EES 1.5.0

Version 1.5.0 of Edit+ for Squiz Matrix and Easy Edit Suite requires Squiz Matrix versions 4.16.4 or 4.18.0 and above. Some of the features and bug fixes below required enhancements or fixes in Matrix, thus they are required for this new version of EES and Edit+.

New Features

Features marked Edit+ only are only available in Edit+ for Squiz Matrix, which is available to customers on an appropriate service level agreement. 

  • Performance improvements

    A number of performance enhancements have been made to this release of EES/Edit+. Particularly, handling of large, complex pages' Contents screens in Edit+ should be much improved. Combined with performance enhancements in recent versions of Matrix, the EES/Edit+ editing experience will be smoother than before.

  • Feature #3180 (Edit+ only): Provide Edit+ GUI options within Viper to select from existing image varieties 

    The Insert Image toolbar in the Edit+ WYSIWYG now supports the selection of Image Variety assets in its Asset Finder.

  • Feature #3577: Expose the Display and Link section options for News Items 

    The News Item Details screen now exposes the Display and Link sections of the backend's equivalent Details screen. The Display section allows control of which elements of the news item appear in the default contents. The Link section - known as "Related Link" in EES/Edit+ - is used for a "more info" keyword that otherwise defaults to the URL of the news item when empty.

  • Feature #3626: Add support for the creation of RTF File, Text File, and Video File to creation wizard file types

    The Asset Creation Wizard now includes support for RTF File and Text File assets. (Video File already exists under "Generic Movie".)

  • Feature #3742: Review use of 'Title' and file friendly name text across creation wizard and details screens 

    The Details screens of the file-based assets now use "Friendly Name" in EES/Edit+ where "Title" was previously used. This is in line with the Asset Creation Wizard, and was done primarily due to potential for confusion with the Title attribute exposed in WYSIWYG image insertion plugins.

  • Feature #4019 (Edit+ only): Accessibility Auditor button could do with a proper greyed-out mode when Compare to Live is active 

    So it now does. Originally hovering over the button in "Compare to Live" mode changed the pointer to a "no-entry" symbol, but there was no other visual indication that the button had been disabled.

Bug Fixes

Bug fixes marked Edit+ only are fixes to features only available in Edit+ for Squiz Matrix. Bugs marked core EES only apply only to the standard (downloadable) version of Easy Edit Suite, and not to Edit+.

  • Fixed bug #3511: Metadata text field with value component enabled causes display issues

    Where a metadata field contains value components, earlier versions of EES would not cope properly with the floating styling used to display these fields on the backend. This caused some fields to be hidden. Now they will appear one below the other in EES.

    Fixed bug #3547: Review post requests across the board to avoid filter front end input conflicts 

    There were issues where some fields were being filtered for HTML entities when Edit+ does not require it, when "filter front-end input" was enabled. This is because JS API was considered always "frontend" and thus always filtered. It will now allow Backend Users and Simple Edit Users to send unfiltered requests when in Simple Edit mode - under the same conditions where Simple Edit Users are given their elevated backend permissions (ie. only in Simple Edit).
  • Fixed bug #4028: When a link has lineages both in and out of the trash, you cannot edit it on the Linking screen 

    When constructing the Linking screen, EES uses the "Current Linking" table of the backend Linking screen. This includes only providing one set of editing fields for each direct link, regardless of the number of lineages it provides.
    However, EES also removes links to the trash, and if that lineage contained the editing functions for that particular linkid, that link would not be editable at all even if there were other lineages. This has now been rectified.
    This fix also improves the detecting of links into the trash. Previously any link where the lineage had "Trash" (case-sensitive) as a word or part of a word was excluded. Now it will only remove rows where the Trash is at the start of the lineage.

  • Fixed bug #4049 (core EES only): Wysiwyg coverting utf-8 chars to entities 

    Normally, the basic Matrix WYSIWYG converts UTF-8 characters to HTML entities where possible, except where the character set is set to UTF-8. This detection was not done in EES, thus conversion to entities always happened. Now EES uses the asset's charset setting to determine whether this escaping should happen or not. This will respect any character set override that was set on the asset's Settings screen.

