Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #6810: Dynamic stream selection not recognising a future status change.
  • Fixed Bug #6896: Public user should ignore cascaded status changes.
  • Fixed Bug #6958: Click on an external link to a Word Document on Preview screen cause Edit+ to freeze.
  • Fixed Bug #7029: EES preview mode iframe height.
  • Fixed Bug #7075: Certain window and content heights prevent you from scrolling all the way down with Viper.
  • Fixed Bug #7279: Image asset order locked on Edit+ linking screen, when one of images is set as thumbnail.
  • Fixed Bug #7336: Escaped HTML entities in metadata field description breaking the Edit+ metadata screen.
  • Fixed Bug #7415: Edit+ preview should respect links that are set to open in new windows.
  • Fixed Bug #7477: If you hold locks on assets, then visit the same asset in rollback mode, the Release Locks button is shown
  • Fixed Bug #7542: Custom Form Edit+ Yes/No Toggles don't make the save button clickable.
  • Fixed Bug #7630: Table properties editor in classic WYSIWYG doesn't render images.
  • Fixed Bug #7635: Trailing newline at end of root URLs config setting causes sq_web_path function to break.
  • Fixed Bug #7676: #Edit+: Links Screen slightly broken when "Move to Trash" clicked from Contents Screen.
  • Fixed Bug #7693: Cloning, linking and creating assets using the asset map needs to be consistent.
  • Fixed Bug #7713: Cannot remove aribitraray paint layout set in nested content container.
  • Fixed Bug #7886: Assign user to user group trigger action forgets about existing parent groups when listen to Trigger event SAML login.
  • Fixed Bug #7959: Open in new window function for Viper fails to load and throws JS errors.
  • Fixed Bug #7976: WYSIWYG metadata field 'Use Default' checkbox in Edit+ is activating Viper.
  • Fixed Bug #7978: If Trash purge the root node id is 20+ chars, or alpha PHP fatal error is shown.
  • Fixed Bug #7979: Incorrect Comment in code for public function getWebDataPath() in asset.inc.
  • Fixed Bug #8010: container property contextable.
  • Fixed Bug #8047: TRIM Connector showing false negative "Not connected" status.
  • Fixed Bug #8053: Account Manager Page fails to set user status after email validation.
  • Fixed Bug #8063: Permissions grant log message is completely wrong.
  • Fixed Bug #8066: Selecting Thesaurus terms via the Metadata Screen while in Edit+ is broken.
  • Fixed Bug #8074: tax_name bug on Ecommerce checkout page keyword replacement.
  • Fixed Bug #8077: PayPal Payflow Pro payment gateway default bodycopy content has invalid keyword "transaction_gst"
  • Fixed Bug #8083: In Edit+ the Save button retains a glow after clicked.
  • Fixed Bug #8114: system_integrity_fix_char_encoding.php script not handling the serialised data within the serialised data.
  • Fixed Bug #8128: Meta redirect tags in content can cause page redirection in _admin interface.
  • Fixed Bug #8138: Issue when Matrix merges the Asset Map root node user preference for the user belongs multiple groups.
  • Fixed Bug #8141: Incorrect required metadata fields warning on wysiwyg fields.
  • Fixed Bug #8143: SOAP response keyword can not print SOAP response that is a straight value.
  • Fixed Bug #8151: Empty WYSIWYG message in Edit+ editor is missing.
  • Fixed Bug #8158: RSS Data Source should use cURL instead of fopen()/fsockopen() to fetch.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #8078: Installation step 3 fail with error Attribute "name" not found for Asset "" (#0).

Security Enhancements

  • Minor security enhancements.

