A new Matrix API is coming...

19 Aug 2019   By Bart Banda

...and we want early user feedback!

As part of our product roadmap for this year, we're current working hard on a brand new Content Delivery API feature for Squiz Matrix.

This new API is getting built to empower developers to use Squiz Matrix as a Headless CMS and to take the integration capabilities of the platform to a whole new level.

In fact, a beta version of this API is actually already available to use since version of Squiz Matrix. You haven't seen it in any release notes yet though, because the functionality is hidden behind a feature toggle. That means that the feature is actually there in the code but disabled by default and can’t be turned on without access to the server.

This feature is not production-ready in version 5.5.3 of Squiz Matrix and should not be turned on for any production systems running that version.

This allows us to continuously develop and release parts of this feature whilst it’s still under development, which in turn enables us to test it more closely to a real-life Matrix production system and get early user feedback.

It’s one of the most important features we’re building for Matrix this year, which is why we now need your help!

The API currently has limited but useful functionality. We are hoping to get some early users (mainly developers) to help us test and validate what we’ve done so far to make sure the approach we’re taking is going to work when it’s finally released.

The first official version of the new API is scheduled for version os Squiz Matrix and has a targeted release for end of September 2019.

So if you’re interested in checking it out and providing some feedback, head over to the technical documentation page on the Matrix Manuals to get started. You can provide feedback on the beta version of the API either via the forums or via the official product feedback form.

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