Bulkmail Package Deprecation

13 Feb 2019   By Bart Banda

The Bulkmail package in Squiz Matrix is set to be deprecated as of the upcoming version and will eventually be removed from core in a future version of the 5.5 branch.

Why are we deprecating the Bulkmail package?

The Bulkmail package was added to Matrix many years ago. Back then, there weren't many other alternatives for sending out email newsletters and managing user subscription lists. That's why a feature in Matrix was built to support that need for some of our customers who wanted to have some email marketing functionality and wanted to use Squiz technology and services to do so.

However, since then we have seen an endless stream of fit-for-purpose tools such as Marketo, MailChimp, Vision6, etc, hit the market to target the specific needs around email marketing for businesses.

In the last few years, we also haven't enhanced the Bulkmail package Matrix to include new features that match the feature sets of these 3rd party dedicated tools. More importantly, our users and customers haven't really been asking us to either.

Squiz Matrix is a CMS, not an email marketing platform. And thus, our focus is on improving the core CMS features of the software. We need to scale down the vast feature set we have at the moment in Matrix to make it easier for us to maintain and improve the CMS moving forwards.

Instead, we're going to focus more on improving the integration capabilities to those dedicated 3rd party email marketing platforms and SaaS products so that Squiz Matrix can still be the system you use to create, manage, and publish content for your email campaigns.

What version is it deprecated in?

The Bulkmail package will be marked as deprecated in Squiz Matrix version (currently scheduled for early March 2019).

This is the Stage 1 of this deprecation. Meaning you will still be able to use the Bulkmail features and create Bulkmail assets in this version. When interacting with those screens however, a notice will be shown at the top of the screen alerting the user that the feature has been deprecated.

What version will it be removed in?

This is still to be decided. However, we are currently aiming for the package to be removed from core in version at this stage.

What happens with my Bulkmail assets when I upgrade to version or beyond?

If you are using the Upgrade Script, the script will first alert you to the fact that you have Bulkmail assets in your system that have been deprecated. The script will then ask you if it is OK to purge these assets for you and proceed with the upgrade.

Alternatively, you can choose to stop the upgrade at this point and manually clean up any Bulkmail assets and implementations before trying to run the upgrade script again.

What if I'm a Squiz Customer and I use the Bulkmail features in Matrix?

Please contact your Squiz Account Manager for recommendations and advice.

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