• #277 - Remove old colour picker functions in favour of native HTML Color Picker input
  • #316 - Simple Edit Layout edit contents UI tweaks

Bug Fixes

  • #169 - Show diff on page with disabled keywords will replace the keywords
  • #263 - Trashing an asset using the Move To Trash right click asset map tool doesn't automatically refresh the asset map
  • #354 - Asset pickers in Simple Edit are not working and are missing styles
  • #365 - Too many characters entered into a trigger description field throws fatal database error
  • #373 - Running status on Scheduled Jobs Manger has incorrect values
  • #375 - %metadata-id_F_{field_id}% keywords don't get remapped during export/import from XML process
  • #381 - Fix confusing elementHTML usage in js_asset_map in 5-5
  • #390 - Online quiz throws fatal error
  • #392 - Asset Grouping screen under listing engine assets will get broken when changing value in Sort By fields.
  • #398 - Toggle fields in Remap Settings section on Remap Manager Details screen can't be edited
  • #400 - The asset map is broken when the main frame is displaying a permission denied login screen
  • #413 - Metadata 'Keyword Replacement/Extraction' broken in SE
  • #416 - edit.js uses jQuery function calls which can break front-end asset builders and managers
  • #417 - checkFormValidity broken from jQuery to vanilla JS conversion
  • #418 - Multi related asset metadata field doesn't show next field after asset selection in Edit+
  • #421 - Validation is needed for restricted asset types field in Related asset metadata field in Edit+.
  • #428 - REST JS POST Body not editable

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