  • Fixed bug #4051: Workflow actions links in workflow email not compatible with EES 

    This was partially considered "not a bug" - approve and reject links were working correctly. However, the "Preview this asset" URL did not work when EES was configured to default to any Edit mode screen. The code to switch to the initial screen did not handle the situation where it may have needed to switch to Preview Mode.

  • Fixed bug #4069 (Edit+ only): Trying to move from Contents screen on a Calendar Event when WYSIWYG is read-only causes an error 

    A bug relating to initialising the Edit+ WYSIWYG on the Calendar Event's Contents screen meant that if the user did not have permission to edit its contents, moving away from that screen caused a JavaScript error.

  • Fixed bug #4099 (Edit+ only): When going back in history and then cancelling unsaved changes warning, wrapping around WYSIWYG editor reduces in size, breaking the toolbar 

    This was due to the styling around the contents changing triggered by a change in the document fragment (hash), but the hash not changing back when cancelled. Since the Contents screen is wider to accommodate the Viper toolbar, this was causing the toolbar to bleed out of the narrower border.

  • Fixed bug #4154 (Edit+ only): When a certain div in a page is in an non-editable status and the page is not, the div is not visible in the content screen 

    The Edit+ WYSIWYG had issues detecting bodycopy containers that were in a non-editable status (for instance, in an "approved to go live" status), due to the method Matrix used to display read-only containers. Changes have been made in both Matrix and Edit+ to allow read-only containers to be viewed.
    Non-editable containers will show a "not editable" icon and a "Read-only" message next to the container type. Those container types that are not editable due to not being supported by Edit+ will continue to show this icon as well as an "Unsupported" message.

  • Fixed bug #4164 (Edit+ only): Ctrl+V pasting silently fails in IE8

    The method we used for "fake-pasting" - accepting the raw pasted text in a temporary DIV, cleaning it before placing it into the Edit+ WYSIWYG itself - was causing race issues in IE8 where, on slower machines, the temporary DIV was not created before the onpaste event that is meant to run upon it.

  • Fixed bug #4174 (Edit+ only): When removing style class from element with remove format it affects whole page 

    There was a certain condition in the Edit+ WYSIWYG where, if you attempted to remove the format of an inline span element - such as that created by setting a character class on a run of text - all styles in the rest of the page (and the interface itself) would be lost.

  • Fixed bug #4226 (Edit+ only): Deleting images can cause browser to load history 

    When clicking from an inactive Edit+ WYSIWYG to an image that has a float attribute set, the WYSIWYG does not appear to be properly activated. This means that pressing backspace on it to remove the image was trapped not by the WYSIWYG but instead by the browser, causing it to go back in history.

  • Fixed bug #4251 (Edit+ only): Relative links ( get changed to absolute links by the browser when copy+pasted 

    When copied from the Edit+ WYSIWYG, links that relate to an asset within Squiz Matrix are converted by the browser to absolute links. This caused issues when the link was re-pasted into the contents. The Edit+ WYSIWYG now detects links that appear to have been converted from asset links when re-pasted, and replaces them with an asset ID internal link.

  • Fixed bug #4419 (Edit+ only): Accessibility level selector empty in IE8

    HTML_CodeSniffer (a.k.a the Accessibility Auditor) did not correctly show the list of standards in IE8, because of a JavaScript quirk that worked in later browsers.

  • Fixed bug #4446: If a new file is uploaded in Safe Edit, a user out of the workflow sees "NaN undefined" when viewing the file asset in Preview Mode

    If a user safe edits a file with an existing uploaded file, then uploads a new file and sends it in through workflow, if they are not in the current workflow step they cannot see the new file, or download either version of the file. That part is consistent with Matrix, however the file size appears as "NaN undefined". It will now say "File information not available" in this circumstance. 

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