Security Enhancements

  • Minor security enhancements.
  • Feature #7467: Better IO Load on Log Rotation

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #5759: .
  • Fixed Bug #6456: When zoom is reduced below 100% in Asset Finder, columns with a scrollbar start becoming too thin for their contents due to the scrollbar not changing in size.
  • Fixed Bug #6899: Avoid unnecessary error entries on request for SQ_ACTION=send_security_key.
  • Fixed Bug #6926: Better handle non-UTF8 responses in LDAP replies.
  • Fixed Bug #7582: Input fields  are display as editable when acquire lock is set on metadata schema details page.
  • Fixed Bug #7688: Edit+ Preview Mode Show Diff incorrectly enabled.
  • Fixed Bug #7723: Disabled attribute on optional file input fields break Custom Form.
  • Fixed Bug #7835: Bulk File Import tool - restricts caption to 255 characters.
  • Fixed Bug #7859: Export/Import of Online poll does not correctly update Current Question Asset Picker.
  • Fixed Bug #7874: Metadata Schema Details: subsequent New Restriction 'Inherit' label points to first checkbox.
  • Fixed Bug #7893: Merging user group's "Bodycopy Container Preferences" preference throwing undefined index errors.
  • Fixed Bug #7895: .
  • Fixed Bug #7905: Workflow comment message will not be saved if at least one condition will be auto approved.
  • Fixed Bug #7916: Configuring JS in external tools reports incorrectly.
  • Fixed Bug #7933: Design Template made SAML Account Manager unable to generate the valid SAML Service Provider Metadata.
  • Fixed Bug #7950: When creating a new image using asset creation wizard in Edit+, toggling on Yes for decorative image clears the text field but does not disable the text field.
  • Fixed Bug #7951: Asset Creation Wizard in Edit+ shows the type code instead of the friendly name when creating assets for certain types.
  • Fixed Bug #7962: Search Page printing the result page with form tags.
  • Fixed Bug #7964: 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 - User Group Name input field needs to be wider.
  • Fixed Bug #7974: 5.1, 5.2 Trigger log messages are missing asset reference.
  • Fixed Bug #8041: .
  • Fixed Bug #8044: When a JS API batch request contains an invalid asset ID, the resulting output is blank.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #7595: Scheduled Jobs Manager: Viewing repeating jobs doesn't show the repeat period unit.
  • Fixed Bug #7808: Custom Form keyword doesn't print errors for required questions.
  • Fixed Bug #7832: Creating Upcoming Events Page throwing error with a default metadata value of .
  • Fixed Bug #7879: Inserting images in Viper throws JS error.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #6826: Workflow keywords are treated as invalid when not in workflow.
  • Fixed Bug #7228: SAML Account Manager cannot Sync/Populate the User Attributes if the User Type is Morph.
  • Fixed Bug #7321: Include detail in error.log for LDAP lookup failures.
  • Fixed Bug #7329: Global keywords in standard pages get evaluated on customisation rather than page when in /_login.
  • Fixed Bug #7540: Simple Edit Screen for metadata has 'Use Default' option for WYSIWYG when showing via the individual keywords.
  • Fixed Bug #7652: Custom Form - Step Action did not fire if the right sequence if there is any question unattached to any section. 
  • Fixed Bug #7663: Viper ideas to be included in Matrix for &
  • Fixed Bug #7675: #7559 follow up for 5.2.
  • Fixed Bug #7682: Metadata date field is printing date even though it is empty.
  • Fixed Bug #7691: Viper causes matrix php warnings when embedding image varieties.
  • Fixed Bug #7711: Creating a Calendar Page with metadata schema applied (cascading from parent) throwing DB error.
  • Fixed Bug #7712: Undefined variable: s in design customisation.
  • Fixed Bug #7718: Memcache Session Handler doesn't respect comrpession threshold settings, possibly should not use compression at all.
  • Fixed Bug #7747: Morph Asset Trigger action - no 'Simple Edit User' option in "Morph from Type" select field.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #7119: Hit count listing page does not include root asset in listing results.
  • Fixed Bug #7227: SAML Account Manager Populate/Sync User Attributes Setting will lost if Matrix User to Create is changed.
  • Fixed Bug #7385: Edit+ wrongly claiming assets are dependant in Asset Creation Wizard.
  • Fixed Bug #7525: keyword in Search Page Asset throws error.
  • Fixed Bug #7548: .
  • Fixed Bug #7584: Sharepoint Saved Search triggers sync when screen is committed.
  • Fixed Bug #7593: Calender Page throwing fatal db error for the Recurring Event asset with some specific setting.
  • Fixed Bug #7597: Contenteditable attribute to be removed.
  • Fixed Bug #7624: Export and Import assets from XML tool doesn't retain Simple Edit Layout metadata keywords.
  • Fixed Bug #7627: getLineageFromUrl not returning lineages for __data URLs from Web Folders.
  • Fixed Bug #7631: Asset map sometimes collapses after actions within the main frame.
  • Fixed Bug #7642: Cache Manager Permission Level Caching setting not working. Clarifying Caching Levels settings.
  • Fixed Bug #7643: Cloning a Custom Form asset unnecessarily loading its Submission assets.
  • Fixed Bug #7651: If an asset in a lineage also has a NOTICE link to its parent asset, using Binoculars will try to open the Asset Map to sort order -1.
  • Fixed Bug #7661: Adding extra attribute values on the extras field for text fields causes invalid HTML.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #7557: Wrong display on the Current Selective Email Rules.
  • Fixed Bug #7566: Cannot delete the items in the 'Results Fields' field in TRIM Saved Search.
  • Feature #7405: replace_keywords fails on two Ecom Cart asset specific keywords.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #6373: Online Quiz submits User Details Form - Select field with html text instead of text in 'value' attribute.
  • Fixed Bug #6710: SAML Account Manager Asset will not accept some keyword modifiers in the Return Location URL field.
  • Fixed Bug #7064: Spaces in directory names cause Bulk File Import to silently fail.
  • Fixed Bug #7267: Paint Layout Asset Type lists should be filtered to only show Assets that can be used.
  • Fixed Bug #7433: Import of assets by XML overwriting contents of JS File with same name.
  • Fixed Bug #7434: %global_asset_contents*% keyword not working on the REST call trigger action body.
  • Fixed Bug #7439: Asset listing type list doesn't include parent asset types.
  • Fixed Bug #7447: Invalid Matrix asset ID link in rollback mode throwing fatal error.
  • Fixed Bug #7472: "preg_match" keyword modifier outputting numerical values for empty "success"/"failure" string.
  • Fixed Bug #7473: Index page asset doesn't always include data from Site URL path in Analytics for Edit+ when an index page for multiple sites.
  • Fixed Bug #7482: Join User Group For Session trigger won't work with Squiz Server.
  • Fixed Bug #7487: Importing Design file from XML gives "unauthorised file path" error.
  • Feature #7127: Urban Airship Trigger Action needs to be updated to comply with their API v3.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #7093: Thesaurus Terms broadcast a broken event when creating under other terms.
  • Fixed Bug #7300: Support UTF-16 conversion for JSON data source feed.
  • Fixed Bug #7322: All emails become invalid after PHP upgrade to 5.4.
  • Fixed Bug #7323: Conditional keywords break in safe edit when nested into design for users with read access.
  • Fixed Bug #7326: Bulk mailer cron sending duplicate emails for same bulkmail job.
  • Fixed Bug #7337: Metadata field notes misaligned in Edit+.
  • Fixed Bug #7338: Calendar search pages printing weird stuff when %asset_assetid% keyword is used.
  • Fixed Bug #7355: Selecting "no default selection" on radio button field in custom form in edit+ actually selects first option as default.
  • Fixed Bug #7360: PHP error if you set a standard page asset as another page's thumbnail.
  • Fixed Bug #7377: Oauth 2 token should not redirect user to login when it found its stored token has expired, it should just trigger an error.
  • Fixed Bug #7378: Asset Listing - Asset Type listing including all the system assets.
  • Fixed Bug #7379: Edit+ Go To Metadata Screen button not working.
  • Fixed Bug #7383: Enable keyword modifiers for Online Quiz asset.
  • Feature #5897: Edit+ for Squiz Matrix: Improved Asset Location  Error Handling

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #6847: Accurate root URL selection.
  • Fixed Bug #7168: Go To Linking Screen button doesn't add tree_id for file assets.
  • Fixed Bug #7215: Unrestricted file URL (__data) getting cascaded to children unexpectedly.
  • Fixed Bug #7229: Workflows with multiple streams choosing incorrect stream in Edit+.
  • Fixed Bug #7250: Merging session expiry user preferences setting throwing undefined index errors.
  • Fixed Bug #7262: Calendar search asset fuzzy logic is broken.
  • Fixed Bug #7265: Asset updated trigger event fires twice when updating image asset.
  • Fixed Bug #7269: Stop possibility of non-well-formed HTML breaking the WYSIWYG content type.
  • Fixed Bug #7270: Form reCAPTCHA validation options showing "invalid captcha" error even when form is refreshed.
  • Fixed Bug #7271: .
  • Fixed Bug #7272: reCAPTCHA does not respect Matrix proxy settings.
  • Fixed Bug #7273: Morph asset trigger action Morph From and To type code is missing code types.
  • Fixed Bug #7288: Cache header no longer sent for assets if current user is not Public User, and Public User Only setting is OFF.
  • Feature #7149: Main.inc: SQ_CONF_FUNNELBACK_INDEXING_USER

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #6012: LDAP Bridge seems to be broken when expanding groups that defines its members.
  • Fixed Bug #6730: HIPO configuration screen text inputs width is cutting off text.
  • Fixed Bug #6761: Items that cannot be deleted via Asset Contents Screen can be deleted directly from the Asset Map.
  • Fixed Bug #6996: Redis database option doesn't work.
  • Fixed Bug #7099: User asset status not cascading Live status change when user logs in.
  • Fixed Bug #7106: Some JS API functions don't have "Set all to" button.
  • Fixed Bug #7148: .
  • Fixed Bug #7150: Assigning search field to target news item summary or body produces WYSIWYG on front end.
  • Fixed Bug #7155: Re-order content containers styling broken in Edit+.
  • Fixed Bug #7167: You are able to open multiple Trash Asset confirmation prompts by pressing delete on Keyboard.
  • Fixed Bug #7177: Links Report needs to set the user agent info when doing curl.
  • Fixed Bug #7189: Order summary and XML stored as html encoded value in E commerce Order asset.
  • Fixed Bug #7196: Nest Content: When paint layout (or dynamic or GET param) settings change, not all contexted content files are updated.
  • Fixed Bug #7198: Trigger Folder Details screen just throws an error.
  • Fixed Bug #7199: undefined method getSpecialPage().

