This is the last release in the 5.2 branch.

Bug Fixes

  • #10187 - Trigger REST Response Condition saves unusable conditions
  • #10197 - Asset Builder Page Create Location Rules always pass
  • #10195 - Asset Listing page can't sort by Short Name when grouping by letter
  • #10114 - Filter Front End User Input should filter for metadata values set by JS API
  • #10186 - local user account gets locked unexpectedly
  • #10182 - Modifying a question, increments the asset version number twice.
  • #9768 - Spelling mistake - seperated
  • #9785 - The Viper inline toolbar sits above the main toolbar in both Admin and Edit+
  • #10167 - RSS Assets send the wrong Content-Type header type
  • #10117 - DB Data Source has various issues when changing the Database Type
  • #10163 - Unable to clone the design assets.
  • #8773 - Product assets placed in Safe Edit are showing changes on the frontend.
  • #10153 - Edit+ Editor (WYSIWYG) will display "area contains no content" when the only content is "bbb"
  • #9443 - XML Datasource Asset needs to set a timeout when making curl request to the remote XML feed url
  • #9497 - Workflow Schema Apply or Delete to an asset is not logged
  • #10069 - Files served by Matrix are buffered unnecessarily
  • #9915 - comments metadata of mp3 file can not be extracted/read if getID3 lib version 1.9 used
  • #9933 - asset.workflow.userlog internal message not sent correctly for Workflow Bundle and SOAP Workflow Service
  • #9863 - add fonts mime types to Matrix's in-built mime list
  • #10084 - Duplicate file attachments will be send in email with the latest version of Mail_mime class.
  • #10142 - Can not send Email to LDAP users under a Matrix User group
  • #9966 - Paint layout and design ID keywords print incorrect values when using them in globals:XXXX or type formats of listings
  • #9914 - Globals attribute keywords don't work on redirect pages and link assets when pointing to an asset ID
  • #9483 - Changing Text in a table to a list removed the <td>
  • #8887 - Create Link Trigger Does not work for Target asset set to metadata keyword
  • #10111 - Couple of fixes for Product Assets
  • #10090 - Links report incorrectly reports links within pre tags
  • #9942 - Performance issue is Password Reset Page when accessing password reset page link.
  • #7752 - Remove links trigger action has confusing notes and labels and selecting 1 as root node value doesn't work
  • #8852 - Edit+ - when putting an asset into workflow, workflow message is shown then hidden
  • #10028 - Cloning a design asset failing
  • #9782 - "Rest Response Received" Trigger event not triggered for Form Submission Action "Call Rest Resource"
  • #9832 - Public user missing Details screen field names
  • #9948 - Keyword modifiers not working on
  • #9824 - Matrix loses extensions on long web paths
  • #9447 - Add URL trigger does not save the select context.
  • #9922 - Cloning assets in Edit+ for users with write access only throws errors, breaks screen
  • #9007 - Any remap value is allowed to be entered and when done, can't be deleted
  • #9978 - Sharepoint connector can not connect to NTLM authentication Sharepoint
  • #9958 - Issues running system_update_lookups.php in Oracle system
  • #9972 - Trigger action "Create Design Customisation" displaying incorrect "new customisation name" setting
  • #8656 - setMetadata and setMetadataAllFields incorrectly reports metadata fields as updated when they aren't
  • #9931 - Remove PHP WDDX requirement
  • #9947 - Cache issue when a listing page is nested multiple times with dynamic parameter set
  • #9039 - and for multl-select fields not correct
  • #9900 - export_to_xml.php script better error display when it fails to export file due to permission problem
  • #9728 - Metadata section notes in Edit+ shows 'undefined' strings
  • #9876 - Container Template Edit layout applied, Acquire lock, Commit button don't work
  • #9789 - Export and Import XML tools remove empty lines on content containers
  • #9767 - Permissions that are not selected for Cascade are removed on Clone
  • #9813 - Using 8034 as metadata field default value will throw fatal error when trying to create new asset when cascading the metadata schema
  • #9644 - Workflow approval comment box appearing when it should not in Edit+.
  • #9793 - Removing all linked JS or CSS files from a file folder breaks it
  • #9502 - When layout is set for a specific asset in layout manager, the assetid should be used as notice links instead of saving it as attribute value.

Security Enhancement

  • Security Enhancement #9175: You should not be able to login as a user you don't have write access to

Bug Fixes

  • Bug #8162: Problem with text of options on recurring date field in event asset builder
  • Bug #9187: Single Calendar Event fails to calculate time due to Daylight Saving Time
  • Bug #9347: Have to select a WYSIWYG container twice to activate the Insert Table and Insert Character Viper buttons
  • Bug #9376: Matrix should filter long web paths
  • Bug #9377: Metadata Date fields in Custom Body Copies within Asset Builder use same ids and names if multiple create assets are selected
  • Bug #9400: Fix pagination link styling in Admin interface
  • Bug #9529: 404 not found page and password change page could not translate ./?a=xx Matrix url
  • Bug #9531: Duplicate running "long" cron jobs
  • Bug #9533: Sugar Sync Record Trigger Action throws matrix error when Existing Record ID doesn't existing
  • Bug #9541: Matrix - Ecommerce Promo Code Possible Bug
  • Bug #9560: Edit+ Related Asset metadata extraneous post data
  • Bug #9568: Matrix throwing PHP warning if the Snippets are linked under Site asset (or any non-folder and non-bodycopy assets)
  • Bug #9606: SAML single-sign-out not working
  • Bug #9617: regen_metadata_by_root_nodes.php improvements
  • Bug #9734: Oauth2 authentication with SugarCRM doesn't refresh token properly
  • Bug #9741: SAML Account Manager create user causes error: Asset does not exist
  • Bug #9753: Asset map should URL-decode shadow asset link IDs before they go into the data elements in the HTML

Bug Fixes

  • Bug #7679: Set the default value of the numeric html5 text field to the defined min value for Asset Selections in Asset Listings
  • Bug #8684: Export/ Import XML - Account Manager User Logged In Form content container is removed on import
  • Bug #8689: Chrome can't play large videos served from matrix when they are restricted
  • Bug #8838: Thumbnail Asset Details screen has incorrect label
  • Bug #8840: When in Rollback mode, file assets get an incorrect warning message when editing file with 'Edit File'
  • Bug #9150: Inconsistent Unknown User behavior
  • Bug #9197: asset_urls keyword not returning a true array for single calendar events
  • Bug #9260: Don't enable triggers when creating thesaurus terms
  • Bug #9265: Upcoming event list is not displaying the recurring events in specific condition
  • Bug #9266: JS API updateLink() function unexpectedly updating the link value and type
  • Bug #9272: Missing translation error for asset.workflow.announce.approve in some circumstances
  • Bug #9274: Automatically creating a new user through SAML Account Manager causes database connection imbalance
  • Bug #9285: Attempting to login as a User that is Under Construction throws PHP Warnings.
  • Bug #9290: Setting "Asset Screens" restriction on the User Group for the "Advanced Keyword Match" trigger condition breaks the screen
  • Bug #9306: In some specific condition, upcoming event list will not display the number of events as set in Number of Events to show
  • Bug #9312: Viper insert link plugin fails to active the Save button in Edit+
  • Bug #9322: LDAP entry with missing attributes in the LDAP dir will throw undefined index errors
  • Bug #9325: Error is displayed when attempting to clone the design assets
  • Bug #9326: In the Simple Edit Layout of the Create Form Customisation of the Asset Builder, an empty keyword replacement is returned for the field's ID layout keyword if the field keyword in not used
  • Bug #9335: __data/ Web Path still exists after disabling unrestricted access using set_files_unrestricted.php
  • Bug #9340: Session Handler Unserialize issue.
  • Bug #9390: When adding a non-existent or non-publicly accessible 'Link For The XML Feed' URL in XML Data Source Asset, PHP warnings are shown.
  • Bug #9399: rollback management script reset rollback should not enable rollback if it isn't already enabled
  • Bug #9410: Changing the status on the asset with dependant children will "update" the dependants only
  • Bug #9432: Problem with uploading rar files via Edit+
  • Bug #9446: Asset selector in the Edit Layouts section in Layout manager will contain a reference to deleted assets and displays Unknown Asset.
  • Bug #9469: Redirection problem in Edit+ when Root URLs Requiring Secure Login is set in system configuration.
  • Bug #9471: Problem in cloning the asset when the name and short name field of the asset have more than 255 characters.
  • Bug #9476: Unable to sort, when metadata field is set on Asset Grouping screen on asset listing page
  • Bug #9477: Asset Map within tool popups in Classic WYSIWYG needs to have a set width.
  • Bug #9491: Cant add keyword from Viper toolbar to newly created Asset

