Edit+ 5.0.2

Edit+ for Squiz Matrix 5.0.2 will work with Squiz Matrix or later. However, bug fixes to Matrix mean that we recommend Squiz Matrix or later for the best experience. This includes proper display of embedded newlines inside PRE paragraphs.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug #4646: Mandatory metadata warning should not block Apply for Approval/Cancel Safe Edit dropdown

    Mandatory metadata now no longer blocks status changes in Safe Edit or Pending Approval modes - only in Approved To Go Live mode. This mirrors the behaviour in Admin Mode, which only blocks the "Make Live" action - the intention that workflow approvers and users with Admin Permission on an asset can add the metadata during the approval process.

    The anomalous behaviour in Edit Mode also meant that Safe Edit could not be cancelled on assets with incomplete mandatory metadata.

  • Fixed bug #5277: Can only type one character after inserting iframe video content

    There were some issues when the Edit+ WYSIWYG editor handling iframe contents, particularly when deactivated. IFrames from other sites (such as embedding videos from YouTube or Vimeo) were affected.

  • Fixed bug #5305: Shift+Enter within a paragraph of text doesn't activate save button
    Fixed bug #5316: PRE tags do not trigger a way of notifying the editor's changed when pressing ENTER

    There were issues with the Edit+ WYSIWYG editor not activating the safe button when a soft enter was being inserted. This included Shift+Enter in normal paragraphs, or any new line in a PRE paragraph.

  • Fixed bug #5325: After logging out of Edit+, the login box doesn't take you back into Edit+

    When logging out of Edit+, the Login box is shown, but if a user logged back in it would take them to the frontend, not into Edit Mode. This change will ensure that the login box shown when logging out of Edit Mode will send the user back into the same mode, reducing potential confusion.

  • Fixed bug #5357: WYSIWYG clickable area needs tweaking

    The whole of the content area can now be clicked to activate the Edit+ WYSIWYG. Previously the outer padding of the content container was outside of the clickable area, which sometimes made it difficult to impossible to click empty content containers.

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