Bug Fixes

  • #6749 - Bug with compare to live functionality when content spans multiple tags
  • #6798 - System Config setting "Log Errors?" (SQ_CONF_LOG_ERRORS) is unused
  • #8281 - Webpath conflicts due to failed lookups
  • #8443 - Compare to Live in Edit+ displays errors when page uses image varieties
  • #8871 - Paint layouts can only be changed in Safe Edit if the asset has Workflow applied to it
  • #8921 - Update minimum browser requirements for Edit+
  • #9236 - The Online Quiz Submission Logs page csv export does not update headers if Question Text is updated.
  • #9237 - Submission Logs screen fixes and improvements for downloading logs
  • #9296 - Security Restrictions Screen in User Group Assets should use Title of the type code to restrict with or instead of id.
  • #9487 - On asset create and first commit, Assets versions are 0.0.2 and 0.04 respectively. Should be 0.0.1 and 0.0.2
  • #9498 - 'Sort By' 'Metadata Field' in 'Parent Asset' group  on 'Asset Grouping' screen of Asset Listing is allowing all asset types to be selected.
  • #9543 - Select Question: semicolon or encoded HTML entity breaks Custom Form question list
  • #9645 - Viper toolbar Insert Keyword and Insert Snippet buttons when disabled still have mouse down state.
  • #9858 - Calendar Events Search Page is not grouping by Metadata Field.
  • #9885 - Deleting assets underneath search folder gives "Error: Unexpected end of JSON input"
  • #9993 - Remove invalid options for changing status on individual content containers
  • #10009 - Keyword displayed on the front end when entering a number as a new set for an asset builder
  • #10171 - In Edit+ you can add a limbo asset as a Create Location when you shouldnt be able to
  • #10174 - Email attachments missing when option "Log Submissions" is disabled
  • #10385 - Issue with Multiple Snippet Content Containers on the same page
  • #10439 - Public User Restriction - User IP Condition is not working if it is not a direct child
  • #10499 - You can set any type of Design Asset as the Design in Asset Settings.
  • #10535 - Restrictions on User Assets within User Groups do not Export when Exporting/Importing from XML
  • #10536 - Clicking the binoculars of a NOTICE link on linking screen fails to show the asset in tree and incorrectly tries to open children of content type asset
  • #10537 - OAuth2_Token: handle scenario where access token is NULL but refresh token still exists
  • #10569 - Assets where Parent controls locks on Decision Tree expires, dropping all locks
  • #10583 - Admin 'Asset Map' interface cloning ends up in the wrong drop zone
  • #10639 - Brackets not appearing around Under Construction menu items when using keyword modifiers on print tag value
  • #10647 - On force lock screen if commit button value is blank the button is empty.
  • #10660 - Status controls not showing on redirect pages after setting status.
  • #10661 - Do not display error message when login Matrix and LDAP server is offline
  • #10671 - Issue with RecordType filters in HPRM Saved Search
  • #10681 - Change Popup for supported Browsers for the Asset Map
  • #10686 - Static events are registered too early
  • #10713 - Bug with edit table plugin in Classic Wysiwyg editor
  • #10715 - fatal error thrown if Internal Message field "subject" exceeds 255 character limit
  • #10721 - Changing the asset status to Safe Edit on Form Section will make the section's bodycopy disappear
  • #10724 - Setting invalid date on Metadata Date field throwing fatal error
  • #10751 - Decision Tree Asset - Accessibility Issue (no label printed for form fields)
  • #10756 - Matrix will not display the available fields(column) of the selected lists in Create Sharepoint list item form submission action, if field display name consists of single quote(').
  • #10766 - Classic WYSIWYG's Insert Link plugin not linking to the asset with quote char in the asset name
  • #10773 - Asset listing breaking on Asset Positions
  • #10785 - CSS "Basic Minifier" (cssmin.php) breaks rules with attribute selectors
  • #10791 - Matrix will timeout if keyword used in Sharepoint List Item form submission action is not replaced successfully.
  • #10823 - Copy pasting an image with base64 data for uploading fails the first time
  • #10846 - Use existing compression settings for memcached settings
  • #10850 - Cascade value tickbox needs to be removed from details screen of metadata date field
  • #10859 - Using the preview screen's "Use Cache" and "Show Diff" option more than once will fail the preview
  • #10862 - Viper editor - heading tags inside table headings
  • #10867 - Do non-strict version comparison in HPRM Saved Search asset when checking for updates
  • #10871 - Table button in Viper toolbar not active on initial focus of WYSIWYG area in Content Container
  • #10887 - Trying to expand the children of a user asset you don't have permission to throws JS error
  • #10892 - Attempting to remove the extension from a File asset's File Name errors and deletes the asset's content
  • #10918 - OAuth2 Token: "Access Token Expiry" does not take effect
  • #10923 - SAML Manager's "Disallow Password Login" setting not applied the newly created users
  • #10924 - OAuth2 Token: when no scope set, the "scope" GET variable shouldn't be passed
  • #10930 - Binoculars don't work properly on collapsed Trigger Manager when trigger ID exceeds asset map set limit
  • #10939 - Option to disable trigger action not working with trigger action's "Ignore Permissions" option enabled
  • #10944 - Trigger folders which have a sub-folder end up in an infinite loop when viewing Details screen
  • #10963 - Unable to change multiple options in one commit for Calendar Event in Edit+
  • #10969 - Asset Map's "Move here" option greyed out when target asset ID begins with asset ID of the asset being moved
  • #10998 - Styling issue on Action On Other Assets on trigger action
  • #11010 - Updated Default Container Content and Settings for Listing and Layout Assets not working for new bodycopies
  • #11012 - New line breaks on content within <pre> tags are removed on save
  • #11040 - Large Metadata Select uploads can exceed the max_input_vars settings which results in truncations on save

The Latest


Date Version
12 Dec 20185.5.1.0
05 Nov 20185.5.0.2
22 Oct 20185.5.0.1
15 Oct 20185.4.7.1
21 Sep 20185.5.0.0
20 Aug 20185.4.7.0
24 Jul 20185.4.6.1
18 Jun 20185.4.6.0

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