Bug Fixes

  • Bug #7212: Expand/collapse icons are sometimes reversed in the asset map
  • Bug #7422: Fix for Online Quiz submission log issue when specifying question pool
  • Bug #8166: In Admin the New Child sub menu in the Asset Map is sometimes placed at the incorrect x pos
  • Bug #8642: Error when cloning custom forms that have "Submission Limit"
  • Bug #8748: Edit+ (JS API) error when importing OpenDocument files
  • Bug #9048: Setting the Default Sort-by Option to Asset Id field value in the Calendar Events Search Page produces Matrix Error
  • Bug #9049: Editing the 'Asset is Tagged' Type Format in an Asset Listing throws Fatal Errors.
  • Bug #9088: Sugar CRM token gets invalidated randomly sometimes
  • Bug #9089: Form's Submission Action displaying "Drag to Reorder" title all over the table, instead of "Reorder" column only
  • Bug #9129: check requirement script error if run before Matrix installed
  • Bug #9143: The script import_asset_csv_to_matrix.php does not encode metadata values
  • Bug #9155: In Edit+, the Image asset Create and Details screen need to have a string change to make it consistent with admin
  • Bug #9157: Form Submission Action - Make SOAP call is fired by any HTTP Verbs besides GET/PUT/PURGE
  • Bug #9158: Edit+ failing to load Asset Finder if the main site is linked to Trash Folder
  • Bug #9171: Matrix allows to change the page status to live with empty mandatory metadata date field.
  • Bug #9201: Viper or Matrix doesn't keep new lines inside <pre> tags in a WYSIWYG
  • Bug #9206: Make get variable parameters on nested assets contextable
  • Bug #9213: Painting Form Submission asset using %question_answer_XX_qYY_file_id% keyword will throw undefined index error
  • Bug #9218: Combo box default parameter boolean  'FALSE' is being converted to ''
  • Bug #9222: CSS Design asset adds two empty tabs at the beginning in ouptut
  • Bug #9227: Online Quiz Multiple Choice Question option 'Use Bodycopy for Question Text?' in Question Text is always being set to Yes after acquiring locks/commiting

Minor Enhancements

  • Minor Enhancement #8861: Git and File Bridge assets should not try and render text based files within the interface.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug #7760: publish_static_content.php is broken with Redis.
  • Bug #8510: Admin mode doesn't handle Squiz Edge ESI well when previewing content container with ESI tag using keywords.
  • Bug #8572: Don't enable triggers when executing trigger_action_set_design_parse_file.
  • Bug #8630: Edit+ Analytics - Selected base URL not being remembered as default.
  • Bug #8780: In Edit+ if user has not first/last name, the current User message is shown as  'Logged in as null null'.
  • Bug #8845: Online quiz question ordering can't match asset tree order.
  • Bug #8876: Linking screen pagination breaks on assets whose links are changing rapidly.
  • Bug #8892: Hitting forward delete in latest Firefox introduces invalid character and breaks commit in Matrix.
  • Bug #8893: Content Container is not storing the attribute based on the global preference default content type.
  • Bug #8895: Undefined offset: 0 error when setting the default field to a decimal number on a select field.
  • Bug #8904: Using a dash (-) in a metadata field name causes it to not display in a Simple Edit Layout.
  • Bug #8917: User with write permission cannot create Online Quiz form.
  • Bug #8940: Matrix getting User Group preferences from the Groups where the User does not belongs.
  • Bug #8951: Cloning a Form Section with customised format bodycopy will throw a fatal error.
  • Bug #8952: Error message contains password.
  • Bug #8969: Custom Form Sections have the incorrect default value for the Customise Format option on Details screen.
  • Bug #8988: The link to the version of matrix no longer works.
  • Bug #9005: Pasting or drag-dropping image into Viper in Admin doesn't let you interact with it.
  • Bug #9012: LDAP Groups load incorrectly with # character.
  • Bug #9029: In FF, pressing Enter after a <li> that has an anchor will split following list items into a new list.
  • Bug #9042: In FF when entering text into a blank WYSIWYG container doesn't automatically create <p> tag.
  • Bug #9047: Viper removes spaces between words and tags that don't have words in them.
  • Bug #9065: Invalid characters pasted into the source view of WYSIWYG can break content.
  • Bug #9084: Inserting a HR directly before an image causes the image to disappear.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug #7674: Password Reset Page - redirect to the page for registered users after an unsuccessful attempt to change the password.
  • Bug #8009: Make installation requirements compatible with usage.
  • Bug #8221: Cascading status from Metadata Schema details page doesn't change status on child assets.
  • Bug #8356: Inconsistencies in the way dependent parent status is extended to children on create.
  • Bug #8619: WYSIWYG (Viper) Search & Replace tool doesn't Find Next item after first item.
  • Bug #8685: Assets with Create Locations no longer carry the Fixed Create Location when exported as xml.
  • Bug #8690: If a user doesn't have at least write access to all the children of an asset, Edit+ won't load the linking screen.
  • Bug #8691: Ecom Cart keywords %product_quantity% and %product_total% not working when accessed via paint layout keyword.
  • Bug #8709: invalid HTML template="--" attribute appearing in containers set to display block.
  • Bug #8716: can not save changes System Config screen for SQ_CONF_SYSTEM_ROOT_URLS, SQ_CONF_SYSTEM_PARENT_DOMAINS and SQ_CONF_FORWARDED_IP_PROXY_LIST.
  • Bug #8718: Typo for "image" in Keywords Dropdown/select box in admin mode for a content container.
  • Bug #8725: show if design area screen cosmetic error if condition is user IP.
  • Bug #8728: Search Folder's getLinks() filters is broken.
  • Bug #8729: Using JS API function getLineageFromUrl() for non-restricted URL always returing NULL for "link_type".
  • Bug #8730: REST interfaces lie about URL field not being set in read only mode.
  • Bug #8734: remove_old_cron_jobs.php script does not run, errors.
  • Bug #8765: Matrix is not supported by SimpleSAML 1.14+ anymore.
  • Bug #8782: Sharepoint Create Record Form Submission Action interface broken.
  • Bug #8787: SAML Account Manager Single Logout fails because confusion of Single Logout Service asset with Assertion Consumer Service asset.
  • Bug #8792: CSS styles nested in a Standard Page breaks the backend interface.
  • Bug #8796: Bug: PHP vomit when nesting asset with paint layout in Upcoming Events Listing.
  • Bug #8810: When any Viper plugins is disabled, the insert link plugin would not show the asset selector icon.
  • Bug #8814: Not found page throws matrix warnings for some global keywords.
  • Bug #8820: Accessing asset's Log screen on leap day throws fatal db error.
  • Bug #8827: Submitting form with _nocache suffix would not submit in asset builder form.
  • Bug #8830: File asset's Edit File screen in rollback mode rendering the file content (js/css/html) in the edit screen output.
  • Bug #8841: Asset attribute "short_name" cannot be updated in News Item asset.
  • Bug #8844: Stream selection in Edit+ doesn't work.
  • Bug #8851: Edit+ Content screen throws JS error when asset is in workflow.
  • Bug #8859: Standard keyword conditions don't work properly when used on paint layouts type formats.
  • Bug #8864: Missing display names for the related asset listing page.
  • Bug #9300: Edit+ reset image dimensions leaves Save button disabled.