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #6563: Calendar page - only week and day views issue.
  • Fixed Bug #6819: Asset Map sometimes displays the tree multiple times.
  • Fixed Bug #6975: Table Properties tool in WYSIWYG doesn't show table structure.
  • Fixed Bug #7080: Dynamic asset type picker tool has misaligned buttons.
  • Fixed Bug #7082: Keyword modifiers incorrectly evaluated via %initial_layout% keyword on Search Pages.
  • Fixed Bug #7100: Details screen disabled in Edit+ on Pending Approval after switching tabs.
  • Fixed Bug #7107: Custom Form export import issue with Receipt Recipient Question.
  • Fixed Bug #7108: Import/Export screen on parse files broken.
  • Fixed Bug #6864: Asset Builder validation always fails for Events with Start Date set as required
  • Fixed Bug #6869: Paint Layout - Add Custom Asset Type list - Form exists twice in the list
  • Fixed Bug #6955: Recursive keyword protection for ^replace_keywords
  • Fixed Bug #6966: Image variety lookup errors say they are due to deleting lookups when failures occur while inserting lookups
  • Fixed Bug #6970: "FIXME: Unknown toolbar item: addsnippetkeyword" when creating new DIV in WYSIWYG editor
  • Fixed Bug #6991: When JS API errors with a json_encode issue, the response is still added to the end in error
  • Fixed Bug #6995: JSON data source asset caching the result if access multiple times in same process
  • Fixed Bug #7013: Reason phrases should not be matched in Broken Links Report
  • Fixed Bug #7014: Broken Links Report: Redirect Pages with leading spaces report missing protocol
  • Fixed Bug #7015: Broken Links Report does not understand 303 response code
  • Fixed Bug #7018: Design Menu Area Sub area can not be customised in more than 1 Design Customisation
  • Fixed Bug #7021: Physical File from File Bridge breaks when printed to public and cache header is enabled
  • Fixed Bug #7023: Design menu area still prints links despite permission denied
  • Fixed Bug #7033: Fix colour contrast AA fail in top black header in Admin Mode
  • Fixed Bug #7037: LDAP Bridge does not handles dn with colon ":" char
  • Fixed Bug #7043: Export/Import XML - Calendar Search Page not importing as expected
  • Fixed Bug #7046: Unable to use an LDAP User/User Group as the main asset of a JS API call
  • Fixed Bug #7054: Auto remaps getting generated for Image Varieties despite of "Add Auto Remaps" option disabled
  • Fixed Bug #7066: Listing Page sorting by Select metadata field not respecting raw/presentation value option
  • Fixed Bug #7071: Metadata WYSIWYG note misaligned in Edit+

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #6084: When using a confirmation page, a Single page Form becomes a Multi Page form.
  • Fixed Bug #6956: Adding image variety of different type throws error, still creates variety.
  • Minor Enhancement #6737: Placeholder Attributes for Text-Based Form Questions.
  • Minor Enhancement #6739: Custom Form Select Field Enhancement for Empty Values.
  • Minor Enhancement #6742: New SPAM Prevention Tools on the Password Reset and Bulkmail Subscription Pages. 
  • Minor Enhancement #6844: SOAP Data Source: New Option to Not Parse XML in SOAP Response.

Edit+ for Squiz Matrix

  • Minor Enhancement #6589: Improved Error Reporting When Linking Assets With the Same Web Paths.
  • Minor Enhancement #6740: Placeholder Attributes for Text-Based Form Questions. 
  • Minor Enhancement #6785: Improved Error Handling on JS API Incorrect Queue Length Error. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #3727: Don't allow deletion of Online Quiz asset's submission folder
  • Fixed Bug #3733: When asset is beyond the pagination threshold in Asset Finder, selecting a child file asset causes an error when redirecting
  • Fixed Bug #5687: Clicking "Use Default" on Metadata Select Fields Does not Revert to Original Value in Edit+
  • Fixed Bug #5756: Nesting multiple Calendar page assets in the same design causes problems with SQ_CALENDAR_VIEW
  • Fixed Bug #5900: Linking Page not displaying correct values when parent asset is itself linked to more than one asset
  • Fixed Bug #5929: Purging asset from trash produces warning message in backend
  • Fixed Bug #6010: When formatting an email adress in the to and from fields to contain a name with the . the email address is hidden
  • Fixed Bug #6294: WYSIWYG editor breaks, and cannot edit anymore
  • Fixed Bug #6326: Add width style to upload field in image details screen
  • Fixed Bug #6661: Pagination on Whats New Asset
  • Fixed Bug #6693: File Name sizes now restricted to 240 bytes
  • Fixed Bug #6724: Using Funnelback OEM, editing CSS Design File throws error
  • Fixed Bug #6758: Asset map scroll position resets in IE when dragging between Tree 1 and Tree 2
  • Fixed Bug #6762: Increase size of asset ID text fields
  • Fixed Bug #6768: When the Asset Finder is launched with a small width the Title and Description are pushed below the icon
  • Fixed Bug #6775: trim saved search fail to serve attached file in correct extension (MIME) for file with long file name
  • Fixed Bug #6776: system_integrity_fix_char_encoding.php script not fixing the invalid uff8 chars in the array keys in serialsed data
  • Fixed Bug #6778: invalid xml chars comes in as TRIM record breaks TRIM sync
  • Fixed Bug #6779: Disable Keywords does not work for Keyword Modifiers or Condition Keywords
  • Fixed Bug #6786: Calendar events should be allowed to get created under calendar pages
  • Fixed Bug #6793: LDAP Bridge with caching option enabled will throw db error in Oracle system
  • Fixed Bug #6795: global pref screen throws error: Call to undefined function list_dirs()
  • Fixed Bug #6797: Asset_Manager::generateRawContent() setting the paint layout globally
  • Fixed Bug #6805: Can't change nest content divs back in to WYSIWYG divs
  • Fixed Bug #6806: LDAP bridge still references Mysource Matrix
  • Fixed Bug #6808: HTTPs links are always returned as broken links in Links Report
  • Fixed Bug #6809: Broken links report erroneously reports image varieties
  • Fixed Bug #6820: Thesaurus assets display wrong number of children in hierarchy mode
  • Fixed Bug #6822: Nested Content saving its backend edit screen content as its "html" attribute value
  • Fixed Bug #6827: Dots in Search page search field names cause duplicate get parameters
  • Fixed Bug #6830: Unnecessary double JS validation for "required" form email and numeric type questions
  • Fixed Bug #6846: Including an upcoming events listing via globals_asset_contents keyword into a nested design area breaks calendar pages
  • Fixed Bug #6851: Remote Page edit function not checking if the edit fields are submitted
  • Fixed Bug #6852: Edit+ crash while editing custom form asset
  • Fixed Bug #6853: Illegal string offset 'granted'
  • Fixed Bug #6873: Changing webpath of an asset affecting the paint layout setting for different asset
  • Fixed Bug #6878: Workflow not being added to children assets
  • Fixed Bug #6881: The keyword in Recurring Events evaluates to 1 Jan 1970
  • Fixed Bug #6893: PHP Notice "array to string conversion"
  • Fixed Bug #6909: Metadata schema application events fire twice and both times before it's applied
  • Fixed Bug #6924: assetFinderLocations are not all included in search results
  • Fixed Bug #6938: Form action keywords gives blank file content
  • Fixed Bug #6932: The X in the close button of the Asset Creation Wizard is not centred in FF
  • Fixed Bug #6940: Not all lineage possibilities returned for shadow assets by JS API _getLineage
  • Fixed Bug #6944: User type restriction in the "Session Expiry Rules" in the global preference not working correctly
  • Fixed Bug #6950: Links report returning false negative result for external urls that requires redirection
  • Minor Enhancement #5306: SharePoint Package: SharePoint 2013 Integration Support.

