Changing Account Types

Last Updated: 30 Aug 2017

Sometimes you may need to change the type of a user account from one user type to another, for example, from a User to a Backend User. Instead of having to create a new user account, you can modify the type of an existing user account by morphing it.

There are some basic rules and restrictions that apply to morphing user accounts:

  • The system's Root User and Public User assets cannot be morphed.
  • You are only able to morph a user account to a type you can create. So, for example, a System Administrator would not be able to morph a user account into a System Administrator, as they do not have the power to create these types of users.
  • User accounts can only be Morphed when they are in a status of Under Construction.
  • You can only Morph user accounts that you have Admin access to.

To morph a user account, go to the Settings screen of the user account and scroll down to the Morphing section.

Select which account you want to morph to in the Type list and Save the screen.

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