Minor Enhancements

  • Minor Enhancement #8477: A script to identify and fix Rollback entries with time gaps

Bug Fixes

  • Bug #7988: Assign User to Group trigger action will remove the other user group in run time
  • Bug #8020: Low bandwidth value for format setting of body design area not valid
  • Bug #8301: Infinite loop in the metadata causing failed memory limit.
  • Bug #8373: Asset listing nested in menu design area has blank root node on HTTP 404 page
  • Bug #8381: Remote Content Page Remote URL help text points to a random domain
  • Bug #8431: ./?a= links not being rewritten in login design
  • Bug #8436: Link age checking feature on purge trash screen only checks exclusive link value
  • Bug #8444: Using Double quotes in Decision Tree's options breaks admin interface
  • Bug #8449: You can create multiple type 1 links to the same asset using createLink in the jsapi
  • Bug #8457: viper insert keyword for asset lineage not working
  • Bug #8464: Page Fails to render on Marketo Get Lead error
  • Bug #8493: Editing details screen of the Form Section's customised format bodycopy container causing infinite loop
  • Bug #8508: Custom Form - File Upload Field Keyword is broken in the Custom Form Action - Make Soap call section
  • Bug #8517: DB conversion script incorrectly converting NULL to empty string in workflow table for 'wflow' field
  • Bug #8547: Cache manager lies about Accelerator Cache Expiry
  • Bug #8549: Cannot delete Section in a Custom Form in Edit+.
  • Bug #8556: further fix to #8198, preserve $_GET URL parameters for SAML login
  • Bug #8557: Iframe in contents causes preview mode to throw JS errors when trying to resize the window in Edit+
  • Bug #8562: Matrix tries to replace keywords incorrectly if ( or ) are in a keyword with container set to disable keywords
  • Bug #8569: Export/Import XML - designs with /?a= links fail to finish correctly
  • Bug #8580: Asset list "Exclude Assets" field won't allow selection of Shadow Asset
  • Bug #8597: purge trash by link age looks at wrong timstamp
  • Bug #8624: Rollback unique violation error when adding multiple links at the same time
  • Bug #8652: If there are no containers on a standard page, you can't create any, in Edit+
  • Bug #8655: Metadata screen in Edit+ only shows the 1st schema heading
  • Bug #8663: Asset log screen not showing "Link Create" and "Link Delete" log types
  • Bug #8671: Can't clear root node specific root node selections on cache manager
  • Bug #8673: asset builder re-populate fields in creation process would convert some charactors to html entity unnecessarily
  • Bug #8679: invalid html in admin interface: data-id"'.$asset->id.'"
  • Bug #8697: linking screen error Undefined offset: 0 when you view children linking

Minor Enhancements

  • Minor Enhancement #8317: Update Viper in 5.2 to use latest code and styles from master branch

Bug Fixes

  • Bug #7757: Import Bulkmail Users Tool fails when CSV file has '&' in its name
  • Bug #7899: Export - Import Assets from xml not applying workflow schema to assets
  • Bug 7966: Pagination not working in Preview mode
  • Bug #8002: automatically add remaps cannot be disabled
  • Bug #8254: Editing links in IE9 breaks Edit+ interface
  • Bug #8261: Broken Links Report - Ignore links in HTML comments
  • Bug #8263: Broken Links Report - Allow anchor for PDF files
  • Bug #8273: %asset_sibling_prev% and %asset_sibling_next% only show TYPE_1 links, should show TYPE_1 and TYPE_2.
  • Bug #8290: Links in workflow log on workflow screen opens admin screens up within the editing frame incorrectly
  • Bug #8297: Safe edit warning message doesn't disappear after changing status in Edit+
  • Bug #8298: Metadata Selection Field - Checkbox - Option Key doesn't allow 0 value
  • Bug #8302: Setting future status on recurring event asset in Edit+ creates 2 future status jobs
  • Bug #8308: Related Asset Metadata field doesn't disable the use default button
  • Bug #8321: system_integrity_fix_sort_orders.php script should include Type 3 links
  • Bug #8331: File::getContent() not handling safe edit mode
  • Bug #8335: Invalid global keyword %globals_asset_contents:XXX% throwing error
  • Bug #8359: question_group_xyz_score_category_supplement_text not working
  • Bug #8400: Custom form performance problem
  • Bug #8403: Custom Form Select Question does not perform Empty option validation when set to Multiple
  • Bug #8404: Custom Form Text Contains Validation Rule on Select question throws PHP warning
  • Bug #8421: Section and article block element missing from Edit+ on content container properties
  • Bug #8430: system_integrity_fix_duplicate_rollback_entries.php not fixing the duplicate entries with "opened" sq_eff_to field
  • Bug #8433: SAML Account Manager failing to redirect properly
  • Bug #8437: Update note on purge trash screen to reflect link age only checking the first trash link's age
  • Bug #8463: Release Locks button in Edit screen with classic WYSIWYG throwing JS error in IE
  • Bug #8466: Metadata thesaurus tags disappear from list after you add any
  • Minor Security Enhancement #8239: Asset map to mask asset names the user doesn't have read access to

Bug Fixes

  • Bug #6812: Classic WYSIWYG's "Replace Text" plugin fooled when a custom font is applied to the bullet/number
  • Bug #8184: Word file search index
  • Bug #6209: Minor WYSIWYG Bug in FF where cursor moves to the top after a sentance
  • Bug #8307: Duplicate keyword is added on keyword select box in online quiz asset
  • Bug #8300: The 'src' attribute of the 'iframe' html entity is stripped form wysiwyg containers when you acquire locks on the asset
  • Bug #8299: installation step 3 of a fresh Matrix sometime triggers php warning "" is not a valid value for attribute "selection"
  • Bug #8288: Invalid %globals_asset_contents% keyword throwing PHP notice
  • Bug #8284: Trailing slash redirect disabled with query string
  • Bug #8279: Image upload button in Viper on FF doesn't open if popups are blocked
  • Bug #8262: Image mouse selection in WYSIWYG containers does not work as expected in IE 8,9 and 10.
  • Bug #8258: IE8 Editplus JS error when a page has a nested div in it
  • Bug #8250: In Edit+ 'All Day' 'Single Calendar Events' end date is always set to todays date on Save
  • Bug #8247: SOAP Submission Action will be failed silently if the field is too large
  • Bug #8246: "asset_metadata_" keyword in the Logical Condition of Asset Conditions does not save additional value
  • Bug #8238: If there are multiple URLs in a HTTP_Request attribute using OAuth 1 authorization, the second and subsequent URLs get multiple Authorization headers
  • Bug #8234: Send Email Form Action throws JS errors on commit
  • Bug #8225: Database not restored properly when asset is deleted
  • Bug #8222: SAML Account Manager error entry_asset index undefined
  • Bug #8220: Online Quiz - question order not being randomised
  • Bug #8215: Sugar CRM token "You do not have write permission to save the Access Token"
  • Bug #8212: Big bottom margin at the end of edit section in edit+ on metadata details page
  • Bug #8208: Incorrect changes made warning when contents haven't changed
  • Bug #8198: SAML Account manager needs to be able to handle GET parameters for redirect url
  • Bug #8195: Errors cloning assets
  • Bug #8192: Set Metadata Trigger Action with Asset Metadata Updated Event causes Matrix Timeout (endless loop)
  • Bug #8161: Pressing backspace in WYSIWYG content not triggering "save" button in <= IE10
  • Bug #8159: Setting default value on metadata select field can sometimes be incorrect
  • Bug #6993: Update Custom Form "Upload Youtube Submission Action Section" to use OAuth 2.0
  • Bug #5334: Hide commit button when editing HTML in WYS
  • Feature #7374: Provide cURL error code on _REST object for failed requests.
  • Feature #7817: Enable ability to create children of an asset in workflow.
  • Feature #7993: Edit+ Asset Creator - file asset creation unsuccessful message needs to be more clear.
  • Feature #8092: Metadata Screen inputs out of visible space.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #6810: Dynamic stream selection not recognising a future status change.
  • Fixed Bug #6896: Public user should ignore cascaded status changes.
  • Fixed Bug #6958: Click on an external link to a Word Document on Preview screen cause Edit+ to freeze.
  • Fixed Bug #7075: Certain window and content heights prevent you from scrolling all the way down with Viper.
  • Fixed Bug #7279: Image asset order locked on Edit+ linking screen, when one of images is set as thumbnail.
  • Fixed Bug #7336: Escaped HTML entities in metadata field description breaking the Edit+ metadata screen.
  • Fixed Bug #7415: Edit+ preview should respect links that are set to open in new windows.
  • Fixed Bug #7477: If you hold locks on assets, then visit the same asset in rollback mode, the Release Locks button is shown
  • Fixed Bug #7630: Table properties editor in classic WYSIWYG doesn't render images.
  • Fixed Bug #7635: Trailing newline at end of root URLs config setting causes sq_web_path function to break.
  • Fixed Bug #7676: #Edit+: Links Screen slightly broken when "Move to Trash" clicked from Contents Screen.
  • Fixed Bug #7693: Cloning, linking and creating assets using the asset map needs to be consistent.
  • Fixed Bug #7713: Cannot remove aribitraray paint layout set in nested content container.
  • Fixed Bug #7886: Assign user to user group trigger action forgets about existing parent groups when listen to Trigger event SAML login.
  • Fixed Bug #7908: When you first enable display conditions on a container, switching to preview mode after save doesn't show you conditions preview tools.
  • Fixed Bug #7947: Image Plugin in Edit+ has several issues in News Items and Calendar events.
  • Fixed Bug #7959: Open in new window function for Viper fails to load and throws JS errors.
  • Fixed Bug #7976: WYSIWYG metadata field 'Use Default' checkbox in Edit+ is activating Viper.
  • Fixed Bug #7978: If Trash purge the root node id is 20+ chars, or alpha PHP fatal error is shown.
  • Fixed Bug #7979: Incorrect Comment in code for public function getWebDataPath() in asset.inc.
  • Fixed Bug #8010: container property contextable.
  • Fixed Bug #8047: TRIM Connector showing false negative "Not connected" status.
  • Fixed Bug #8053: Account Manager Page fails to set user status after email validation.
  • Fixed Bug #8062: TRIM and Sharepoint stops logging last SOAP request / response in the log in case of error if NTLM authentication is used.
  • Fixed Bug #8063: Permissions grant log message is completely wrong.
  • Fixed Bug #8066: Selecting Thesaurus terms via the Metadata Screen while in Edit+ is broken.
  • Fixed Bug #8074: tax_name bug on Ecommerce checkout page keyword replacement.
  • Fixed Bug #8077: PayPal Payflow Pro payment gateway default bodycopy content has invalid keyword "transaction_gst"
  • Fixed Bug #8083: In Edit+ the Save button retains a glow after clicked.
  • Fixed Bug #8087: Snippets keywords don't work in simple edit layouts.
  • Fixed Bug #8088: Globals user metadata keywords don't work in simple edit layout.
  • Fixed Bug #8089: Metadata on LDAP users retrieved via JS API comes with extra unexpected escaping.
  • Fixed Bug #8090: Error with question_answer_qxx_yy_file_id keyword.
  • Fixed Bug #8114: system_integrity_fix_char_encoding.php script not handling the serialised data within the serialised data.
  • Fixed Bug #8124: Cache Manager Root Node Specific Asset Field.
  • Fixed Bug #8128: Meta redirect tags in content can cause page redirection in _admin interface.
  • Fixed Bug #8138: Issue when Matrix merges the Asset Map root node user preference for the user belongs multiple groups.
  • Fixed Bug #8141: Incorrect required metadata fields warning on wysiwyg fields.
  • Fixed Bug #8143: SOAP response keyword can not print SOAP response that is a straight value.
  • Fixed Bug #8151: Empty WYSIWYG message in Edit+ editor is missing.
  • Fixed Bug #8158: RSS Data Source should use cURL instead of fopen()/fsockopen() to fetch.
  • Fixed Bug #8167: File assets missing URL remap section interface in the web path screen.
  • Fixed Bug #8168: Select Field Options Bug (Firefox).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #8078: Installation step 3 fail with error Attribute "name" not found for Asset "" (#0).