Edit+ for Squiz Matrix

  • Minor Enhancement #3993: Creation Wizard: Disable Use Current Asset as Parent Button for File Type Assets.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #6469: Secure esec Payment Gateway default display formatting keywords.
  • Fixed Bug #6509: Analytics view breaks due to Google API limit on regular expression (128 characters).
  • Fixed Bug #6635: Set session variable Trigger doesn't use the triggering asset as the current asset.
  • Fixed Bug #6648: New sections on Custom Form asset in Safe Edit are under construction but publicly available.
  • Fixed Bug #6669: Status warnings need to be consistent with Admin interface.
  • Fixed Bug #6680: Incorrect permission error message when no write access is held.
  • Fixed Bug #6681: Asset root node in Asset Finder with no read access causes permission error.
  • Fixed Bug #6692: Custom Form Email Options - Empty html version (using WYSIWYG) is sending a blank <p>.
  • Fixed Bug #6697: Set Session Var Trigger Action selects are still enabled when locks aren't held.
  • Fixed Bug #6698: Conditions for some keywords don't work unless the keyword is included on page elsewhere.
  • Fixed Bug #6701: Calendar Page not returning recurring event instance in some specific dates.
  • Fixed Bug #6706: Refreshing Asset Map collapses expanded trees when using Asset Map Root Asset setting.
  • Fixed Bug #6707: Snippets keyword plugin not showing up in WYSIWYG.
  • Fixed Bug #6723: Folder asset can't be created under Calendar Events.
  • Fixed Bug #6725: Low contrast on pagination links in table headers.
  • Fixed Bug #6726: Remap Manager fields editable when locks not acquired.
  • Fixed Bug #6738: Yes/No button sliders using incorrect title attributes.
  • Fixed Bug #6745: When submitting Quick Search in IE, the Search in Progress box does not show up.
  • Fixed Bug #6750: PayPal asset names inconsistent.
  • Fixed Bug #6763: Workflow rejection message should send to approvers in previous steps.
  • Minor Enhancement #3083: Better warning of the installation status of spider monkey/V8 for the JS REST asset. 
  • Minor Enhancement #6653: Global Script to Change REST asset URLs. 
  • Minor Enhancement #6655: default JS Engine changed from spider monkey to V8. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #5766: SQ_CONF_ENABLE_EXTERNAL_AUTH_SYSTEMS false, still generating LDAP traffic.  
  • Fixed Bug #5887: Keyword button in WYSIWYG is unavailble on customised logged in body copy in Account Manager. 
  • Fixed Bug #6106: If you login as another user that does not have permissions, then log back in using your account the main toolbar still shows items as if you were a Login As user. 
  • Fixed Bug #6145: Login As 'cancel' button styling on IE8. 
  • Fixed Bug #6335: Deleting asset with associated Repeating Cron Job will throw PHP each time cron is run. 
  • Fixed Bug #6374: Matrix should truncate filenames longer than it can store. 
  • Fixed Bug #6493: Prevent the MySource_XXX in design template to create the Empty area in the output. 
  • Fixed Bug #6583: Recurring event details screen fields need proper labels. 
  • Fixed Bug #6607: Form date field with data attribute ending in "id" with a value breaks the ID of the field. 
  • Fixed Bug #6633: Metadata Time firing trigger twice only. 
  • Fixed Bug #6637: Follow up: Disable keywords option not working with modifiers - #6236. 
  • Fixed Bug #6658: Status change cascade warnings not appearing correctly. 
  • Fixed Bug #6660: Creating a file asset via file upload question under a root node with more than 1000s of assets with same name failing. 
  • Fixed Bug #6665: search manager view asset tree weight screen undefined index error. 
  • Fixed Bug #6668: Custom Form validation rules condition stops working if questions of the form has been re-ordered in asset map. 
  • Fixed Bug #6676: Attribute Value and Attribute Changed trigger conditions should be able to get added more than once. 
  • Fixed Bug #6677: error thrown when visiting 404 Not Found page: Undefined variable: cm. 
  • Fixed Bug #6683: Hit back button after SAML login will display error message: NOSTATE. 
  • Fixed Bug #6684: Call REST Resource trigger action missing the locale translation file in 5.1. 
  • Fixed Bug #6686: Triggers still reference 'MySource Matrix' in the note on Details Screen. 
  • Minor Enhancement #3922: DIV Deletion Confirmation Prompt Enhancements.
  • Minor Enhancement #6579: New Updated Date Information on the Settings Screen of Assets.

