• Squiz Matrix Released

    21 Feb 2018

    Version of Squiz Matrix is now available and contains 5 minor enhancements and 20 bug fixes.

  • Matrix Newsletter - January 2018

    31 Jan 2018

    A new release, new deprecation information on upcoming asset and feature removals, and a brand new release notes generator for the Matrix site.

  • Squiz Matrix Released

    30 Jan 2018

    Squiz Matrix version was released today and features an improved custom logging & error handling Trigger Action, Custom Form Field Morphing, tag & commit ID checkout support for the Git File Bridge, a new Permissions info keyword, and more.

  • Matrix Newsletter - December 2017

    31 Dec 2017

    We take a look back at the year that was to remember and summarise the highlights of Squiz Matrix in 2017.

  • Matrix Newsletter - November 2017

    03 Dec 2017

    A summary of the latest release, some "did you know" facts, and a few sneak peaks of some cool features being added to version 5.5.

  • Squiz Matrix 6 is coming

    29 Nov 2017

    We’re extremely excited to announce the upcoming release of Squiz Matrix version 6!

  • Squiz Matrix Released

    14 Nov 2017

    Version of Squiz Matrix is now available and contains 9 minor enhancements and 14 bug fixes.

  • Matrix Newsletter - October 2017

    31 Oct 2017

    Latest 5.4 release, sneak peak of upcoming features, Squiz Summit video, and a quick update on 5.5.

  • Squiz Matrix Released

    23 Oct 2017

    Squiz Matrix version was released today and features a new orphaned assets tool, metadata field morphing, several new keywords and trigger events, and much more.

  • Matrix Newsletter - September 2017

    30 Sep 2017

    No more 5.3 releases, a new tutorial, and more sneak peaks of the upcoming release.

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