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Last Updated: 16 Oct 2018

Squiz Matrix Product Vision

"To create the best CMS (Content Management System) platform, with a focus on simplicity and usability, that empowers its users to easily and quickly create great content, functionality, and experiences for the web."

— Squiz Matrix Product Team

What is Squiz Matrix?

Squiz Matrix is a market leading, Gartner & Ovum recognised, enterprise CMS (Content Management System) system, owned and developed by Squiz, which allows users to easily create and manage content for the web and other digital platforms without requiring any technical knowledge.

It is also a highly powerful and flexible web application framework and integration engine that empowers front-end web developers to create rich and functional websites, intranets, portals, and apps without the need for any custom back-end software development.

Squiz Matrix is completely browser based, meaning you can access and use it with any modern web browser, from anywhere, without the need to install additional software on your computer.

The system comes with two main interfaces: Edit and Admin mode.

Edit Mode

This is a simple and completely customisable editing interface for the everyday content author and includes features such as:

  • Creating, editing, and publishing accessible web pages using the Squiz built and one-of-a-kind WYSIWYG editor;
  • Management of various web content types including blog/news posts, events, images, documents, and more;
  • Reviewing, collaborating, and approving changes through flexible workflows and inline commenting;
  • Editing metadata for both SEO purposes and page functionality;
  • Creating online forms with single or multiple steps;
  • Applying templates to content blocks and pages; and
  • Viewing analytics and insights integrated from Google Analytics.

Admin Mode

This interface is designed for users who need to control every aspect of their Squiz Matrix system and all of its websites including:

  • Doing anything you can do in Edit Mode;
  • Building and configuring designs and templates using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript;
  • Creating user accounts and setting permissions;
  • Integrating with third-party systems and apps;
  • Setting up scheduled tasks and automatic event-based actions;
  • Configuring server and system settings such as HTTP headers and session controls; and
  • Doing all of the above without writing a single line of PHP code.

Squiz Matrix contains a wide library of out-of-the-box modules that are extremely flexible and customisable to meet any requirement your digital project might have. This includes modules such as listings, search pages, calendars, online forms, templates, designs, account managers, APIs, web services, and more.

Because of the dynamic approach of module development, the need for custom plugins and code is completely removed and means your system becomes more maintainable and upgrade safe.

You can read the online Manuals for more information on what Squiz Matrix can do. You can also get in contact with Squiz to get a personalised demonstration of the software and discover how it can solve your digital business and marketing goals.

The Matrix Manifesto

These are the strengths and core values of Squiz Matrix and what we want the product to be globally recognised for. All new feature development aligns to at least one of these principles.

1. Intuitive content authoring

Intuitive and fast creation and management of static, dynamic, and personalised content for multiple user touchpoints.

2. Powerful integration

Powerful and easily configurable 2-way integration using a mix of generic web services, APIs, and dedicated built-in 3rd party connectors.

3. Flexibility through configuration

A highly configurable toolset and API that lets you add new functionality without the need for custom software development.

4. Simplicity for efficiency

An efficient and productive implementation framework for digital solutions through the use of modules, reusable content, and importable (and exportable) pre-built templates.

5. Best in class maintainability

Secure and highly robust web software that enables effortless and streamlined support and version upgrades.


This is a summary of our short, mid, and long term release goals for Squiz Matrix.

All information published in this section is not final and subject to change without notice.

5.5 Release Goals

These are some of the features and changes planned for version 5.5+ of Squiz Matrix.

  • Improved version history control and content restoring
  • Workflow improvements
  • Custom Form improvements
  • Version controlled implementation development using Git
  • Performance improvements for backend authoring processes
  • New templating functionality

6.0 Release Goals

These are some of the features and changes planned for version 6.0 of Squiz Matrix.

  • New Admin Mode UI
  • New import/export system
  • Refactored logging system
  • Refactored Metadata system
  • Refactored internal search engine and indexing
  • New inline editing system

Future Release Goals

These features and ideas are not yet confirmed or planned, but we are aiming to achieve them sometime after the initial 6.0 release.

  • New monitoring, analytics, and reporting tools
  • New trigger & webhook system
  • New page & content builder

Recently Released

These are some notable new features and enhancements recently released from our Roadmap.

  • Improved Admin Mode UI & UX
  • User preferences
  • Custom asset map root nodes
  • PHP 7.1 support
  • Matrix Accelerator Cache support
  • Outdated and unused asset type and feature deprecations

  • Ability to delete content containers in Safe Edit mode
  • Customisable ID attribute on content containers
  • IP address logging control for form submissions

  • More editable fields for Custom Forms in Edit+
  • Code editor for Markdown content containers
  • Customisable export filename for Export Assets to XML tool

  • Asset sorting Trigger action & JS API function
  • REST Resource UI improvements
  • Audio file asset

  • Custom Form field morphing
  • Tag & commit ID checkout support for the Git Bridge
  • Asset permissions info keyword
  • Improved custom error handling and logging Trigger action

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The Latest


Date Version
05 Nov 20185.5.0.2
22 Oct 20185.5.0.1
15 Oct 20185.4.7.1
21 Sep 20185.5.0.0
20 Aug 20185.4.7.0
24 Jul 20185.4.6.1
18 Jun 20185.4.6.0
01 Jun 20185.4.5.3

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