• Matrix Newsletter - November 2018

    30 Nov 2018

    A new patch version released for 5.5, a brand new Schemas asset screen, new fields for Content Templates, and Question assets changing name.

  • Matrix Newsletter - October 2018

    31 Oct 2018

    New patch version releases for 5.5 and 5.4, Squiz Summits for 2018 officially over, and a quick look at a couple of new UI improvements.

  • Squiz Matrix Released

    15 Oct 2018

    A new patch version for 5.4 has been released, which contains 22 bug fixes and brings the latest version of Squiz Matrix to

  • Matrix Newsletter - September 2018

    30 Sep 2018

    Squiz Matrix version 5.5 released and more information on the upcoming global Squiz Summits.

  • Squiz Matrix 5.5 Released

    27 Sep 2018

    It is with great pleasure that we can finally announce that version 5.5 of Squiz Matrix has officially been released and is now available for installations and upgrades.

  • Matrix Newsletter - August 2018

    31 Aug 2018

    Last MICRO version for the 5.4 branch released, update table of contents functionality on the matrix site, Squiz summit announcement, and another 5.5 status update.

  • Squiz Matrix Released

    20 Aug 2018

    Squiz Matrix version was released today and features a small number of bug fixes as well as an update to the jQuery version that Edit+ uses.

  • Matrix Newsletter - July 2018

    31 Jul 2018

    A new patch version release for 5.4, new tutorials published, a Squiz Matrix website go-live for UAL, and 5.5 RC1 finally tagged.

  • Squiz Matrix Released

    24 Jul 2018

    Version of Squiz Matrix is now available and contains 3 minor enhancements and 15 bug fixes.

  • Matrix Newsletter - June 2018

    30 Jun 2018

    Version released, a new tutorial on how to create an upcoming events listing, no more stripping of extra <br> tags and empty <p></p> tags in the Edit+ WYSIWYG, and an update on version 5.5 and the deprecation script.

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