Edit+ for Squiz Matrix

  • Minor Enhancement #4930: Content Editing: Window Position Retained After Saving.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #5681: Ecommerce Checkout page requires web path screen.
  • Fixed Bug #6247: Default error messages need full stops and class names.
  • Fixed Bug #6301: import_from_Xml tool throwing memory limit errors.
  • Fixed Bug #6316: Export/Import XML - Design Parse file not updating asset ids in './?a' links.
  • Fixed Bug #6365: Clicking cancel on the display conditions pop up doesn't actually cancel your changes.
  • Fixed Bug #6417: %globals_asset_href% returns different result in /_nocache and /_recache.
  • Fixed Bug #6470: Secure esec Payment Gateway no longer working in test mode.
  • Fixed Bug #6525: SecurePay loading message does not cover screen properly.
  • Fixed Bug #6532: Dot in asset names with trailing digits.
  • Fixed Bug #6580: Update delete container confirmation dialogue.
  • Fixed Bug #6595: Rest Resource asset unnecessarily replaced keywords when making request.
  • Fixed Bug #6596: Certain metadata date config breaks metadata screen.
  • Fixed Bug #6597: Wrong web path is picked for files created.
  • Fixed Bug #6615: Promotional code value stored in the ecom order even if the code was not accepted.
  • Fixed Bug #6617: Public read granted via group and IP restrictions shouldn't send cacheable headers.
  • Fixed Bug #6618: Custom Forms with no sections throw 'no children' error.
  • Fixed Bug #6622: Keyword modifiers return unexpected results on account manager keywords.
  • Fixed Bug #6628: TRIM download file enhancement to prevent existing files not being updated when resuming a failed sync.
  • Fixed Bug #6639: Clear Squid cache hipo job should not store the url's entire output to the db.
  • Fixed Bug #6640: Sorting by non-existent metadata field in listing pages causing fatal error.
  • Fixed Bug #6647: Ecom Datacash Payment Gateway - Test mode throwing PHP error.
  • Minor Enhancement #6578: OAuth and SAML Account Manager: Escape User Data Array Index.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #4962: Recurring event wizard radio/check options order inconsistent.
  • Fixed Bug #6419: %nested_' keywords are not functional when used in Conditions.
  • Fixed Bug #6512: Link to shadow assets broken.
  • Fixed Bug #6534: Metadata Date fields year display incorrectly for Y and y dates earlier than 1 Jan 1970.
  • Fixed Bug #6535: Uploaded files losing their names in Custom Form when using Save button.
  • Fixed Bug #6540: Keywords for related asset metadata field do not work if the name of the field contains spaces.
  • Fixed Bug #6543: PHP 5 Strict Standards Warning when using Asset Manager to get a Metadata Schema.
  • Fixed Bug #6548: Changing file asset's name attribute via trigger action does not update its web path.
  • Fixed Bug #6561: Illegal string offset description, default, protected in file pref.
  • Minor Enhancement #6503: Marketo Bridge syncLead API Call Enhancement.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #4368: Discard Changes Warning When Using the Asset Finder.
  • Fixed Bug #6270: Matrix Search Page: Submit Button Hidden Field WCAG Errors.
  • Fixed Bug #6381: Screen Scrolls to the Top After Picking a Related Asset.
  • Fixed Bug #6498: ESEC Payment Gateway Not Working on iOS.
  • Fixed Bug #6510: Keyword Modifiers Do Not Work for Simple Edit Keywords.
  • Fixed Bug #6514: Redirect Page Asset's Redirect Timeout Functionality not Working in PHP 5.4.
  • Fixed Bug #6515: If Snippet Content  Type is Used in Content, Any Changes in Edit+ Would Reset the Snippet.
  • Minor Enhancement #6150: Tagif to Handle HTML Attributes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #4962: Recurring event wizard radio/check options order inconsistant.
  • Fixed Bug #6237: JS API: moveLink not returning an error when given the same assetid for old/new parent. 
  • Fixed Bug #6332: E-Commerce Order keyword () incorrect grand total. 
  • Fixed Bug #6341: Searching for URL in quick search should only search for web paths. 
  • Fixed Bug #6357: When workflow is applied, user should still see content screen in read only mode. 
  • Fixed Bug #6370: Missing linking screen children in Edit+. 
  • Fixed Bug #6397: Excluded asset types in menu design area still force sub menu design area to print. 
  • Fixed Bug #6415: Bottom padding for Matrix asset map with scroll bar. 
  • Fixed Bug #6441: Send Form Submission to Email cron job not setting the job's last run time. 
  • Fixed Bug #6450: Call to undefined function make_raw_post_data() line 1729. 
  • Fixed Bug #6453: REST Resource Page not passing GET vars with array data. 
  • Fixed Bug #6454: When only 1 stream is available in a multi-stream workflow, an empty stream list still appears.
  • Fixed Bug #6455: backup.sh should exit with a non-zero status if pg_dumb can't be found. 
  • Fixed Bug #6457: When using Edit+ Editor, the HTML body of an Email Format will not show ULs correctly. 
  • Fixed Bug #6458: Pressing Enter key in 'Login As' box always prints the irrelevant Search in Process message. 
  • Fixed Bug #6477: Newly created asset not inheriting parent's Write permissions for user who created the asset. 
  • Fixed Bug #6478: TRIM Saved Asset better error handling. 
  • Fixed Bug #6482: Form getChildren() returns an empty array if multiple type codes are provided. 
  • Fixed Bug #6484: Redirect Page and Link assets not saving the asset ID in the asset picker field. 
  • Fixed Bug #6486: Data Record asset can't be created under Calendar Events.
  • Minor Enhancement #6150: Tagif to Handler HTML Attributes.
  • Minor Enhancement #6328: New Thumbnail Keyword Replacements. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #4970: Archived assets web-paths list styles are bit ordinary.
  • Fixed Bug #6241: Donation attribute keywords not displaying on asset listings / cart. 
  • Fixed Bug #6306: Asset Builder Created bodycopy has broken default link. 
  • Fixed Bug #6389: Lineages pop-out should allow hovering over of links to show entire path. 
  • Fixed Bug #6395: Conversion from RAW HTML to WYSIWYG (Viper) will break the backend for some HTML code. 
  • Fixed Bug #6406: On a new Standard page, there are 4 empty options in the Container's Content Type property.
  • Fixed Bug #6410: Rollback queries that have JOIN clause are not pointing to tables correctly. 
  • Fixed Bug #6414: When changing permissions on an image with varieties, Matrix warnings are shown. 
  • Fixed Bug #6426: HIPO processing windows/screen clipping off the content table.
  • Fixed Bug #6430: Matrix Ecom DPS payment gateway not working anymore.  
  • Minor Enhancement #6347: Allow for custom keywords to be added into the logical keyword condition.

Edit+ for Squiz Matrix

  • Updated HTML_CodeSniffer Accessibility Auditor to version 2.0.2 (see changes).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #6202: Hide frames for simple edit.
  • Fixed Bug #6322: Immediate Matrix log out. 
  • Fixed Bug #6356: Removing links through the Linking screen (and JS API generally) does not respect Safe Trash. 
  • Fixed Bug #6377: Can't disable "formatting" plugin without breaking Edit+ WYSIWYG. 
  • Fixed Bug #6379: File Upload destination disappears from asset picker if asset ID is six digits or longer. 
  • Fixed Bug #6384: If Google Analytics Connector connects to an account with no profiles of its own, benign warnings appear on the Details screen. 
  • Fixed Bug #6391: Dejavu Management script initial setup. 
  • Fixed Bug #6391: JS API not working under IE8 on Apache. 
  • Fixed Bug #6404: Session problem that affects SSO login between 2 sites sharing session of Parent Domain. 
  • Minor Enhancement #6348: Allow REST Resource and Remote Page Assets to Pass Content-Disposition Header of Remote File.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #6098: Clicking on "Add Condition" in admin mode scroll the window down in Chrome.
  • Fixed Bug #6306: Asset Builder Created bodycopy has broken default link.
  • Fixed Bug #6327: Array to string conversion php notice when use quick search on PHP 5.4.
  • Fixed Bug #6340: Using Edit+ to edit form fields strips extras.
  • Fixed Bug #6343: Trigger action clear session var when fired upon login would fail if login is via root user login as feature.
  • Fixed Bug #6352: OAuth2 authentication with Yammer social network.
  • Fixed Bug #6370: Missing linking screen children in Edit+.
  • Minor Enhancement #6058: Hyphens in Conditional Keywords
  • Minor Enhancement #6210: Enhanced JS API Enabled by Default

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #6236: Disable keywords option not working with modifiers.
  • Fixed Bug #6246: Adding custom classes for the content containers in design adds a null value.
  • Fixed Bug #6255: Error while acquiring locks on news item.
  • Fixed Bug #6281: Global keywords don't work on remap manager 404 page.
  • Fixed Bug #6282: Image variety "alt" attribute not getting updated within asset map.
  • Fixed Bug #6299: Missing matrix.min.js after a patch upgrade of 5.1 or 5.0 instance.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #6277: Install doesn't create complete HIPO configuration.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #1984: Asset Finder: Selecting an asset that the user does to have access to and clicking 'refresh' results in no panels loaded.
  • Fixed Bug #2198: Asset finder panels do not load if a parent in the lineage lacks read permissions for current user.
  • Fixed Bug #6206: Honeypot question WCAG 2 AA errors.
  • Fixed Bug #6231: Keyword with modifiers are not interpolated in Custom Form 'Run Database Query' submission action.
  • Fixed Bug #6251: If one or more Edit+ plugins are disabled in Global Preferences a JS error is thrown with WYSIWYG containers.
  • Fixed Bug #6259: Imported XML custom form assets do not update the asset ID in the Receipt Recipient Question.
  • Fixed Bug #6262: Analytics Screen showing on Custom Form when analyticsViewId not set in config file.
  • Fixed Bug #6263: SAML integration using HTTP POST protocol binding failed to user POST method.
  • Fixed Bug #6264: Asset Map still not working for Simple Edit Users when using classic WYSIWYG plugins in Edit Mode.
  • Fixed Bug #6265: Move questions icons on not displaying on From/Form Section on IE8 & IE9.
  • Fixed Bug #6268: Keyword regex condition doesn't let you do a custom %globals_date_% keyword.
  • Fixed Bug #6272: Using Keyword Regular Expression condition can't use Marketo global keyword properly.
  • Feature #6159: Script to Rewrite ./?a= Links in Content to Hard Coded Absolute Links

Edit+ for Squiz Matrix

  • Minor Enhancement #6111: Show Warning if Edit+ Version Doesn't Match Matrix Version

