Edit Contents

Last Updated: 12 Jan 2017

The Edit Contents screen is used to add content onto an asset, edit the current content and add and remove Containers.

Each box on this screen is one Content Container.

To add a new Container click on the Insert New Container button.

To edit the properties of a Container click Edit Properties button of the Container you wish to configure.

For more information on how to add, edit and remove a Container, refer to the Page Contents and Containers chapter in the Concepts manual.

A Container can be set to different Content Types. For example, if the Content Type is set to the WYSIWYG, it will allow you to edit content using the WYSIWYG Editor. For more information about each of the Content Types, refer to the Content Types manual.

To view the content  within the context of the Site, go to the Preview screen of the asset. For more information on this screen, refer to the Preview Screen chapter in this manual.

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