Security Enhancements

  • Minor security enhancements.

Bug Fixes

  • Minor security enhancements.
  • Fixed Bug #8050: Undefined index when accessing log screen.
  • Feature #5430: SOAP API Workflow Commenting
  • Feature #7467: Better IO Load on Log Rotation
  • Feature #7657: Wider Name and Short Name Fields on Calendar Search Page Asset
  • Feature #7887: SOAP Available Functions Listed Alphabetically
  • Feature #7963: Wider Workflow Schema Name Fields
  • Feature #7999: Matrix Logs Rollback Being Enabled/Disabled
  • Feature #8016: Performance Fix for Rendering Menu Design Areas When Roles System is Used

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #5759: .
  • Fixed Bug #6456: When zoom is reduced below 100% in Asset Finder, columns with a scrollbar start becoming too thin for their contents due to the scrollbar not changing in size.
  • Fixed Bug #6899: Avoid unnecessary error entries on request for SQ_ACTION=send_security_key.
  • Fixed Bug #6926: Better handle non-UTF8 responses in LDAP replies.
  • Fixed Bug #7582: Input fields are display as editable when acquire lock is set on metadata schema details page.
  • Fixed Bug #7688: Edit+ Preview Mode Show Diff incorrectly enabled.
  • Fixed Bug #7723: Disabled attribute on optional file input fields break Custom Form.
  • Fixed Bug #7835: Bulk File Import tool - restricts caption to 255 characters.
  • Fixed Bug #7859: Export/Import of Online poll does not correctly update Current Question Asset Picker.
  • Fixed Bug #7861: Typing assetid in trash purge screen.
  • Fixed Bug #7874: Metadata Schema Details: subsequent New Restriction 'Inherit' label points to first checkbox.
  • Fixed Bug #7893: Merging user group's "Bodycopy Container Preferences" preference throwing undefined index errors.
  • Fixed Bug #7895: .
  • Fixed Bug #7897: Display matrix error message and warning message when try to set the future permission on the permission screen.
  • Fixed Bug #7905: Workflow comment message will not be saved if at least one condition will be auto approved.
  • Fixed Bug #7909: Saving conditions and properties on content containers make them lose their changes.
  • Fixed Bug #7916: Configuring JS in external tools reports incorrectly.
  • Fixed Bug #7933: Design Template made SAML Account Manager unable to generate the valid SAML Service Provider Metadata.
  • Fixed Bug #7944: Creating new Country form field in Edit+ on Custom Form throws JS error.
  • Fixed Bug #7949: WYSIWYG metadata field in Edit+ styling slightly broken.
  • Fixed Bug #7950: When creating a new image using asset creation wizard in Edit+, toggling on Yes for decorative image clears the text field but does not disable the text field.
  • Fixed Bug #7951: Asset Creation Wizard in Edit+ shows the type code instead of the friendly name when creating assets for certain types.
  • Fixed Bug #7961: Preview in Edit+ adds unecessary horizontal scrollbar.
  • Fixed Bug #7962: Search Page printing the result page with form tags.
  • Fixed Bug #7964: 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 - User Group Name input field needs to be wider.
  • Fixed Bug #7970: Trigger 'folders' cannot be deleted, HIPO job stalls.
  • Fixed Bug #7974: 5.1, 5.2 Trigger log messages are missing asset reference.
  • Fixed Bug #8005: Related Asset Listing page is missing asset type.
  • Fixed Bug #8041: .
  • Fixed Bug #8044: When a JS API batch request contains an invalid asset ID, the resulting output is blank.
  • Feature #4267: Ability to Clear Votes in the Online Poll Asset.
  • Feature #7827: Workflow for Users in a User Groups for Session.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #7595: Scheduled Jobs Manager: Viewing repeating jobs doesn't show the repeat period unit.
  • Fixed Bug #7808: Custom Form keyword doesn't print errors for required questions.
  • Fixed Bug #7832: Creating Upcoming Events Page throwing error with a default metadata value of .
  • Fixed Bug #7879: Inserting images in Viper throws JS error.
  • Feature #6385: Dynamic workflow only accepts single value ID.
  • Feature #7321: Include detail in error.log for LDAP lookup failures.
  • Feature #7641: File_id keyword should work with question_answer keyword.
  • Feature #7698: Sort the form submission action list alphabetically.
  • Feature #7699: Make global keywords work on the TRIM form submission action.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #6826: Workflow keywords are treated as invalid when not in workflow.
  • Fixed Bug #7228: SAML Account Manager cannot Sync/Populate the User Attributes if the User Type is Morph.
  • Fixed Bug #7329: Global keywords in standard pages get evaluated on customisation rather than page when in /_login.
  • Fixed Bug #7540: Simple Edit Screen for metadata has 'Use Default' option for WYSIWYG when showing via the individual keywords.
  • Fixed Bug #7652: Custom Form - Step Action did not fire if the right sequence if there is any question unattached to any section.
  • Fixed Bug #7663: Viper ideas to be included in Matrix for & 
  • Fixed Bug #7675: #7559 follow up for 5.2.
  • Fixed Bug #7677: Using an arbitrary Paint Layout on nested content container doesn't allow you to clear it and also breaks edit+.
  • Fixed Bug #7678: Form Submission Actions td has an unwanted border.
  • Fixed Bug #7682: metadata date field is printing date even though it is empty.
  • Fixed Bug #7691: Viper causes matrix php warnings when embedding image varieties.
  • Fixed Bug #7692: Cloning assets in Edit+ throws incorrect dependent asset error.
  • Fixed Bug #7697: Custom form - File upload question - Uploaded File Size rule.
  • Fixed Bug #7704: Call REST Resource Trigger Action Validation Rule options are still enabled when locks aren't held on the trigger.
  • Fixed Bug #7707: Web path screen displays no content.
  • Fixed Bug #7711: Creating a Calendar Page with metadata schema applied (cascading from parent) throwing DB error.
  • Fixed Bug #7712: Undefined variable: s in design customisation.
  • Fixed Bug #7714: Hit Count Listing page throwing fatal error when using "Empty result" result option for "If dynamic root not found".
  • Fixed Bug #7718: Memcache Session Handler doesn't respect comrpession threshold settings, possibly should not use compression at all.
  • Fixed Bug #7722: Metadata field name validation needs improvement.
  • Fixed Bug #7747: Morph Asset Trigger action - no 'Simple Edit User' option in "Morph from Type" select field.
  • Feature #5540: Global keywords support in REST Response trigger condition
  • Feature #5604: Prevent metadata fields being created with problematic characters in the field name
  • Feature #5723: Trashing an asset using linking screen needs better labels and notes
  • Feature #5952: Add a default value of %asset_attribute_price% to the Price Source field in the Ecommerce Form Page
  • Feature #6001: html_forms.js is included once for each item when using asset selections on an asset listing
  • Feature #6037: Ability to re-order form submission actions
  • Feature #7480: Change default setting for Perform Roles Check to "No" on Search Page based assets
  • Feature #7583: Improve styles and layout on the data source record set details screen
  • Feature #7585: Add htmlentities keyword modifier
  • Feature #7592: Keyword - Return the Last nth Characters
  • Feature #7598: Allow Form Submission Action - Make  SOAP Call to have a custom log