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #3130: Backend user with Write permission and is a workflow approver cannot edit Details screen of a Live-Edit status.
  • Fixed Bug #5377: Browser zoom level removed tree levels in Edit+ Asset Finder.
  • Fixed Bug #5892: When an asset upload fails, user received no explanation of why it has failed.
  • Fixed Bug #5898: Changing a div's text direction to "right to left" does not apply formatting to the text area.
  • Fixed Bug #5911: When JSAPI.key is left blank or not included in config file, no error overlay is displayed.
  • Fixed Bug #5916: Header styling missing in creation wizard for forms details, processing and success screens.
  • Fixed Bug #5917: No questions message on forms content screen missing some punctuation.
  • Fixed Bug #5980: Using the new WYSIWYG editor for question options in the Online Quiz Multiple-Choice Question asset caused <p> tags to surround the text upsetting listing format.
  • Fixed Bug #6046: Typo on "no results" on Edit+ search widget.
  • Fixed Bug #6077: Edit+ not switching Compare to Live button on initially entering Preview, when "Show Differences" config enabled.
  • Fixed Bug #6078: When the Viper Toolbar (Top) is switched off in Global Preferences, Edit+ page throws JS error.
  • Fixed Bug #6130: Allow selection of how JS API's key is passed to Matrix.
  • Fixed Bug #6131: When trying to reorder a question in a Custom Form via Asset map a non descriptive error is show.
  • Fixed Bug #6146: Metadata field ordering bug.
  • Fixed Bug #6198: Export xml not working correctly with keyword on Emails on Custom Form asset.
  • Fixed Bug #6204: Search and replace plugin not available in admin or Edit+.
  • Fixed Bug #6215: Keyword modifiers don't work on search field generated keywords.
  • Fixed Bug #6219: Form Select Field Mandatory not working with Empty.
  • Fixed Bug #6222: The Asset Tree / Types screen should be consistently named.
  • Fixed Bug #6223: Oracle DB error with system_integrity_invalid_remaps.php and system_integrity_invalid_links.php.
  • Fixed Bug #6228: Cannot change the class using Apply CSS Styles plugin in WYSIWYG in IE9.
  • Fixed Bug #6233: Custom Form's download submission log not working as expected in Simple Edit mode.
  • Fixed Bug #6235: Duplicate "Format Block" option in the WYSIWYG toolbar.
  • Fixed Bug #6238: Image variety created not inheriting the parent image's "alt title" attribute value.
  • Fixed Bug #6239: htmlspecialchars() function causes texts to disappear.
  • Minor Enhancement #6126: New Webpath Search and Replace Script.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #5290: Copy and Pasting multiple list items into another list creates invalid HTML.
  • Fixed Bug #5329: A blank ID value can be added to the source code of a page when using the anchor field.
  • Fixed Bug #5757: Re-Order Content Containers CSS Problem.
  • Fixed Bug #5856: When creating a new list in Firefox, the list indent icon is disabled for the second list item.
  • Fixed Bug #5953: Untyped characters appearing in content pasted from MS Word 2010 [in Chrome].
  • Fixed Bug #5979: Commit in Online Quiz Multiple-Choice Question with Use HTML for Question Option Text turned on causes blank answer to appear.
  • Fixed Bug #5996: When creating a link around a list, the A tags are added in the wrong spot in the source code.
  • Fixed Bug #6013: When you delete bold or italic content and enter new content, the bold or italic format is applied.
  • Fixed Bug #6061: Calender Page throwing fatal db error for the Recurring Event asset with bad setting.
  • Fixed Bug #6076: If you press undo and redo after you edit the details of an image in Firefox, the image handlers appear in the wrong location.
  • Fixed Bug #6099: Deleting the last few highlighted words in a single line of text will delete the entire <p>.
  • Fixed Bug #6107: When you delete all of the content in the Paper Reel example [in Chrome] and start typing, the icons in the top Fixed bug: When pasting lists from MS Word into Safari, no level information was available.
  • Fixed Bug #6114: When using Import assets from xml tool, assets with conditions are not applied to containers.
  • Fixed Bug #6139: ^contains keyword modifier returning 0 instead of nothing.
  • Fixed Bug #6140: scripts/regenerate_file_system.php injects PHP warnings into metadata.
  • Fixed Bug #6169: Simple Edit layouts and Paint Layouts use same variable name.
  • Fixed Bug #6171: Cannot save location path in Ecommerce Checkout Save XML checkout action in PHP 5.4.
  • Fixed Bug #6177: Workflow mail links link to admin interface.
  • Fixed Bug #6181: Extra Attributes for createAsset don't work after JS API updates in 5.1.
  • Fixed bug: When pasting lists from MS Word into Safari, no level information was available.
  • Minor Enhancement #6068: 'Delete All' Option for One-Off Scheduled Jobs in the Scheduled Jobs Manager.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #6002: Asset Finder Icon (binoculars) is not working with LDAP User. JavaScript Error.
  • Fixed Bug #6011: Can't rename image asset when cloning without error.
  • Fixed Bug #6025: Form submission actions should not progress if an action validation fails.
  • Fixed Bug #6059: Asset created trigger fires incorrectly for custom form submission validation.
  • Fixed Bug #6081: Importing exported xml content that contains Custom Forms leaves Form Questions orphaned.
  • Fixed Bug #6082: CSS File Folder does not work well when minfication is enabled.
  • Fixed Bug #6083: Custom Form: Validation JS errors are thrown on confirmation screen.
  • Fixed Bug #6086: LDAP bridge not showing the full list of users defined by the group.
  • Fixed Bug #6091: Create Asset trigger action in 5.1.2.
  • Fixed Bug #6101: on PHP 5.4 Illegal string offset 'protected' error shows if there is custom bodycopy preference.
  • Fixed Bug #6132: Lack of charset/content type header in paintLogin causes redirect loop in patched IE8.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #5872: When creating an asset and pressing Enter/Return multiple times after entering name, you can create endless assets.
  • Fixed Bug #5930: Triggers in asset map don't update after trigger updated.
  • Fixed Bug #6031: Workflows Schemas with asset restrictions cause issues with asset creation.
  • Fixed Bug #6036: Script system_integrity_fix_char_encoding.php should get asset list directly from asset table when running system wide.
  • Fixed Bug #6045: Custom form Email tab failed to load if root domain is not your Matrix Root URL.
  • Fixed Bug #6051: If not all plugins are loaded through Preferences, the ordering of the plugins causes Matrix Insert Link plugin to break.
  • Enhancement #5834: New Skip Tables Option in system_integrity_fix_char_encoding.php Script

    Squiz Matrix's system_integrity_fix_char_encoding.php script performs a charset conversion on content within your system.

