Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #5707: Asset Logs screen can't display past page 1
  • Fixed Bug #5724: replace_keywords does not work same as manual
  • Fixed Bug #5728: Keyword condition drop down select list needs to be in alphabetical order
  • Fixed Bug #5765: Issues with name of the CSV submission log file sent by Matrix
  • Fixed Bug #5767: Script system_integrity_recover_file_versions.php throwing PHP notice and incorrect result
  • Fixed Bug #5772: Parent asset is removed on commit when using the Create Asset Action in a trigger
  • Fixed Bug #5778: Fatal Error occurs when using the Trigger : Set Index page for the site
  • Fixed Bug #5783: Unclear design or possible bug in the Update Link Action in Triggers
  • Fixed Bug #5787: Matrix page throwing fatal error if there is no current user set
  • Fixed Bug #5788: Tax calculations on product assets inconsistent/broken
  • Fixed Bug #5794: HTML not cleaned by Viper when committing using the keyboard shortcut
  • Fixed Bug #5797: Trim error when record has a attached file name that is too long
  • Fixed Bug #5798: User Groups Preferences selections are reset after committing multiple times
  • Fixed Bug #5800: Typo in Workflow Details screen
  • Fixed Bug #5813: Redirect Page Login Design not replacing keywords
  • Fixed Bug #5814: Public session cookie set to expire in the future in certain timezones when logging in
  • Fixed Bug #5824: PHP Fatal error on keyword replacement for Form Question that doesn't exist.
  • Fixed Bug #5828: Using the keyword for validation on form submission actions still creates the submission asset
  • Fixed Bug #5830: Delete Design and Paintlayout asset would cause fatal error on pages that have it applied.
  • Fixed Bug #5835: LDAP AD system Array to String error pops out wherever LDAP user is involved
  • Fixed Bug #5837: Forms: created_userid not referenced properly in keyword (user_asset_*) section
  • Fixed Bug #5839: base64decode not working in password reset page
  • Fixed Bug #5841: Microsoft Outlook files "msg" attached in Matrix emails sent with incorrect header
  • Fixed Bug #5845: Subject value in internal messages doesn't strip HTML tags

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