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #7119: Hit count listing page does not include root asset in listing results.
  • Fixed Bug #7227: SAML Account Manager Populate/Sync User Attributes Setting will lost if Matrix User to Create is changed.
  • Fixed Bug #7525: keyword in Search Page Asset throws error.
  • Fixed Bug #7529: Interface Mode condition in triggers firing PHP notices when no locks are held on the trigger.
  • Fixed Bug #7548: .
  • Fixed Bug #7584: Sharepoint Saved Search triggers sync when screen is committed.
  • Fixed Bug #7591: Client side Validation in custom forms for tickboxes has syntax error.
  • Fixed Bug #7593: Calender Page throwing fatal db error for the Recurring Event asset with some specific setting.
  • Fixed Bug #7597: Contenteditable attribute to be removed.
  • Fixed Bug #7599: Asset Counter Report does not generate report, throws php warning instead.
  • Fixed Bug #7624: Export and Import assets from XML tool doesn't retain Simple Edit Layout metadata keywords.
  • Fixed Bug #7627: getLineageFromUrl not returning lineages for __data URLs from Web Folders.
  • Fixed Bug #7631: Asset map sometimes collapses after actions within the main frame.
  • Fixed Bug #7632: After saving changes in Edit+ you are scrolled back to the top.
  • Fixed Bug #7642: Cache Manager Permission Level Caching setting not working. Clarifying Caching Levels settings.
  • Fixed Bug #7643: Cloning a Custom Form asset unnecessarily loading its Submission assets.
  • Fixed Bug #7651: If an asset in a lineage also has a NOTICE link to its parent asset, using Binoculars will try to open the Asset Map to sort order -1.
  • Fixed Bug #7661: Adding extra attribute values on the extras field for text fields causes invalid HTML.
  • Feature #5795: Call REST Resource: Keyword Support in Validation Rule
  • Feature #7461: New Keywords for Next and Previous Sibling Assets
  • Feature #7507: New E-Commerce Keywords for Price Excluding Tax
  • Feature #7521: Reverse Keyword Modifier
  • Feature #7546: Assets Per Page Input Field Enhancement
  • Feature #7554: Expand Asset Map When Binoculars Selected on an Asset
  • Feature #7556: E-Commerce: New %transaction_response% Keyword Replacement

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #7535: Payment Express Gateway (DSP) - Additional custom fields missing MerchantReference field.
  • Fixed Bug #7557: Wrong display on the Current Selective Email Rules.
  • Fixed Bug #7564: Google Analytics: with more than a few goals, the Goals screens break.
  • Fixed Bug #7566: Cannot delete the items in the 'Results Fields' field in TRIM Saved Search.
  • Fixed Bug #7570: Logs screen throws 'File Not Found' notices on fresh 5.2+ systems.
  • Fixed Bug #7576: Related Asset Listing page is missing various labels and notes.
  • Feature #5738: Change the way that the Calendar Page link is used.
  • Feature #6781: Strip trailing slash redirects should honour cache config.
  • Feature #6789: The default value of "If dynamic root not found" on listing assets needs to be changed.
  • Feature #6877: Links report: IDs are not recognised as anchors.
  • Feature #7032: SAML login via nesting Account Manager into login design fails with redirect on login.
  • Feature #7330: Keyword to print the ID of all user groups the user is a member of.
  • Feature #7342: SOAP API File Retrieval Enhancement.
  • Feature #7391: Keyword to print assets parent &lineage asset ids.
  • Feature #7405: replace_keywords fails on two Ecom Cart asset specific keywords.
  • Feature #7440: Ability to disable cascading option for metadata fields.
  • Feature #7446: Details screen not rendering after Export Assets as XML has been run.
  • Feature #7451: Custom form response keyword needs asset id option.
  • Feature #7459: Trigger events to fire when a workflow conditions is matched.
  • Feature #7495: Whats New asset missing "If dynamic root node not found" option.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #6373: Online Quiz submits User Details Form - Select field with html text instead of text in 'value' attribute.
  • Fixed Bug #6710: SAML Account Manager Asset will not accept some keyword modifiers in the Return Location URL field.
  • Fixed Bug #7064: Spaces in directory names cause Bulk File Import to silently fail.
  • Fixed Bug #7076: Accessible CAPTCHA email confirmation needs to handle invalid links.
  • Fixed Bug #7267: Paint Layout Asset Type lists should be filtered to only show Assets that can be used.
  • Fixed Bug #7418: sync to Sugar CRM record trigger action should use the trigger firing user asset as the target user to sync, instead of using global current user.
  • Fixed Bug #7433: Import of assets by XML overwriting contents of JS File with same name.
  • Fixed Bug #7434: %global_asset_contents*% keyword not working on the REST call trigger action body.
  • Fixed Bug #7437: Incorrect label for asset type in keyword drop down list.
  • Fixed Bug #7439: Asset listing type list doesn't include parent asset types.
  • Fixed Bug #7447: Invalid Matrix asset ID link in rollback mode throwing fatal error.
  • Fixed Bug #7472: "preg_match" keyword modifier outputting numerical values for empty "success"/"failure" string.
  • Fixed Bug #7473: Index page asset doesn't always include data from Site URL path in Analytics for Edit+ when an index page for multiple sites.
  • Fixed Bug #7476: Several issues with context configuration.
  • Fixed Bug #7482: Join User Group For Session trigger won't work with Squiz Server.
  • Fixed Bug #7487: Importing Design file from XML gives "unauthorised file path" error.
  • Feature #5263: Automatically logging users into Matrix during the account creation phase.
  • Feature #6135: Improvements to JS/CSS File Folders.
  • Feature #7127: Urban Airship Trigger Action needs to be updated to comply with their API v3.
  • Feature #7202: Payment Express Gateway (DPS) - Additional Custom Fields.
  • Feature #7267: Paint Layout Asset Type lists should be filtered to only show Assets that can be used.
  • Feature #7328: Add support for keyword modifiers in Ecom Delivery Method and Ecom Cart.
  • Feature #7357: allow decision tree question's "question destination" attribute to be used by keyword.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #7093: Thesaurus Terms broadcast a broken event when creating under other terms.
  • Fixed Bug #7300: Support UTF-16 conversion for JSON data source feed.
  • Fixed Bug #7318: Missing checkbox icons in asset linking screen and few other places.
  • Fixed Bug #7322: All emails become invalid after PHP upgrade to 5.4.
  • Fixed Bug #7323: Conditional keywords break in safe edit when nested into design for users with read access.
  • Fixed Bug #7326: Bulk mailer cron sending duplicate emails for same bulkmail job.
  • Fixed Bug #7337: Metadata field notes misaligned in Edit+.
  • Fixed Bug #7338: Calendar search pages printing weird stuff when 1050 keyword is used.
  • Fixed Bug #7350: Drag and drop to change form field order in Edit+ not working.
  • Fixed Bug #7355: Selecting "no default selection" on radio button field in custom form in edit+ actually selects first option as default.
  • Fixed Bug #7360: PHP error if you set a standard page asset as another page's thumbnail.
  • Fixed Bug #7368: Can't change Link type values from Linking 'Linked children' screen.
  • Fixed Bug #7377: Oauth 2 token should not redirect user to login when it found its stored token has expired, it should just trigger an error.
  • Fixed Bug #7378: Asset Listing - Asset Type listing including all the system assets.
  • Fixed Bug #7379: Edit+ Go To Metadata Screen button not working.
  • Fixed Bug #7383: Enable keyword modifiers for Online Quiz asset.
  • Fixed Bug #7385: Edit+ wrongly claiming assets are dependant in Asset Creation Wizard.
  • Feature #712: Admin Mode: Checkbox UI Design Enhancement
  • Feature #5897: Edit+ for Squiz Matrix: Improved Asset Location  Error Handling
  • Feature #6240: Edit+ for Squiz Matrix: Submissions Limit Options in Custom Form
  • Feature #7101: Test Mode for Ad-Hoc Bulkmail Jobs
  • Feature #7175: Create Test-Based File Types Without Requiring a File Upload
  • Feature #7209: New Keyword Modifier to Return Array Data for a JSON String 
  • Feature #7245: Convert to UTF-8 on Application/JSON Content Type