    This enhancement introduces a new --skip-tables parameter on this script that takes a comma separated list of db tables to ignore when running this script.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #5620: Rollback management system tool and database triggers
  • Fixed Bug #5815: setMetadataAllFields call on JavaScript API fails to update all metadata fields
  • Fixed Bug #5863: Keyword modifiers in "Ecommerce Default Delivery Method" emails don't work
  • Fixed Bug #5955: Show in Asset Map missing for notice links
  • Fixed Bug #5990: system_integrity_fix_char_encoding.php script treating serialsed attribute values as string
  • Fixed Bug #6005: TRIM Search page details screen creating empty search field on each commit
  • Fixed Bug #6016: Matrix LDAP group membership not shown in the asset map even if group members are within the "Auth DN"
  • Fixed Bug #6023: XML Import of Designs causes fatal PHP error

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #5942: Cannot change e-commerce question title.
  • Fixed Bug #5822: Send Email trigger action behaviour update.
  • Fixed Bug #5851: When a design_area tags value in a MySource_AREA is incorrect a Fatal PHP error is thrown.
  • Fixed Bug #5865: Calling trashAsset() with JS API falsely reports success.
  • Fixed Bug #5928: When adding a new Form Field in a Custom Form, the Insert Form Field is cut off on the bottom. 
  • Fixed Bug #5943: Clear Matrix Cache HIPO not removing cache files in the file system; throws PHP warning.
  • Fixed Bug #5944: Viewing "Preview" for assets that uses metadata keywords can sometimes result in DB error.
  • Fixed Bug #5945: Custom form section creating and deletion should not be available in Safe Edit.  
  • Fixed Bug #5948: Analytics screen: Traffic and audience graphs - use two scales so page data is not squashed at bottom of graph.
  • Fixed Bug #5958: SAML Account Manager keeps redirecting to itself if SimpleSAMLPHP 1.12.0 is used.
  • Fixed Bug #5960: Admin Mode screens are broken in Google Analytics View due to report format change.
  • Fixed Bug #5964: SOAP Data Source error when response contains XML and XML elements have attributes.
  • Fixed Bug #5981: Custom form question's answers cached in session when refreshing the form as public user.
  • Fixed Bug #5987: convert_database.php script failed to run final rebake step.
  • Fixed Bug #5938: Upgrade Script Error When Upgrading to v5.1.0.0

JavaScript API Functions for Edit+
Please note that this release requires you to update any JavaScript API assets being used for Edit+ for Squiz Matrix. You will need to enable all functions under the Google Analytics, System Information and Form Questions sections on the Details screen of the JavaScript API.

Asset Deprecations
The following asset types and features have been deprecated as of version They will continue to work within Matrix until a future MINOR release where they will eventually be removed completely from the code base:

New Features

  • Feature #5318: Squiz Matrix Maintenance Mode  

    This feature introduces a new Maintenance Mode within Squiz Matrix, that when enabled, will disable the functionality of specified assets on the front-end, instead printing a maintenance message for your users.
  • Feature #678: Revised Matrix Default Settings
  • Feature #755: Matrix Install Script Enhancements
  • Feature #920: Designs: A New Comment Syntax Which Doesn't Get Printed to the Front End

    A new syntax has been added to a number of design and content assets within Squiz Matrix to allow editors and implementers to add HTML, CSS and JS comments within code that won't be printed on the front-end.

    This is useful when users want to leave notes for code that are only applicable when editing in the back-end, for example, a list of asset IDs that a piece of code affects or how to update the code.
  • Feature #942: Workflow Schema: Asset Type Restrictions

    Squiz Matrix's Metadata Schema asset allows you to set Restrictions, regulating the asset types that the schema is applied to.

    This features extends this functionality to the Workflow Schema asset, where you can now set asset type restrictions for the workflow on your system.
  • Feature #1252: Option Names in Presentation Drop Down Revised to be Clearer
  • Feature #1807: Allow Editor to Include a Comment When Initiating Workflow  

    This feature introduces a new option on the Details screen of Workflow Schema assets that, when enabled, will allow editors to now leave a comment as part of the workflow initiation.
  • Feature #2256: JavaScript Processing on Call REST Resource Form & Trigger Actions

    The Call REST Resource form submission and trigger actions within Squiz Matrix allows you to communicate with web services exposing themselves using Representational State Transfer (REST) methods, on the submission of a form or when a trigger is fired.

    This feature extends the functionality of these actions, adding new settings to enable JavaScript processing of the response from the REST resource call.
  • Feature #2731: New User Login Attributes Added

    Two new attributes have been added to Matrix to store a user's last login date (login_date) and IP address (login_ip).
  • Feature #3308: Additional Asset Information in Error Logs

    Previously, when monitoring the error logs of a Squiz Matrix system, it could often be difficult to determine the cause of an error, warning or notice.

    This feature adds a new option on the System Configuration's Error/Debug Settings, allowing Matrix to display the current frontend asset ID and URL that an error has been triggered from.
  • Feature #3546: E-Commerce Order Logs in the Log Manager

    The Ecommerce Form Page's Order Logging screen allows you to tell Matrix to generate a log file in the system, to store a record of completed orders.

    Previously, these order logs were only stored on the server and not accessible via the back-end.

    This feature changes the way that the E-Commerce package stores these order logs, which will now be written to a new log file: data/private/logs/form_commerce_order.log. The contents of this log file can now be accessed using the system's Log Manager.
  • Feature #3694: Custom Form: New Option to Restrict Access to Form Submissions
  • Feature #3981: Custom Form: New Options to Add Extra Attributes on Form Tags
  • Feature #4030: LDAP Paging Support for Active Directory
  • Feature #4929: Disable Password Autocomplete on Asset Builder, Account Manager and Password Reset Assets.
  • Feature #4937: Revised Default Start and End Times on Calendar Page Assets
  • Feature #5001: Don't Load Simple Edit or Old WYSIWYG Scripts in _edit Mode
  • Feature #5140: LDAP Caching in Matrix
  • Feature #5153: New Config Option to Restrict the File Types Available Over a Static URL

    A new field has been added to Squiz Matrix's System Configuration settings, allowing you to set the file extension types that will be not be served via static URL (as set in the System Static URL field).

    This means that any specified file types will not use the system's static root domain ( i.e www.example.com), instead using Matrix's system root URL. Any file types not specified will be served via the static URL.
  • Feature #5189: Highlighted Row Selections in Tables

    This feature introduces the handy new addition of highlighted selections when browsing tables in Matrix's Administration interface. This means that row selections will be highlighted as you hover your cursor over a table.
  • Feature #5261: Remove SQ_ACTION=login Parameter After Logging In  

    The feature adds a new redirect to remove the SQ_ACTION=login query parameter when logging into the system, and also the similar SQ_ACTION=logout when logging out of the system. This redirect will preserve any other query strings contained within the URL.
  • Feature #5283: Better Handling of Referencing Files in Design Assets
  • Feature #5288: SAML Account Manager: Redirect Delay

    This feature introduces a new Redirect Delay setting on the SAML Account Manager, allowing you to set an amount of time in seconds to delay the redirect.
  • Feature #5296: More Visible Hyperlink to Workflow Screen from Details Screen When Asset is in Workflow
  • Feature #5297: Accessible Links in the Matrix Interface  

    Within Squiz Matrix's Administration Interface, there are numerous links to, for example, lists of available keywords or external documentation.

    This feature modifies these internal links to be accessible for screen readers and other similar devices.
  • Feature #5321: Spam Prevention Tools Extended to Account Manager Page  

    In the v4.16.2 release of Squiz Matrix, we introduced three new spam prevention options on the Custom Form and Asset Builder assets: Google reCAPTCHA, Honeypot Question and Submission Time Threshold. These tools have now been extended to the Account Manager Page.
  • Feature #5368: Allow Users with Write Access to Choose Workflow Stream

    This feature enables you to specify on the Workflow Schema asset, the minimum permission type required to be able to select the workflow stream to use.
  • Feature #5639: Send Email Trigger Action: Send to User's Matrix Inbox
  • Feature #5371: New Keywords to Print Current User's Internal Message Information
  • Feature #5372: New Trigger Action to Mark a User's Inbox Messages as Read
  • Feature #5411: Option to Replace Keywords in an XSL file When Applying to an XML File or Data Source Asset
  • Feature #5419: Workflow Editor Comment Feature Extended to JS API Workflow Functions
  • Feature #5434: New SOAP Function to Search Metadata

    Squiz Matrix's SOAP API Metadata Service asset manages the metadata functions of the system's SOAP Server, including setting and regenerating metadata.

