Bug fixes

  • #1384 - %asset_linking_lineage% keyword prints IDs irrespective of permission check
  • #1651 - Default JS cannot be disabled on edit form layouts of asset builders
  • #3369 - Bypass server required fields on Form with confirmation page
  • #3390 - Error when sending binary file data via a REST Asset
  • #3453 - %asset_children_link_type_*% keyword prints IDs irrespective of permission check
  • #3469 - Misleading error "nonce token is invalid" when the JS Api key is wrong
  • #3521 - Access to %asset_attribute_comments% on a standard page is not calling writeAccess() correctly
  • #3545 - Image asset details screen styles are misaligned
  • #3562 - Switching to a different thumbnail asset on calendar events wipes it
  • #3583 - Dynamic keyword for frontend asset evaluate differently in latest 5.5 version

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