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #6847: Accurate root URL selection.
  • Fixed Bug #7134: The slide button in Edit+ popup image plugin should be activated by single click, as opposed to the current double click.
  • Fixed Bug #7162: PL Translation for Responsive tool.
  • Fixed Bug #7168: Go To Linking Screen button doesn't add tree_id for file assets.
  • Fixed Bug #7215: Unrestricted file URL (__data) getting cascaded to children unexpectedly.
  • Fixed Bug #7229: Workflows with multiple streams choosing incorrect stream in Edit+.
  • Fixed Bug #7250: Merging session expiry user preferences setting throwing undefined index errors.
  • Fixed Bug #7262: Calendar search asset fuzzy logic is broken.
  • Fixed Bug #7265: Asset updated trigger event fires twice when updating image asset.
  • Fixed Bug #7269: Stop possibility of non-well-formed HTML breaking the WYSIWYG content type.
  • Fixed Bug #7270: Form reCAPTCHA validation options showing "invalid captcha" error even when form is refreshed.
  • Fixed Bug #7271: .
  • Fixed Bug #7272: reCAPTCHA does not respect Matrix proxy settings.
  • Fixed Bug #7273: Morph asset trigger action Morph From and To type code is missing code types.
  • Fixed Bug #7288: Cache header no longer sent for assets if current user is not Public User, and Public User Only setting is OFF.
  • Fixed Bug #7289: Asset listing grouping by keyword not working in Matrix 5.2.
  • Feature #6835: Links Report Clean-Up
  • Feature #6917: Thesaurus: Interface Enhancement
  • Feature #6921: Keywords in Create/Update Link Trigger Link Value
  • Feature #6943: JavaScript API: Enhancement to getAssetTree() Function
  • Feature #6978: Trigger Manager: assetExists() Implemented
  • Feature #7078: Password Reset Interface Refined
  • Feature #7112: New Keywords for Asset Created By, Updated By, Published By, and Status Changed By
  • Feature #7135: Links Report Asset: Use cURL to Verify External Links
  • Feature #7149: Main.inc: SQ_CONF_FUNNELBACK_INDEXING_USER
  • Feature #7187: Performance Enhancement: SQ_CONF_NUM_DATA_DIRS Value Increased
  • Feature #7190: No Password Prompt on Matrix Backend Scripts

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #6012: LDAP Bridge seems to be broken when expanding groups that defines its members.
  • Fixed Bug #6730: HIPO configuration screen text inputs width is cutting off text.
  • Fixed Bug #6761: Items that cannot be deleted via Asset Contents Screen can be deleted directly from the Asset Map.
  • Fixed Bug #6996: Redis database option doesn't work.
  • Fixed Bug #7099: User asset status not cascading Live status change when user logs in.
  • Fixed Bug #7106: Some JS API functions don't have "Set all to" button.
  • Fixed Bug #7131: Link Types setting appears twice in Asset Listing details screen.
  • Fixed Bug #7141: Incorrect case sensitivity in LDAP attribute setup screen.
  • Fixed Bug #7144: Search Manager won't save new white list values.
  • Fixed Bug #7148: Select Form Question details truncating the POST request if number of options are more than 324
  • Fixed Bug #7150: Assigning search field to target news item summary or body produces WYSIWYG on front end.
  • Fixed Bug #7151: Interface breaks after creating MS Word asset.
  • Fixed Bug #7155: Re-order content containers styling broken in Edit+.
  • Fixed Bug #7161: Hint for morphing a user asset.
  • Fixed Bug #7163: IE8 - Cannot save changes in Edit+.
  • Fixed Bug #7167: You are able to open multiple Trash Asset confirmation prompts by pressing delete on Keyboard.
  • Fixed Bug #7177: Links Report needs to set the user agent info when doing curl.
  • Fixed Bug #7189: Order summary and XML stored as html encoded value in E commerce Order asset.
  • Fixed Bug #7196: Nest Content: When paint layout (or dynamic or GET param) settings change, not all contexted content files are updated.
  • Fixed Bug #7198: Trigger Folder Details screen just throws an error.
  • Fixed Bug #7199: undefined method getSpecialPage().
  • Feature #5816: Calendar Page: Clean Up JavaScript
  • Feature #7047: WYSIWYG Warning for Embedded JS
  • Feature #7088: Edit+ Editor: New Show in Menu Option for Insert Image Tool

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #5443: Replace Antiword for processing contents of Word 2007+ documents.
  • Fixed Bug #6563: Calendar page - only week and day views issue.
  • Fixed Bug #6819: Asset Map sometimes displays the tree multiple times.
  • Fixed Bug #6975: Table Properties tool in WYSIWYG doesn't show table structure.
  • Fixed Bug #6981: LDAP Bridge "Group Name" method of defining OU parents doesn't work if not set to "ou".
  • Fixed Bug #7038: LDAP users linked into user groups under Sys Admin group do not get proper permissions.
  • Fixed Bug #7080: Dynamic asset type picker tool has misaligned buttons.
  • Fixed Bug #7082: Keyword modifiers incorrectly evaluated via keyword on Search Pages.
  • Fixed Bug #7100: Details screen disabled in Edit+ on Pending Approval after switching tabs.
  • Fixed Bug #7107: Custom Form export import issue with Receipt Recipient Question.
  • Fixed Bug #7108: Import/Export screen on parse files broken.
  • Fixed Bug #7109: Adding multiple asset restrictions to metadata sections restricts it incorrectly.
  • Feature #5524: Recurring Event Instance Keywords Usage Extended
  • Feature #5719: NTLM Auth Support for Matrix SOAP, TRIM and SharePoint Integration Assets
  • Feature #6329: Produce Output with Misconfigured Matrix Cache
  • Feature #6751: Product Status and Permissions Respected in Shopping Cart
  • Feature #6970: New Set Permission Function in JS API
  • Feature #6900: Metadata Field Linking Enhancement
  • Feature #6928: Custom Form: Update Next and Previous Page Notes Improved in Edit+
  • Feature #7016: Custom Form: Submit and Reset Button Default Values
  • Feature #7045: Use html5 Placeholder Attribute for Inputs in Admin Mode
  • Feature #7063: Asset Builder: New Enforce User Login Setting

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #6524: script/morph_assets.php returns differently in the simulation mode and the non-simulation mode
  • Fixed Bug #6864: Asset Builder validation always fails for Events with Start Date set as required
  • Fixed Bug #6869: Paint Layout - Add Custom Asset Type list - Form exists twice in the list
  • Fixed Bug #6955: Recursive keyword protection for ^replace_keywords
  • Fixed Bug #6966: Image variety lookup errors say they are due to deleting lookups when failures occur while inserting lookups
  • Fixed Bug #6970: "FIXME: Unknown toolbar item: addsnippetkeyword" when creating new DIV in WYSIWYG editor
  • Fixed Bug #6972: WYSIWYG Available Keywords drop-down disappears after commit
  • Fixed Bug #6982: Issue when extracting image metadata using Exiftool if the metadata contains invalid chars
  • Fixed Bug #6991: When JS API errors with a json_encode issue, the response is still added to the end in error
  • Fixed Bug #6995: JSON data source asset caching the result if access multiple times in same process
  • Fixed Bug #7013: Reason phrases should not be matched in Broken Links Report
  • Fixed Bug #7014: Broken Links Report: Redirect Pages with leading spaces report missing protocol
  • Fixed Bug #7015: Broken Links Report does not understand 303 response code
  • Fixed Bug #7018: Design Menu Area Sub area can not be customised in more than 1 Design Customisation
  • Fixed Bug #7021: Physical File from File Bridge breaks when printed to public and cache header is enabled
  • Fixed Bug #7023: Design menu area still prints links despite permission denied
  • Fixed Bug #7033: Fix colour contrast AA fail in top black header in Admin Mode
  • Fixed Bug #7036: Asset map popup text replacement
  • Fixed Bug #7037: LDAP Bridge does not handles dn with colon ":" char
  • Fixed Bug #7041: Import/Export XML - Issues with Custom Form and the new Email Attachments
  • Fixed Bug #7043: Export/Import XML - Calendar Search Page not importing as expected
  • Fixed Bug #7054: Auto remaps getting generated for Image Varieties despite of "Add Auto Remaps" option disabled
  • Fixed Bug #7066: Listing Page sorting by Select metadata field not respecting raw/presentation value option
  • Fixed Bug #7070: Missing translations in asset map status popup
  • Fixed Bug #7071: Metadata WYSIWYG note misaligned in Edit+
  • Fixed Bug #7073: Insert Table plugin (and maybe others) don't work in classic WYSIWYG

Updated Edit+ Installation
The Standard Page Edit+ nester configuration for Edit+ has slightly changed for this version. Please refer to the installation guide for more information.

