Squiz Matrix 4.18.0 is the first production release to offer the Modern Asset Map as an alternative to the classic Java version. (See the 4.18.0 RC1 release notes for further details.)

If you are upgrading to this version of Squiz Matrix, it's recommended that you clear your browser's cache before you use the Modern Asset Map for the first time. This ensures the localisable strings used in the Asset Map - which are now stored in the JavaScript portion of the compiled locale files, rather than just the Java portion - will be properly loaded.

After upgrading and enabling the Modern Asset Map, if you see "String code <xxxx> not found" messages, please clear your browser cache and reload the Administration interface. If you also have a Squid cache (or similar) caching the entire __data directory, please clear the cache on the __data/system directory to ensure Squid has the latest translation file cached.

Featured Changes

A new script has been added to Squiz Matrix to report and fix any overlapping (and thus duplicate) entries in the rollback table, determined by an entry's eff_to date value.

The system_integrity_fix_duplicate_rollback_entries.php script is found in the system's Scripts directory and takes the following parameters:

  • -s <system_root> : the root directory of your Squiz Matrix system.
  • --show-records : specifies to show any overlapping rollback table entries found.
  • --fix-table=<table_name> : fixes the overlapping rollback entries in the specified table ('all' to fix overlapping entries in all tables).
Usage of this script is as follows:

$ php scripts/system_integrity_fix_duplicate_rollback_entries.php -s <SYSTEM_ROOT> --show-records --fix-table=all

IMPORTANT: You have selected the option to fix the duplicate rollback entries from the Rollback table "sq_rb_ast_attr_val"
This will remove all duplicate entries in the table(s) except the one with oldest "eff_from" date in the duplicate entries set.
Backing up db is recommended before running this script.
Are you sure you want to proceed (Y/n)?

Checking table sq_rb_ast ... [ OK ]
Checking table sq_rb_ast_lnk ... [OK]
Checking table sq_rb_shdw_ast_lnk ... [ OK ]
Checking table sq_rb_ast_lnk_tree ... [ OK ]
Checking table sq_rb_ast_attr_val ... 2 set(s) of overlapping entries found.
0 => array (
    "assetid" => "260",
    "attrid" => "3081",
    "contextid" => "0",
    "sq_eff_to" => "2013-06-18 10:26:28",
    "occ" => "2"
1 => array (
    "assetid" => "260",
    "attrid" => "3081",
    "contextid" => "1",
    "sq_eff_to" => "2013-06-18 10:26:28",
    "occ" => "2"

[ NOT OK ]
Fixing the rollback table sq_rb_ast_attr_val [ FIXED ]
Checking table sq_rb_ast_attr_uniq_val ... [ OK ]
Checking table sq_rb_ast_url ... [ OK ]
Checking table sq_rb_ast_path ... [ OK ]
Checking table sq_rb_ast_lookup ... [ OK ]
Checking table sq_rb_ast_lookup_value ... [ OK ]
Checking table sq_rb_ast_lookup_remap ... [ OK ]
Checking table sq_rb_ast_perm ... [ OK ]
Checking table sq_rb_ast_edit_access ... [ OK ]
Checking table sq_rb_ast_mdata ... [ OK ]
Checking table sq_rb_ast_mdata_val ... [ OK ]
Checking table sq_rb_ast_mdata_dflt_val ... [ OK ]
Checking table sq_rb_ast_wflow ... [ OK ]
Checking table sq_rb_trig ... [ OK ]
Checking table sq_rb_ast_role ... [ OK ]
Checking table sq_rb_ctx_def ... [ OK ]
Checking table sq_rb_saml_lnk ... [ OK ]
Checking table sq_rb_cal_date_val ... [ OK ]

Customise Attribute Identifiers on Metadata Fields (#6607)

When setting metadata within Squiz Matrix, frontend metadata of an asset will name and content attribute identifiers, to print the name of a metadata field, and its value on the asset.

<!-- Metadata Schema //-->
<!-- User Defined //-->
<meta name="Description" content="Squiz Matrix new features" />
<meta name="Subject" content="Blog" />
<meta name="Date" content="01/01/2013 10:39:20" />

With the recent advent of RDFa 1.1 and hybrid DTDs (eg. "HTML 4.01 Strict + RDFa 1.1"), and "HTML microdata" as proposed by the WHATWG version of HTML, it is now possible for META tags to have names identified by attributes other than name.

This feature introduces new fields on the Details screen of Metadata Field assets, allowing you to customise these attributes, as per these new developments.

The attribute values entered into these fields will determine the frontend metadata of your assets, as shown below:

<meta itemprop="type" content="voice" />

By default, these attribute identifiers will be set to name and content.

Additional Changes and Bug Fixes

Minor Enhancements

  • Minor Enhancement #6616: Limit Session Expiry Rules to Specified User Types
  • Minor Enhancement #6576: Enable Compression Support in http_request.
  • Minor Enhancement #6571: Show REST Assets in Performance Mode.
  • Minor Enhancement #6533: Non-System Cron Jobs Purged From the System.


  • Fixed Bug #6468: Image attribute descriptions unhelpful when used in drop-down selectors.
  • Fixed Bug #6528: Eluding dollar sign $ after image variety link can break other links.
  • Fixed Bug #6566: HTTP Request attribute, Forward user information and LDAP Users.
  • Fixed Bug #6573: Matrix Search frontend PHP warning messages.
  • Fixed Bug #6578: Cloning asset from the frontend might unexpectedly "filter" the asset attribute.
  • Fixed Bug #6582: Arithmetic keyword modifier doesn't work correctly on text with comma.
  • Fixed Bug #6587: Performance mode used by more than one person.
  • Fixed Bug #6591: Event broadcasted by non-existent asset will throw fatal error.
  • Fixed Bug #6593: Attempting to put images into safe edit causes fatal error.
  • Fixed Bug #6598: Metadata date fields not selectable in asset map when adding to triggers.
  • Fixed Bug #6599: system_move_update.php generally runs out of memory.
  • Fixed Bug #6601: File asset keyword not included in "-- Insert Keyword --" drop-down.
  • Fixed Bug #6603: JS API response includes User's password in plain text.
  • Fixed Bug #6605: Trigger fails to delete a "Deny" permission.
  • Fixed Bug #6613: Clone HIPO job not showing the clone confirmation window.


  • Fixed Bug #6521: Email validation does not work with account manager additional create location.


  • Fixed Bug #6586: Search not returning results for search terms with 'silent chars' in Oracle.


  • Fixed Bug #6592: Various URL keywords not working on Calendar Search Page.

Google Maps

  • Fixed Bug #6612: Google Maps not using structured root node selectors.


  • Fixed Bug #6590: TRIM: do not try to automatically sync records when no record is stored.

Web Services

  • Fixed Bug #6594: REST oauth 1.0 session asset couldn't get access token from Twitter.
  • Fixed Bug #6615: Inconsistency between direct acquireLock call and the one made on batchRequest. 

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