    This feature introduces a new MetadataSearch function on this service to return assets matching a set metadata query.
  • Feature #5439: Custom Form: Enable Simple edit keywords to Print Form Editing Contents
  • Feature #5440: JS API: New Form Question Functions  

    New functions have been added to the JavaScript API to allow you to create, update and remove questions on Custom Forms.
  • Feature #5446: Dynamically Select Workflow Stream Based on Keyword Replacement

    Workflow streams within Squiz Matrix allow you to define multiple lists of workflow steps on a single Workflow Schema asset, applied on your pages. When the workflow process is initiated, users can select the workflow stream to use for the approval process.

    This feature enables workflow streams to be automatically selected based on a keyword replacement value.
  • Feature #5447: Dynamically Select Workflow Step Approval Based on Keyword Replacement

    This feature introduces the option to dynamically configure approval conditions within the workflow process, based on a keyword replacement value.
  • Feature #5465: The Google Analytics Bridge Connector

    This feature introduces the new Google Analytics Connector asset that can be used to establish a connection to your Google Analytics application.
  • Feature #5480: Ability for Triggers to Action on Other Assets

    Previously, triggers within Squiz Matrix could only be actioned on the broadcasting asset, i.e. the asset that fired the event of the trigger.

    This feature introduces a new Action On Other Assets option when configuring trigger actions, allowing you to run any trigger action on assets, other than the broadcasting asset.
  • Feature #5488: Improved Modifier Support on Metadata Field Keywords  

    Metadata field keywords allow you to reference the value of a metadata field within another field on the same asset.

    While these keywords have always supported the use of keyword modifiers, modifiers did not previously work correctly in cases where the metadata field value contained a keyword replacement. This was due to the modifier being applied before the keyword in the metadata value was replaced.

    This feature improves modifier support on these metadata field keywords, to also support modifiers in these cases.
  • Feature #5489: Increased URL Variable Character Field Size Limit
  • Feature #5493: Modified JavaScript API CloneAsset Response Object
  • Feature #5504: JavaScript API: Ability to Set a Metadata Field to Use the Default Value
  • Feature #5534: SAML Account Manager: Set Attributes and Metadata on Newly Created Users
  • Feature #5535: OAuth: Sync User Attributes

    When configuring the settings of the OAuth Account Manager, you are able to define the user attributes of your OAuth authorised users, using the profile data returned from the API.

    These settings, however, did not update these values once they were initially populated. This meant that the values within Matrix could be outdated or out of sync, if updated externally.

    This feature introduces a new Sync User Attributes section to combat this issue.
  • Feature #5536: Deprecated Assets & Features  

    With the release of Squiz Matrix 5.1, we will be initiating a new deprecation process for old and unused assets and features.

    Assets that have been marked for deprecation will be removed from the Matrix code via a 2 stage process: Notification and disabled creation, followed by the removal of code.
  • Feature #5550: XSL File Now Processes Global Keywords Applied via Keyword Modifiers
  • Feature #5552: E-Commerce Order: New Keyword to Print the Delivery ID
  • Feature #5565: Invariant Error Codes on the JavaScript API
  • Feature #5625: Minify CSS Design File
  • Feature #5651: Remap Manager: Improved Purge All Remaps Note

    The Purge All Remaps option on the Remap Manager is available within these settings to provide a easy method of mass deleting all remapped URLs on a system, except those marked as Never Delete.

    This feature modifies the message under this field to make the usage of the Purge All Remaps option clearer.
  • Feature #5653: Custom Form: New Input Type Option on Form Fields
  • Feature #5700: SOAP Data Source: New WSDL Caching and Redirect Timeout Options  

    Squiz Matrix's SOAP Data Source asset allows you to send requests to a remote SOAP server and display the content of the response within your site.

    This feature introduces two new options on the SOAP Data Source, that allow you to enable caching of WSDL file information and set a request timeout.
  • Feature #5703: New URL Parameter to Print Asset Content Without a Design Applied
  • Feature #5722: test_message.php Script Moved to a New Location
  • Feature #5752: Enhancement: Improved Role Performance
  • Feature #5784: REST Assets: New Labels on HTTP Request Attribute Checkbox Fields
  • Feature #5786: Set Session Var Trigger Action Renamed to Omit 'Trigger Action'
  • Feature #5810: Enhancement: Improved Performance n Links Report When Exporting the Report
  • Feature #5862: New Keyword Modifier: unescapehtml

Edit+ for Squiz Matrix

  • Feature #4120: Allow Editor to Include a Comment When Initiating Workflow
  • Feature #4933: Custom Form Editing in Edit+ for Squiz Matrix

    Squiz Matrix now supports the creation and editing of Custom Form assets within the Edit+ for Squiz Matrix interface. Forms can be used to collect different types of information from users, for example, a Contact Us form or a Job Application.

    This feature allows you to create Custom Form assets using the Asset Creation Wizard, as well as navigate to existing Custom Form assets and begin editing them.
  • Feature #5308: Google Analytics Tab in Edit+

    This feature allows you to view the analytics data for the current URL within Edit+ for Squiz Matrix on the new Analytics screen, accessed in Edit mode.
  • Feature #5400: Edit+ Editor Plugin Options

    With the release of Edit+ for Squiz Matrix in 2012, we introduced a new WYSIWYG editor, providing an intuitive interface for creating and maintaining your content.

    As of our release of Squiz Matrix 5, earlier this year, this WYSIWYG editor became available for use within the administration interface (for Squiz Plus customers), providing access to the full range of content editor features that were previously only available in Edit mode.

    This feature extends the support of the Edit+ Editor within the administration interface, adding new system configuration options to specify the editing tools that you want to make available to your back-end users.
  • Feature #5530: Maintenance Mode Notification Messages in Edit+
  • Feature #5918: Custom Form: Field Note Text Enhancement

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #5436: Asset map doesn't update after cloning asset if Squiz Server is ON
  • Fixed Bug #5605: Quick search is not searching file type assets (pdfs)
  • Fixed Bug #5691: Simple edit layout is not inherited by URL
  • Fixed Bug #5726: Deja Vu causes weird errors during a restart of memcached/redis
  • Fixed Bug #5779: Viper strips off YouTube iframe's src in Admin Interface
  • Fixed Bug #5850: JS error thrown after committing trigger when trigger manager is expanded in tree.
  • Fixed Bug #5886: 'Secure' Cookie wording in backend misleading
  • Fixed Bug #5910: backup.sh can't cope with $1 in a password
  • Fixed Bug #5915: MatrixUpgrades rejects valid upgrade paths and doesn't reject invalid ones
  • Fixed Bug #5924: Second level asset listing nested content "cached" the JSON Data source with REST JS Asset as the source
  • Fixed Bug #5925: %nested_get_<para>% Nested Parameter in asset listing does not work well with if the data is passing as a %ds__<para>%

The Latest


Date Version
18 Jun 20185.4.6.0
01 Jun 20185.4.5.3
28 May 20185.4.5.2
03 Apr 20185.4.5.1
26 Mar 20185.4.5.0
12 Mar 20185.4.4.2
21 Feb 20185.4.4.1
29 Jan 20185.4.4.0

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