New Features

  • Feature #989: Metadata Select Field Enhancements
    This feature introduces enhancements to the Details screen of the Metadata Select Field, allowing you to more easily set and configure the available options.

    Previously, adding options to a select field was done via the New Options field. This functionality has now been incorporated into the Select Field Options list, allowing you to quickly add an option directly to your existing list of options, without having to click the Commit button.

    Options can now also be re-ordered with ease by simply dragging and dropping your existing options to their desired location in your options list. 
  • Feature #1279: Resize the Asset Map 
    This feature introduces new functionality allowing you to drag to resize the asset map, right in the Admin Interface.

    To resize the asset map, users need to just hover over the bar to the right of the asset map, click and drag across to either decrease or increase the asset map's width. Can't get much more simple than that!

    Dragging the asset map completely to the left of the screen will hide the asset map, in a similar manner to existing functionality (clicking the arrow).

    Additionally, Matrix will store your set asset map width in your browser's local storage so that it will be retained the next time you log into your system.The Asset Map Width global preferences will now act as the minimum allowable width for the asset map. Users will not be able to decrease the size of the asset map past this value (other than when hiding the asset map).   
  • Feature #2194: Link Type Indicator in the Asset Finder
  • Feature #2443: Edit+ WYSIWYG Upload Image Tool  
    Previously in Matrix when creating new content, you would have to upload any images to use as a separate task to the content editing experience. For example in Admin Mode, you needed to add a new image asset as a completely separate process. Only once it was created as an asset could you then incorporate it into the content using the insert image tool in the WYSIWYG.

    This Insert Image tool in the Edit+ WYSIWYG now has the image uploading process built into it. This means that you never have to leave the content editing screen to upload and use images. You can simply select an image to upload, choose a location in Matrix to create it under, upload to Matrix, and continue content editing, all through the Insert Image plugin. 
  • Feature #2676: Edit+ for Squiz Matrix: Asset Cloning   
    A new Clone Asset tool has been added to the Asset Creation Wizard within Edit+ for Squiz Matrix, allowing you to clone an existing asset within your system.

    The Clone Existing Asset button will be displayed when first opening the Asset Creation Wizard, and will display additional asset cloning options when clicked.

    The Clone Asset tool works in a similar manner to cloning assets within the Administration interface, allowing you to specify the asset to clone, enter a name for the cloned asset and the location where the asset will be cloned. 
  • Feature #2977: Purge Trash Tool Enhancements 
    The Purge Trash tool in Squiz Matrix allows you to remove the assets on your system that are currently in the trash.

    This feature introduces a new field to purge assets based on their age, as well as new scheduling options.

    The Link Age field allows you to specify a time period value. If this field is set, when a user selects to purge the trash and clicks Commit, only links in the trash that are older than the specified time period will be purged.

    Additionally, a new Purge Trash Job Scheduling section has been added on the Purge Trash screen, allowing users to set a scheduled job for purging trash, where you can also specify the root nodes and/or link ages to purge. 
  • Feature #3199: Preview Screen: Responsive Screen Width 
    This feature introduces a new global preference to set pre-defined screen sizes for users when viewing the front-end of an asset on the Preview screen.

    This tool is useful when creating sites with responsive designs, allowing you to create and preview your asset in a variety of different device screen sizes.

    Preview Screen Sizes can be configured by defining the width and height of the screen. These configured screen sizes will then be available for selection on the Preview screen for users via a new Screen Size field. A default screen size can also be set.

    When a user selects a screen size from the available list, the asset preview will reflect the selected configuration, as displayed below. 
  • Feature #3757: Improved Format for Downloaded Logs
  • Feature #3992: Edit+ for Squiz Matrix: Scroll to Error on Failed Save
  • Feature #4017: Edit+ for Squiz Matrix: DIV Highlight to Indicate Change
  • Feature #4108: Support for All Day Event Creation
  • Feature #4400: Image Variety Support for Thumbnail of Asset
  • Feature #4650: Matrix Suffix URLs Changes Carried Over to Edit+ for Squiz Matrix
  • Feature #4883: Automatic X-UA-Compatibility Headers
  • Feature #5080: Global Preferences Screen More Consistent 
  • Feature #5113: Patch Method Added for REST Functions
  • Feature #5256: Edit+ Login Screen Wording Changed
  • Feature #5333: Localisation Support in Admin Interface
  • Feature #5365: New Exiftool Tool for Metadata Extraction 
    Squiz Matrix will now use Exiftool for metadata extraction, which supports different image metadata formats such as EXIF, XMP, IPTC, etc.  The previous tool used by Matrix, the PHP JPEG Metadata Toolkit was used for extracting XMP data only.

    Once upgrading to Matrix 5.2, systems using the old PHP JPEG Metadata Toolkit tool will receive a warning regarding the missing Exiftool when attempting to create or upload new image files.

    Additionally, previously extracted image metadata using the old tool will remain unaffected, until the metadata is re-extracted using the new Exiftool tool. 
  • Feature #5425: Asset Map Creation UI Improvement
  • Feature #5458: Custom Form: New Keywords to Access Content of Submitted Files   
    New keyword replacements have been added to the Custom Form asset to return the content of files uploaded in form submissions.

    Additional asset keywords have also been added for use on listing pages and formats, for example, listing submissions of a Custom Form and showing the size of each submission. 
  • Feature #5474: Nested Content Container: Improved Layout and UI
  • Feature #5949: Edit+ for Squiz Matrix: Multiple URL Support on the Analytics Screen
  • Feature #5950: Improved Google Analytics Data Generation
  • Feature #5951: Analytics Audience Tab Summary Boxes
  • Feature #5956: Link User Groups Under System Administrator Folder 
    This feature introduces the ability to link user groups under the System Administrator folder, an option which was previously unavailable. 
  • Feature #5967: Improved Pagination When Viewing Submission Logs
  • Feature #5977: Workflow Schemas: Customise the Workflow Started Message 
    The Workflow Started Message is sent when workflow is initiated on an asset, inviting users to approve or reject changes to workflow. Previously, this notification was not available to be customised. This feature introduces the ability to now configure the content of the Workflow Started Message.

    The content of the Workflow Started Message can be customised on the Custom Messages screen of a Workflow Schema. 
  • Feature #5985: Edit+ Analytics Screen: Improved Language Support Data Information
  • Feature #5994: View and Edit Form Submissions in Edit Mode 
    This feature introduces the ability to view and edit Custom Form submissions via the simple edit interfaces within Squiz Matrix, like Edit+ for Squiz Matrix.
  • Feature #6067: Nested Content Container: Improved Layout and UI
    The Nested Content Container Type allows you to take the content of another asset in your system and display it inside the content of another page. For example, nesting a question form or list of news articles.

    This feature introduces a new layout and UI for the Nested Content Container to provide improved usage and consistency.
  • Feature #6080: Edit+ for Squiz Matrix: Responsive Screen Width in Preview Mode 
  • Feature #6088: Conditional Content: New 'Condition Not Met' Logic    
    Previously, the conditional content options on content containers only allowed you to display content when specified conditions were met. This feature introduces new logic on the Edit Container Display Conditions pop-up, allowing you to stipulate that content should be displayed when a specified condition(s) is NOT met.

