlier this month and contains 17 bug fixes and a couple of new minor enhancements.

Check out the release notes of for a full list of what's new.

New Schemas Screen

A brand new asset screen is getting added in the upcoming release of Squiz Matrix (which is due out next week).

The Metadata Schemas screen and the Workflow Schemas section on the Workflow screen are combining forces into a brand new screen called Schemas, where both of these settings can be configured.

This will improve the consistency of "schema" editing on assets and will free up the existing Workflow screen to have a clearer and simpler interface for just focusing on handling the currently workflow state of an asset.

After the next release, we'll also be working on improving the UI and UX of this screen to make it simpler to use and more visually cleaner.

Thumbnail and Description Fields for Content Templates

Another new enhancement to look forward to in the next upcoming release is the addition of a Thumbnail and Description field for Content Templates.

We have future plans for improving the Content Template selection UX on Content Containers, which includes the ability to show a small image and short description of all the templates available for selection.

The first step to get there however, is to first add the capability to be able to capture this information on the Content Templates themselves, which this new improvement will allow you to do.

Form Question Assets Renamed to Form Fields

Finally, the last thing to report for the next upcoming release is a name change of the Form Question asset types to Form Fields.

These are the fields that you can create on Custom Form assets, which have always been referred to as "Questions" in the past.

We have now changed the name of these asset types, and the references to them within the Admin interface, to "Form Fields", in order to better reflect their actual asset type. This will also align with the terminology we have been using in Edit+ for form field editing.

Furthermore, the Tickbox List and Tickbox Table fields have been renamed to "Checkbox List" and "Checkbox Table" respectively.

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