Minor Enhancements

  • #12083 - Increase the width of name and short name text fields
  • #12143 - Move Squiz Server Config to HIPO Config screen
  • #12166 - Handle HTTP range request on File asset with invalid ranges

Bug Fixes

  • #11933 - Review errors and warnings appearing when doing export/import XML jobs
  • #12029 - Create Image Variety trigger action throws fatal error for failed image variety creation
  • #12062 - Specific recurring calendar instance dates do not appear in calendar search page results
  • #12064 - Export to Import XML doesn't apply web paths to imported assets if web path already exists
  • #12072 - Issue with metadata sections linked between multiple schemas and search indexing
  • #12086 - Manually incrementing major version number does not increment it
  • #12107 - Tree location trigger condition throws error for a shadow asset
  • #12125 - NOTICE link relationship on content containers is lost when child link asset is trashed
  • #12137 - Fix bad spelling and grammar in some strings
  • #12144 - When pointed to non-existent Squiz Server, HIPOs throw fatal error
  • #12148 - Warnings when upgrading password hash
  • #12151 - Changing status through the workflow screen in Edit+ throws JS error when interface is in Polish
  • #12159 - For an Unrestricted Access asset with a /__data URL, the absence of public read is not considered denied public read, and asset stays public with /__data URL
  • #12165 - Triggers always evaluate asset_url keyword before asset status changed
  • #12172 - Classic WYSIWG edit button inserts blank HTMLAreas

The Latest

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