    This functionality was previously only available through the use of keyword replacements.The new All conditions must NOT match and At least 1 condition must NOT match options work in a similar manner to the existing corresponding 'matching' logic options.  
  • Feature #6089: Matrix Installation Improvement for Apache User
  • Feature #6094: Edit+ for Squiz Matrix: Icons to Indicate Conditionally Displayed Content 
    This minor enhancement introduces new icons to indicate to users when a container has conditionally displayed content.
    When conditions have been set on a content container but have not been enabled, the Edit Display Conditions icon will be highlighted grey. When these conditions are enabled, the icon will turn orange. 
  • Feature #6095: Container Conditions Pop-Up UI Improvements
  • Feature #6105: Login As Tool Enhancement
  • Feature #6108: OAuth2 Token: New Expiry Time Setting
  • Feature #6134: Edit+ WYSIWYG Upload Image Tool 
  • Feature #6213: Safe Edit Status Support Removed from Some Assets
  • Feature #6244: Edit+ WYSIWYG Upload Image Tool: Insert From Word  
  • Feature #6345: Container Conditions Enhancement
  • Feature #6422: Service Provider Metadata Enhancement for the SAML Account Manager
  • Feature #6438: Assign User to User Group Trigger Action 
    The Assign User to User Group trigger action has been added in order to add the current user (i.e. the user who fired the event) to a specified user group, or list of groups.

    Users can be assigned to user groups either as a physical link, or for the current session.  
  • Feature #6439: New Trigger Events: User Login via SAML and OAuth2 
    New events have been added to the Trigger package within Squiz Matrix, to fire a trigger when a user logs into the system via SAML and Oauth2.

    The User Login via SAML and User Login via OAuth2 trigger events can be selected in the Events section when creating a new trigger. 
  • Feature #6440: JS API Features for Funnelback Intergration
  • Feature #6446: Edit+ for Squiz Matrix: Reduced Screen Icon Sizes
  • Feature #6463: Edit+ for Squiz Matrix: Google Analytics Goal Tracking 
    This feature supports the viewing of your Google Analytics Goals within Edit+ for Squiz Matrix. Goals allow you to measure the success of specific website objectives, such as visiting a specific page, clicking on a particular link, or buying a product from an e-commerce shop.
    Information on the goals you have configured within your Google Analytics account can now be viewed directly within Edit+ for Squiz Matrix via a new Goals tab on the Analytics screen.

    You can view an overall summary of the goals you have created, as well as select individual goals to view the specific statistics for that goal. Daily conversion graphs, traffic sources, user types and other additional data is provided for your goals, as well as a ranking of your most converted goals.

    Like the other Analytics tabs, the Goals screen provides a time period switcher tool, allowing you to toggle goal data between one, three and six months. This allows you to view your data on both a long and short term scale. 
  • Feature #6494: Advanced Keyword Matching Trigger Condition
  • Feature #6516: JavaScript API, cloneAsset: New Parameter to Specify Clone Name 
    The cloneAsset() operation on the JavaScript API allows you to clone an asset under a specified parent, while also specifying the number of clones to create and their link type.

    This feature introduces the new clone_name parameter, allowing you to set a new name for the cloned asset(s). 
  • Feature #6519: Edit+ for Squiz Matrix: Abbreviated Stat Function for Long Analytics Statistics   
  • Feature #6531: Edit+ for Squiz Matrix: Improved Shadow Asset Suppoer
  • Feature #6558: Redirect and Link Asset Support for the Edit+ WYSIWYG
  • Feature #6577: Metadata Support for LDAP Users
  • Feature #6609: Morph Asset Trigger Action Enhancement 
    The Morph Asset trigger action allows you to morph an asset to a new asset type, for example from one user type to another. Previously, assets needed to have a status of Under Construction to be able to morphed from one asset type to another.

    This enhancement adds a new option, allowing you to bypass this restriction.

    The Enforce Under Construction? field allows you to disable this setting. By default, this field will be enabled, meaning that the target asset must be in Under Construction status before it can be morphed. Disabling this option will allow you to morph assets of any status.  
  • Feature #6614: Google Analytics Connector Enhancements
  • Feature #6624:New Form Submission Trigger Events 
    Two new events have been added to Matrix's Trigger package to allow you to fire a trigger when form submission is created and/or completed.

    The Form Submission Created trigger event will fire the trigger when a form submission is first created, after the user's answers to the questions on the initial form page. This event will fire irrespective of whether or not the submission is logged or not.

    The Form Submission Completed event, on the other hand, will fire the trigger when the form is completed and submitted. 
  • Feature #6627: New Keyword Modifiers: Append & Prepend 
    This feature introduces four new keyword modifiers to prepend and append text to the returned value of a keyword replacement.

    The append modifier will append a given string at the end of a returned value. An additional append_if modifier is also available which will append a given string only if the returned value is not empty.

    The prepend modifier will prepend a given string at the beginning of the returned value. Like the append modifiers, a prepend_if modifier is also available to prepend a given string if the returned value is not empty.  
  • Feature #6631: Edit+ Editing UI Improvements
  • Feature #6646: New SugarCRM Token Asset  
    Sugar is a customer relationship management system that can integrate with your CMS, Search and Marketing Automation platforms to help you build a single-view of your customer, in order to provide a greater insight into your users.

    This feature introduces a new SugarCRM Token asset to Matrix, allowing for more streamlined integration with your Sugar platform.

    Once a connection has been established, this asset can be used in conjunction with Matrix's REST web service functionality to perform authenticated API calls to Sugar. This means that the REST features on assets such as Triggers and Custom Forms can be utilised to make web service calls to Sugar. The response data of these calls can then be used for a variety of purposes, including stored as metadata against an asset, or to personalise content.

    Through the use of this new connector asset, Matrix User assets are now able to be synced to a record ID in Sugar using a new trigger action: Sync Matrix User to SugarCRM Record. This will allow for logged in users in Matrix to be synced and tracked as contacts in a Sugar system.
  • Feature #6702: File Attachments on Custom Form Emails and Send Email Trigger Action 
    This feature adds the ability for the Custom Form to attach any asset as part of the form submission emails, either from a fixed or dynamic location.

    The new Custom File Attachments sections on the Email Options screen of the Custom Form allow you to configure the attachments on the form submission emails.

    This new email attachment functionality has also been extended to the system's Send Email trigger action. The Custom File Attachments settings will now be displayed when configuring the Send Email trigger action on the Trigger Manager. 
  • Feature #6715: Quick Search Performance Enhancement
  • Feature #6733: OAuth2 Token Now Respects Global Proxy Settings
  • Feature #6746: Edit+ for Squiz Matrix: Screen Position Retained When Switching to Preview Mode and Back
  • Feature #6754: Safe Edit Support for Custom Form Sections
  • Feature #6815: Content Containers 'Glow' When Modified
  • Feature #6817: Screen Locks Not Released On Commit Unless Specified
  • Feature #6823: Edit+ for Squiz Matrix: Goal Type Icons on Analytics Screen
  • Feature #6898: Session Expiry Method Improvements
  • Feature #6903: Missing CSRF Token Warning on Edit+ Loading Screen

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #5947: Re-order Google Analytics View screens in Admin Mode in line with Edit+'s categories
  • Fixed Bug #5984: Analytics screen on View asset doesn't show the loading screen when loading the summary screen
  • Fixed Bug #6084: When using a confirmation page, a Single page Form becomes a Multipage form.
  • Fixed Bug #6203: Ability to change asset status without aquiring locks
  • Fixed Bug #6500: Issues with the date field type on custom form editing
  • Fixed Bug #6593: Ability to reorder the trigger actions not working
  • Fixed Bug #6598: System setting hints confusing
  • Fixed Bug #6650: Adding another web path produces Function not found for processing field "Web Paths/
  • Fixed Bug #6690: Matrix crops up warning when a Paint Layout is created
  • Fixed Bug #6813: Duplicate session cookies being sent
  • Fixed Bug #6816: New that are created in the Metadata Select Field need Title
  • Fixed Bug #6833: Metadata screen is missing label/help text
  • Fixed Bug #6834: What's new page missing labels
  • Fixed Bug #6867: Purging Trash shows Matrix warning
  • Fixed Bug #6895: Missing function warning on Thesaurus asset
  • Fixed Bug #6897: Accessing Trash Folder's details screen throwing fatal error in the newly installed system
  • Fixed Bug #6901: Events have their containers duplicated on Screen after saving
  • Fixed Bug #6923: Asset Creation WIzard - Image File - Alt Text Error message needs to be styled.
  • Fixed Bug #6933: Duplicate "Minify" option in JS/CSS File Folder asset
  • Fixed Bug #6941: Toggling Checkboxes in Global Preferences throws JS errors
  • Fixed Bug #6954: Datetime attributes cannot be set by JS API to dates outside the range 1970-01-01 to 2030-12-31
  • Fixed Bug #6956: Adding image variety of different type throws error, still creates variety

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